The Nervous Server - Studio C

Jan 15, 2021
104 450 Views

An experienced restaurant server has a case of the nerves, and it's real bad. Unfortunately, the server’s new trainee has front row seats to witness the disaster unfold.
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Cast: Austin Williams, Ike Flitcraft, Arvin Mitchell, Jessica Drolet
Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writers: Austin Williams

  • plot twist: the waiter's being nervous on purpose so people pay him cash to leave them alone, he does this because he needed money and the only job he found was being a waiter, which paid minimum wage, he did this after a incident where he was so nervous while serving a table, that people paid him to leave them alone, the management never found out. 😈

    shaddy sehlyshaddy sehly2 days ago
  • 2:54 needs to be a GIF

    Emily BäkkenEmily Bäkken3 days ago
  • Austin: CUP OF SAND?!? Anakin: *triggered*

    Rigley NelsonRigley Nelson10 days ago
  • Let's be honest, how chill Ike was acting the entire time is what really sells this sketch

    Kate MorrillKate Morrill13 days ago
  • Now I know how to get a $20 tip every time...

    J CookJ Cook16 days ago
  • Totally missing the original cast even more after this sketch.

    IdahoUS ARMYmommaIdahoUS ARMYmomma18 days ago
  • That was so funny!!!

    E MacE Mac21 day ago
  • Lol this one was super funny. The ACTING was incredible, how did nobody crack up??

    I Raise Tiny DinosaursI Raise Tiny Dinosaurs22 days ago
  • You don’t understand how much this is just me as a cashier trying to explain the survey link at the top of the receipt, I feel so attacked, I-

    TheHalfblood StudiosTheHalfblood Studios23 days ago
  • Reminds me of Ethan on Unus Annus 😂

    Karma 497Karma 49725 days ago
  • It was a mixture of cringe, annoyance, it felt uncomfortable and just a tiny bit funny :(

    ijk7ijk727 days ago
  • These are horrible, the older Studio C was amazing!!

    moroni sheltonmoroni shelton28 days ago
  • This like watching a bad Comedy but way way way way way way way worse

    AppleAppleMonth ago
  • Barry speaks about as well as I do. I am not even kidding...🤓😳

    Just VJust VMonth ago
  • Can you guys do more Stranger things Parodys??? those were the best!!!

    unique unikittyunique unikittyMonth ago
  • This reminds me of my social anxiety.

    EmmaEmmaMonth ago
  • Looks like Karen’s in town

    anAGsnowflakeanAGsnowflakeMonth ago
  • Lol chuck berry

    Mr. GreyMr. GreyMonth ago
  • too much ... just too much ... too forced, too loud, too everything ...

    PwnstarPwnstarMonth ago
  • 369th!

    ChyronXChyronXMonth ago
  • "A cup of sand"

    Sophia LindfieldSophia LindfieldMonth ago
  • I wonder if Austin in this sketch has the same condition as Tori in that sketch where she has to order her food

    Sophboom ROBLOXSophboom ROBLOXMonth ago
  • im dying its so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    mehak Bmehak BMonth ago

    Jen JohnsonJen JohnsonMonth ago
  • That rookie really needs to relax.

    Robert HofmannRobert HofmannMonth ago
  • I guess Barry took lessons from Jeremy Oh wait... I ment Stacey, Jeremy isn't real

    My Youtube ChannelMy Youtube ChannelMonth ago
  • This is sad. I miss the old team. The earlier sketches were clever and consistently funny, and showcased a variety of jokes. Take for example Jeremy's waiter sketch, in which he messes up an order without peanuts, and then just nonchalantly goes "Oh so that's who it was for", tries to be sneaky with looking at his tip, is gross with food, bluntly tells a kid their art is shite, and (my favourite part) burns his hands carrying hot plates to a table screaming all the way, dips his hands into a water jar to cool them, then immediately serves that same water to someone else. There was an organic flow and variety to the jokes, and they came often. This was just one awkward waiter screaming and stammering awkwardly for 5 minutes. It wasn't funny in the beginning, and it didn't get funnier as the sketch went on. It was just cringe. Listen, I love studio C. I keep revisiting the channel to watch the old team, and I'd love nothing better than to have you guys get there as well. You can do better than this.

    Sentient MangoSentient MangoMonth ago
    • I completely agree!!! I feel like all the new cast ever does is scream. Austin in particular. I don’t know if there’s a single sketch with Austin in it where she’s not screaming.

      Cloud DemonCloud Demon15 days ago
    • AGREED!

