The Schmandrew Sisters - Studio C

Nov 10, 2020
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The lovely Schmandrew Sisters have come to entertain the boys on the front lines of war. Unfortunately, these sisters have done one (or 100), too many performances. What comes next, is a confusing mess.
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Cast: Matthew Galvan, Garet Allen, Arvin Mitchell, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, Tori Pence, Jessica Drolet
Directors: Adam Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writers: Jessica Drolet

  • Is anyone signing this around their house and no one knows what the heck they are talking about!!!?!?!?

    Abby JonesAbby Jones7 hours ago
  • Jessica facial expression is golden in every sketch

    Huy Vu MinhHuy Vu MinhDay ago
  • I've broken the code. it's quest instructions starting at whatever point you meet a zootie with an oversized nag. Good luck.

    Ilex AterIlex Ater3 days ago
  • Is this weird or does the song in this sketch make sense

    Piggy Still playsPiggy Still plays9 days ago
  • that was so XD I mean look the boys got scared when the girls did like look at them don't look at them and look at them like RAWR!!

  • "Gee wiz they're pretty!"

    Kyra Lee 李Kyra Lee 李9 days ago
  • This is me after nine months of quarantine.

    Owen BishopOwen Bishop13 days ago
  • "HELLO BOYS!!!!!!"🤡

    Annalise SgambatoAnnalise Sgambato16 days ago
  • Y is there an American flag when its in Europe

    Matthew ClarkMatthew Clark21 day ago

    Adventures of Miss MiaAdventures of Miss Mia23 days ago
  • hi

    Adventures of Miss MiaAdventures of Miss Mia23 days ago
  • Are they sick or insane

    Just a star stable youtuberJust a star stable youtuber24 days ago
  • ever wanted to unsubscribe from studio c and dislike ALL of their videos after hearing this song me neither...can I have this as my ringtone?

    Oclot 27Oclot 2726 days ago
  • 3:46 - 4:17 the chaos

    Ella PasechElla PasechMonth ago
  • "I dream with my eyes open nahw..." had me dying 🤣

    Crystal FrostCrystal FrostMonth ago
  • I hate that this is such a good bop.

    Akira GurungAkira GurungMonth ago
  • who else thinks of the movie White Christmas when they watch this

    Cindy WilkinsCindy WilkinsMonth ago

    Brett BonnemaBrett BonnemaMonth ago
  • That is now my favourite song. GEE WIZZ THEIR PRETTY

    The Goofy Guys ClubThe Goofy Guys ClubMonth ago
  • I think they need to go to therapy

    Thelaw88898Thelaw88898Month ago

    A.J. PitcherA.J. PitcherMonth ago
  • I feel like I shouldn't watch this as often as I have. XD

    Cor's Happy Fun TimesCor's Happy Fun TimesMonth ago
  • Anyone willing to write the lyrics in my replies?

    Star Bright GamesStar Bright GamesMonth ago
    • Oml tysm

      Star Bright GamesStar Bright GamesMonth ago
  • I think their much better singers and composers than comedians.

    ConquizZConquizZMonth ago
  • So when is this song gonna be on Spotify? I need it

    Zara MoonZara MoonMonth ago
  • I love the one on the left shes funny 😂😂

    Trudy SukhaiTrudy SukhaiMonth ago
  • Everyone wanted to make a Schuyler Sisters joke but nobody could think of one.

    SsstAr 22SsstAr 22Month ago
  • This reminds me of me and my bffs when we are super crazy.

    Stripes2111 AJStripes2111 AJMonth ago
  • 4:09 somebody turned into Margaret Thatcher.

    Samsung S10Samsung S10Month ago
  • Is anyone getting Schuyler Sister vibes

    ReactionTime VideosReactionTime VideosMonth ago
  • This is the angriest twerking I’ve ever seen.

    Abby LorberAbby LorberMonth ago
  • Gee whiz they’re pretty.

    Abby LorberAbby LorberMonth ago
  • Anybody want a monkey in a bag? DONT feed soup in a can to Aunt Joan.

    Abby LorberAbby LorberMonth ago
  • Hello boys how are y’all doin? Europe is big. 😝😜😂

    Abby LorberAbby LorberMonth ago
  • Not as good as the old cast but the song was good

    Fennec XFennec XMonth ago
  • They definitely have shell shock

    Super SoccerSuper SoccerMonth ago
  • Not gonna lie, that was actually a bop

    Gracie KinnamanGracie KinnamanMonth ago
  • Also, I watched the part when Tanner couldn't help but laugh! 3:13

    Gudarz DavarGudarz DavarMonth ago
  • Oh my goolashes! This is SO amazing! I've literally watched this at least 30 times now! Not even kidding. Also, I absolutely LOVE Studio C!

    Gudarz DavarGudarz DavarMonth ago
  • Y’all all be talking about the lyrics... but I’m just wondering why there are sailors in an air base

    Audrey MajorAudrey MajorMonth ago
  • Is this like a weirs advertisement for canned soup?

    BTS VibesBTS VibesMonth ago
  • If you put on captions.. -Europe is big! [laughing sadly]

    BTS VibesBTS VibesMonth ago
  • They were right soup from a can is amazing

    Pro EternalPro EternalMonth ago
  • thi spas so crazy.but funny 😂 they can sing good tho

    Debbie GanDebbie GanMonth ago
  • They are all amazing I just miss the old Studio C (Also yes I know they have another channel now)

    Miles JacobsonMiles Jacobson2 months ago
  • i miss the old studio C

    sadie hansensadie hansen2 months ago
  • Hey, did someone notice that they actually said gruncle Stan from Gravity Falls, when they sang the second time of soup on the can.

    chicho sotochicho soto2 months ago
  • Anybody else hear “the Battle of the Bulge & that place was nuts” part and you thought of something else...

    Barrel Racer FTBarrel Racer FT2 months ago
  • I love the one on the left she make no sense tho but shes still my favorite out of the 3 sisters

    Trudy SukhaiTrudy Sukhai2 months ago
  • Don’t feed it to Batman What soup? MONKEY CANS

    Sirena CooperSirena Cooper2 months ago
  • The third song I was dying laughing the way they were dancing 🕺🤣

    Samantha ForsgrenSamantha Forsgren2 months ago
  • It's been 1 month and i have heard this every day and have it as ringtone

    cristian oviedo aldanacristian oviedo aldana2 months ago
  • My sisters and I are huge fans of Gravity Falls, and when they mentioned Uncle Stan, we went nuts.

    Piper ArcherPiper Archer2 months ago
  • Who else started singing along??😶

    Just One of MillionsJust One of Millions2 months ago
  • Jetta was scarily committed to her character! In a good way! Really awesome sketch!

    ReidTheNintendoPainterReidTheNintendoPainter2 months ago
  • My friends : what kind of music do you listen to? Me: *inhale* Its complicated

    Rachel JensenRachel Jensen2 months ago
  • Me trying to sleep at 11pm My brain: PUT A MONKEY IN A PAPER BAG

    Billi MarieBilli Marie2 months ago
  • “tHaT pLaCe wAs nUtS!” “wHo iS jAn!” “kIsS yOuR uNcLe sTaN~” -Studio C’s Song

    A Random BirbA Random Birb2 months ago
  • And that's on PTSD.

    Georgia TurnmireGeorgia Turnmire2 months ago
  • That was probably the most cringy but the funniest scetch I've seen from this group of studio c

    Julian WaiteJulian Waite2 months ago
  • Pretttty!!!!!

    Kawaii butterflies 2007Kawaii butterflies 20072 months ago
  • The original crew is so better

    DuelfueledDuelfueled2 months ago
  • I love the lyrics and the Harmony💕💕

    jazzy lee lacommarejazzy lee lacommare2 months ago
    • They should make into a sing along. That would be So cool ☺

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • Wait are they traumatized so they made songs.

    Caelyn ThrapCaelyn Thrap2 months ago
  • *turns with crazy eyes* MAKE SOUP THAT'S FROM A CAN!

    Faeryn RaynFaeryn Rayn2 months ago
  • I wonder what their other songs were like lol

    Elizabeth_Rutledge 101Elizabeth_Rutledge 1012 months ago
  • I'm impressed. Not just by the amazing singing and the wacky lyrics, but also because they sound a lot like the real Andrews sisters.

    whistlingninja11whistlingninja112 months ago
  • Id rather listen to the singing than everything else

    ShojoDrawsShojoDraws2 months ago
  • It sounds like these ladies have been through more than my grandpa

    The Quiet KidThe Quiet Kid2 months ago
  • Jess looked like she was having the time of her life up there

    Animation NerdAnimation Nerd2 months ago
  • Did anyone else realize that the girls seemed to be suffering from PTSD maybe I read the video wrong but that’s what it seemed like

    Kayleigh GKayleigh G2 months ago
  • them: other wise u could die and it won't be pretty me: when was dying pretty