      Audrey FrenchAudrey French19 days ago
    • IKR its so cursed and forced

      Dynielle BascoDynielle BascoMonth ago
  • Austin playing a guy is the closest thing to a LGBTQ theme in Studio C :-D

    Cecille GultianoCecille GultianoMonth ago
  • How can we be sure you didn't just get the server drunk before you made this skit 🤣

    Tyler KlimpelTyler KlimpelMonth ago
  • Bruh studio c is not what it used to be 3 years ago what happened who are these people

    Yousef IbrahimYousef IbrahimMonth ago
  • Omg I love this!!! Please make more!!!!!!!!

    Sugar_BeeSugar_BeeMonth ago
  • As soon as the old cast went this became super cringe and not funny I used to actually laugh out loud at the videos

    Ramzo BeanzRamzo BeanzMonth ago
  • Is this really studio c now?

    Enter NameEnter NameMonth ago
    • @Cloud Demon seriously and all of the new vids are basically knock offs of the old ones like the new blame it on the butler

      Enter NameEnter Name15 days ago
    • All they ever do is scream. Where did the cleverness go?!

      Cloud DemonCloud Demon15 days ago
    • Its cursed 😭

      Dynielle BascoDynielle BascoMonth ago
  • Is that a guy or a girl?

    Rydal SRydal SMonth ago
  • It’s hard to watch. Also we’re the waiters both men?

    Cooper HughesCooper HughesMonth ago
  • I can’t believe the old studio c cast pasts the torch to you guys. Hav u ever been funny in your life?

    Cooper HughesCooper HughesMonth ago
  • I just love me some shrimp ribs on top of my steak

    Austin isemingerAustin isemingerMonth ago
  • 3:15 can't tell if they're trying to be Bubble or the guy from that one meme

    SISsy's Art'sSISsy's Art'sMonth ago

    SISsy's Art'sSISsy's Art'sMonth ago
  • Is that Austin playing Barry

    J WJ WMonth ago
  • This one was well done. I was captivated the whole time. Great mix of verbal and nonverbal comedy. Also, pun intended.

    Cigomba MilerCigomba MilerMonth ago
  • As a shy person, that was very painful to watch...

    Daniel ChristiansonDaniel ChristiansonMonth ago
  • This was hard to watch bruh I miss the old studio c

    ZzSlainzZ OgZzSlainzZ OgMonth ago
  • They should have ended it with the rookie taking over and doing great. And then Barry's like, "Great job. I was testing you."

    Writing4JesusWriting4JesusMonth ago
  • 99% sure they named him Chuck, just so they could call him "Cheeks".

    Michael A.Michael A.Month ago
  • Gerl footboal

    saitama senseisaitama senseiMonth ago
  • This made me so uncomfortable.

    Ilex AterIlex AterMonth ago
  • Lordeee, the manner in which the water glasses shook was *chef’s kiss*

    E'lissa G.E'lissa G.Month ago
  • This feels forced lol

    Echoshine CreativityXDEchoshine CreativityXDMonth ago
  • Sorry, is this comedy? My 4 year old does this stuff and thinks it's funny. What happened to your writers?

    MissGimpsAlotMissGimpsAlotMonth ago
  • Face it, we were all him once in our lives

    adrien and other stuffadrien and other stuffMonth ago
  • This was painful for me to watch.....🤣

    Brenna BatemanBrenna BatemanMonth ago
  • Not to mean but I Like the other people better😶

    Kendra TaylorKendra TaylorMonth ago
    • Well I think the new cast just needs a little more experience and then they will be just as amazing as the old cast

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
  • Sketch comedy has been my favorite type of comedy for nearly 40 years, so I've seen plenty of sketches. This is sincerely one of my favorite sketches I've ever seen. The script's pacing is nearly perfect, with variation, progression, and detail that avoid the typical sketch-comedy disappointment of belaboring a single joke or premise. Austin gives one of my favorite performances I've seen in any comedy sketch. Her characterization is subtle and complex and could be realized only by someone with an abundance of intuitive talent. Her accurate delivery of so many bungled lines and her nuanced, natural expressiveness, varying appropriately from line to line, have motivated me to watch this sketch over and over since this originally aired. I'm truly awed at her performance. Arvin has an uncanny ability to deliver lines and facial expressions right below the threshold of being over-the-top, thus still maintaining believability. He nails the delivery of his lines, and I still laugh naturally at a few of them no matter how many times I've watched this sketch. Ike channels his natural exasperation to good effect, and his timing and intonation of "What are shrimp ribs?" could not be better. Jessica, knowing her role in this sketch requires modulating her characteristic facial histrionics, gets her performance just right; her expressions are realistic and attentive to the details around her. Even the now frequently recurring extra contributes with his sardonic expressions. This sketch is a delight. If anyone from Studio C reads this, know that your effort here is appreciated!

    Sawney SnowsSawney SnowsMonth ago
  • "Shrimp ribs" I love myself some Shrimp ribs Anyone else?

    Mr. No0bieMr. No0bieMonth ago
  • When Austin said ‘noice’ all I could think of was Jake Peralta Sorry I don’t know how to spell his name, some one help me

    Chloe BurpeeChloe BurpeeMonth ago
  • I love this

    Mishka HarckMishka HarckMonth ago
  • Y’all get funnier every time I watch

    Hobby LobbyHobby LobbyMonth ago
  • Haven’t tuned in in like a year I’m thankful I did though

    Hobby LobbyHobby LobbyMonth ago
  • Don't worry, the old cast also reverted to screaming and "acting" like 4 year olds when their scripts sucked too. It was just as annoying then. Sometimes brutally honest feedback is necessary for positive change. Don't force it. Comedy cannot be forced.

    TheBensMeisterTheBensMeisterMonth ago
    • Good point. I've rewatched a number of the old episodes and the original cast had some clunkers as well. People just like to idolize them because they left

      Darrell SchrockDarrell SchrockMonth ago
  • Feedback is important. There is nothing more awkward and uncomfortable than watching a comedy sketch in complete silence. We are huge studio c fans. My husband and I have faithfully watched every single sketch. We knew the new cast would be different and never expected them to be the same as the old cast. But we did expect funny, high quality, well-scripted, clever, clean comedy from Studio C. Not silence. Awkward, painful silence while we wait for the clever twist the punch line, the redeeming moment that will make the sketch funny. It’s not the acting, it’s the writing. I don’t know what is going on, but the sketches aren’t getting better. I’m not sure who your target audience is or why studio c has become reliant on obnoxious, juvenile humor but I’m sad. Sad because we keep watching comedy in silence. For all of us who love you and keep watching- waiting and wanting you to be successful- I hope this feedback is helpful.

    Keira WilcoxKeira WilcoxMonth ago
    • Yeah enough juvenile stuff! more high brow stuff like in the old cast where a guy got hit repeatedly in the face with a soccer ball... Oh wait

      sholandrixxsholandrixxMonth ago
    • This one wasn't their best (too much reliance on slapstick), but I think they have been getting better. I really liked "Fancy Milk", "Schmandrew Sisters" "Diva Dalton", "Puppet Boss". Even the ones I'm not super crazy about still get a chuckle out of me, and I've never been repulsed or bored by anything they've done so far.

      Reg FifeReg FifeMonth ago
  • How is this funny? Is comedy acting just being loud and annoying? I heard it is possible to write comedy that doesn't involve trying to act funny.

    TheBensMeisterTheBensMeisterMonth ago
  • herbal tea, and some studio C

    ThatKittyThatLikesToDrinkBlackTeaThatKittyThatLikesToDrinkBlackTeaMonth ago
  • 0:30 Expectation 0:36 Reality

    Shelly and EustaceShelly and EustaceMonth ago
  • Not to be mean guys but I'm just going to say it. You all are horrible. Granted you had big shoes to fill but you just not good at this. Im going to stop watching :(

    Jeremy SkoczelakJeremy SkoczelakMonth ago
    • As the saying goes, this is not an airport. You don't need to announce your departure

      Darrell SchrockDarrell SchrockMonth ago
  • I can just feel the awkwardness through the screen.

    Grace JohnsonGrace JohnsonMonth ago
  • Hopefully they didn’t put any shrimplacihopo on that if I even eat a little bit of that stuff I will die ..... I WILL DIE

    Virginia CoolVirginia CoolMonth ago
  • He looks a little nervous ......... I’m talking about chuck but I really admire the other guys confidence

    Virginia CoolVirginia CoolMonth ago
  • Now I'm craving shribs. Thanks... I think.

    YoSpiffYoSpiffMonth ago
  • Well too bad it won't really work, never seen anyone pay the server to not come back, but today my date had a bad feeling about the Korean BBQ and wanted to run out right after she had seated us

    imajeff Smithimajeff SmithMonth ago
  • h a

    MoKuZaiMoKuZaiMonth ago
  • Could she not have just played a girl in this sketch?

    X CX CMonth ago
  • Why is this chick Barry always feeling the need to play a dude?

    X CX CMonth ago
    • Exactly. There was no reason she couldn't have played a female character in this sketch.

      Darrell SchrockDarrell SchrockMonth ago
  • Studio C did lose a lot of subscribers due to the loss of the old cast 😭😭

    Its SageIts SageMonth ago
  • "Follow me and watch the master a work" (Starts to panic) Me: "Master?"