    Ramesh SubramanianRamesh Subramanian2 months ago
  • This needs to be a series 🤣

    Sage NicholsonSage Nicholson2 months ago
  • I made some lyrics that would make a little more sense while still keeping the melody. Its sort of like, give them a chance but dont actually accept them kinda thing: Give That Boy A Chance When the words are travelling fast and so now you’re all scared You’re gonna wanna hide and crumple into a paper bag Find a lover, blow your hair, or mingle with your friends But don’t forget to give that boy a chance Just give that boy a chance Though don’t fall in into his traps (he’s vicious) Hide your feelings, now don’t be scared Otherwise, you would cry, and it won’t be pretty

    Sheza FarasofeaSheza Farasofea2 months ago
    • feel free to continue it :D

      Sheza FarasofeaSheza Farasofea2 months ago
  • Oof brand Schuyler sisters XD

    SsstAr 22SsstAr 222 months ago

    gaby castillogaby castillo2 months ago
  • Make soup from a can. Got it

    thebabyfacedkingthebabyfacedking2 months ago
  • I wonder how they managed to film this in the pandemic 😷

    duy tranduy tran2 months ago
  • 'GEE WHIZ YOU'RE PRETTY' is easily my favorite line

    SpoondoSpoondo2 months ago

    Prince VichkulwrapanPrince Vichkulwrapan2 months ago
  • I think that the nazis fed them drugs and brainwashed them

    ArtByAmber — Digital art, sketches, and more!ArtByAmber — Digital art, sketches, and more!2 months ago
  • Who's singing this? I swear I hear Natalie!!! haha!!

    kenzie 1686kenzie 16862 months ago
  • Alternative title: Sisters with PTSD have flashbacks while singing.

    Stephen GereStephen Gere2 months ago
  • can you spot who almost broke 3:11

    Hannah VinitskyHannah Vinitsky2 months ago
  • Ha! Oh my gosh, THANK YOU, Studio C! xD xD xD Have a wonderful day and may God bless you. Jesus Christ loves you - He always has, does, and always will, no matter what! You're priceless and you matter! Please stay safe and healthy. ^_^

    SubjectTea9SubjectTea92 months ago
  • that was sooooooooooooooooooo good

    Jennifer CurreyJennifer Currey2 months ago
  • I feel like Garret has a different set of priorities

    AngeygirlAngeygirl2 months ago
  • Honestly the song kinda slaps

    Turtle MagicTurtle Magic2 months ago
  • 3:48 Me signing onto my Zoom class after pulling my third all-nighter in a week

    Katniss Ever-memeKatniss Ever-meme2 months ago
  • Their voices though! 100 percent

    gillian pinarskigillian pinarski2 months ago
  • Remember boys this is what we’re fighting for Gee wiz their pretty

    Batjargal TemujinBatjargal Temujin2 months ago
  • I have been away from Studio C for while and the last three skits I have seen were a sad annoying experience. I am sorry. Let me give you a tip: shorten your skits and put less crazy on them. There was one of a restaurant and the waitress was very exagertated, trying to be funny, it was completely out of context. The old Studio C had characters that were not normal, but it was very well scripted, so it was funny. Matt Meese sometimes crossed the line, but I guess he thought he was the big star of the show and could do whatever he wanted. In any case, what bothers me the most on the new Studio C is the going over and over and over on something thinking it will be funnier if it is long... well... it is not... and it could even work if it was cut in half. This is one of those cases. I love the Andrew Sisters, the harmony on the skit was up there in quality, but the script failed them. Sorry. Have to do better to have ratings in the millions like before.

    Eduardo BuenoEduardo Bueno2 months ago
    • I agree. The new cast/writers have taken away so much of the charm that used to be here. Let alone that, they're adding in inappropriate jokes that certainly to not pertain to the "Family-friendly" content they advertise.

      Kelly DelaneyKelly Delaney2 months ago
  • the sisters looked like they were dying inside...

    Roxy KalantariRoxy Kalantari2 months ago
  • Now me and my sister are trying to meorize this

    Avery BattsAvery Batts2 months ago
  • I actually made a song like this when i was 8. mind readers

    Elizabeth MohrElizabeth Mohr2 months ago
  • Europe is big

    Sana ShahSana Shah2 months ago
  • Studio C has been ruined by the new cast and writers. They've replaced its charm with professionalism and downgraded to inappropriate non-family friendly content. Honestly, it's a disappointment.

    Kelly DelaneyKelly Delaney2 months ago
  • I get the reference about the battle of the bulge because troops are stuck in a small town called Bastogne And their commanding officer was offered surrender will be destroyed and is responding the message was nuts nuts that was all he said nuts

  • 39th stop on their 24 hour tour! Sounds like my job… 🚛

    Lee CodyLee Cody2 months ago
  • So catchy

    McKenna WardMcKenna Ward2 months ago