    Brilynn WestwoodBrilynn WestwoodMonth ago
  • Want some shramp

    Shrekky DevitwoShrekky DevitwoMonth ago
  • Guys, this is not funny at all! Try to get some inspiration from something actually funny. Don't just say, this is just one guy being negative, everyone loves it. That's what happens with embarrassing auditions on talent shows when they say 'my mum said it was good'. This is honest feedback

    Tony HardmanTony HardmanMonth ago
    • @Tony Hardman Yep, I can honestly tell you I've uttered a laugh from the new cast, "Disneyland Lincoln", "Diva Dalton's Dance-Off", "Captain Hook", and plenty others tickled my funny bone. I realize humor is subjective to a certain extent, but it seems like people have a certain bias against the newbies. The old cast had plenty of lackluster sketches as well, yet they rarely got the "you're not funny and never were" treatment in the comments.

      Reg FifeReg Fife9 days ago
    • @Reg Fife hey Reg, can you honestly tell me that you've uttered a laugh from these guys? They've got potential no doubt, but it is so forced it's like a primary school play

      Tony HardmanTony Hardman10 days ago
    • If the new cast were starting completely anew, without being branded as Studio C, then they wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are now. They’re just riding on the coattails of the old cast. There are a couple gems, but most of their stuff is just utter nonsense!!!!

      Cloud DemonCloud Demon15 days ago
    • @Reg Fife But there are more dislikes than usual.

      Evan HouckEvan Houck26 days ago
    • Except it isn't just their mother. Most of the comments are positive, and the likes outnumber the dislikes by a considerable margin.

      Reg FifeReg FifeMonth ago
  • "Thanks man." "Whaaaoo...uu" 😐

    Sara NoscentiSara NoscentiMonth ago
  • why is Anikan Skywalker in the sketch

    Fizz DoomFizz DoomMonth ago
  • I like the new sketches but they are getting way less views with the new cast

    ldogwafflesldogwafflesMonth ago
  • I worked fast food 3.5 years. I can relate to this sketch

    Kylar GrafKylar GrafMonth ago
  • This new cast has had some good sketches but it seems like all their stuff lately has just relied on being obnoxious and hoping that's funny...

    Bond DenhalterBond DenhalterMonth ago
    • Agreed. It’s constant screams and nonsense. I am so sick of Austin screaming.

      Cloud DemonCloud Demon15 days ago
  • Do you guys remember the old cast it was amazing

    ChuuChuuMonth ago
  • Im in love with Austin... dang it

    melvin fernandezmelvin fernandezMonth ago
  • I actually really enjoyed this sketch

    Trinity ReedTrinity ReedMonth ago
  • XD , its tooooo much!!! XD

    Andrei Jan ManansalaAndrei Jan ManansalaMonth ago
  • sry but this is rly bad

    sandro bletrysandro bletryMonth ago
  • Me in class VS me in tests

    Brote McABrote McAMonth ago
  • Critical comment coming up You realise this sometime after the old cast left, you stopped creating family content and started making child humour. This is something that adults can't find very funny cuz anxiety doesn't work that way.

    Francis MirandaFrancis MirandaMonth ago
    • In their defense, I saw plenty of child humor from the old cast as well, and there were plenty of sketches that weren't the best. Yet they didn't get near the amount of criticism that the new cast gets on a regular basis. Even on their better sketches, I still see people saying "I miss the old cast", and I for one am getting sick of it. And of course anxiety doesn't work this way, it's exaggeration for the sake of comedy. I'll grant the pratfall at the end was overdone, but I found this one at least moderately funny, particularly because Barry talked a big talk but couldn't walk the walk. THIS adult finds humor in the prideful being brought low, but that's just me.

      Reg FifeReg FifeMonth ago
  • i miss old studio c

    Mackay LeeMackay LeeMonth ago
    • Same sorry this was so cursed 😭😭

      Dynielle BascoDynielle BascoMonth ago
  • it was hilarious!

    Farhad BaghirovFarhad BaghirovMonth ago
  • Really? What's that ?? You really have lost a wonderful storywriter ... 🤷‍♂️😩 Please consult Matt before playing any sketch now ... it is not getting better, honestly. Sorry ... 🙏🙏

    Doni JayaDoni JayaMonth ago
  • random and over the top ≠ funny better luck next vid

    RedCaioRedCaioMonth ago
  • When I used to live in Texas,that my family & I went to a western steakhouse(it was cold outside,by the way!😉❄️💨)& when one the servers went by,that I somehow got iced tea spilled on me,while sitting on the inside of our booth!☹️Brrrr!

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn PettayMonth ago
  • the sad thing is that there are people that are actually like this

    MoopermanMoopermanMonth ago
  • now that was the worst server ever

    Tim McConnaughy Jr.Tim McConnaughy Jr.Month ago
  • Me trying to make talk with the new kid in school:

    sampaths1000sampaths1000Month ago
  • "Thanks Man" "WHA?"

    Camden RileyCamden RileyMonth ago
  • Literally when I have to present in class or just be social 😂

    Brenna The cat loverBrenna The cat loverMonth ago
  • Hhhh thats me

    Tamkot PrahiptiTamkot PrahiptiMonth ago