The Ballad of Big Bad Ron - Studio C

Apr 13, 2021
70 490 Views

Apparently it's no longer possible to find a decent villain in the Wild Wild West. This is a song about bad guys (and girls), gone good.
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Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Dalton Johnson, Austin Williams, Jessica Drolet, Tori Pence, April Rock, Garet Allen, Tanner Gillman, Jetta Juriansz, Matthew Galvan, Arvin Mitchell
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Director: Gabe Casdorph
Writers: Ike Flitcraft

  • when you're the quiet kid in your school but everyone is nice

    Red reaperRed reaperDay ago
  • Someone looks goth I thought she'd be all boring and mean and yeah but she wasn't

    Dougnut DaisyDougnut DaisyDay ago
  • "She's covered in cleavers" 🤣

    Neli42Neli422 days ago
  • I love devil went down to Georgia

    Tyfighter15 GoTyfighter15 Go4 days ago
  • That was amazing! Loved it

    dmkccR2ventureMadedmkccR2ventureMade5 days ago
  • i love the devil part

    Kami ValdezKami Valdez6 days ago
  • Love the devil went down to Georgia reference

    Midas’ LifeMidas’ Life9 days ago
  • this is best western song

    derp smithderp smith9 days ago
  • i love studio c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:06 reminds me of Robin Hood

    Clare helmstetlerClare helmstetler11 days ago
  • Buster Scruggs reference 😂

    J Double CJ Double C12 days ago
  • Whoever did the sound effects for this video did a fantastic job!!

    Amy PieroAmy Piero13 days ago
  • Gotta love that devil went down to georgia reference

    randomcactus56randomcactus5613 days ago
  • probably the only one i actually liked with the new cast

    Bee WellBee Well15 days ago
  • Studio c is always about song now. The new cast had their specialty on singing

    heruaza elxiaheruaza elxia17 days ago
  • My favorite studio C video with the new cast

    That Cool LlamaThat Cool Llama18 days ago
  • Me and my brother have watched this at least 8 times now😅 it’s awesome🤠😂

    Shanna JOYShanna JOY20 days ago
  • Imagine if studeo C made a western movie. That be so cool

    That Cool LlamaThat Cool Llama20 days ago
  • Ya had me u till "good guy devil". Nope. That won't ever be ok.

    Backyard RebelBackyard Rebel23 days ago
  • For a moment, I forgot this wasn't TILLN by Jaron Myers and I was like, "Fiddle off!"

    lil_troutlil_trout24 days ago
  • Love the "Hide you kids, hide your wives" reference!!

    David CottamDavid Cottam24 days ago
  • Later we find out that he can’t get any of the candy that falls out but has too see everybody else getting it.

    Alberto CamejoAlberto Camejo25 days ago
  • Pinned this comment please

    my vintage lifemy vintage life27 days ago
  • That much flourish will probably kill somebody

    Benjamin LoydBenjamin Loyd27 days ago
  • Is it just me, but this song reminds me of, the tune from ghost rider, or at least the beginning does.

    Anna IvinsAnna Ivins28 days ago
  • Where did aaron go?

    Bobby RetracBobby Retrac28 days ago
  • I love how "Ron" says "I'm so much richer than you!" in a menacing voice, then continues with, "but now I'm a changed man, let's play go-fish!"

    Milo HarkinsMilo Harkins28 days ago
  • Remember good isn’t just the absence of bad but it’s also the presence of good - the devil

    Satine KryzeSatine Kryze29 days ago
  • I seriously miss the original cast. This new group just isn’t up to par with the OG.

    Ciel SebastianCiel Sebastian29 days ago
  • Ike's a good singer

    Jada CraigJada CraigMonth ago
  • Sorry y’all this isnt funny anymore

    mateo taylor1763mateo taylor1763Month ago
  • How is nobody commenting on the “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” reference at 4:00???

    Evelyn PreteEvelyn PreteMonth ago
  • Well, those thieves were pretty bad. They stole it from the bank and gave it to the poor. Okay, and all those farmers that have their money in the bank are now the poor.

    MachtynMachtynMonth ago
  • The piñata was the best part

    Evelyn PreteEvelyn PreteMonth ago
  • Garet made a great devil in this one

    Evelyn PreteEvelyn PreteMonth ago

    Evelyn PreteEvelyn PreteMonth ago
  • Did anyone get the “The Devil went down to Georgia” reference at 4:01

    Evelyn PreteEvelyn PreteMonth ago
  • The struggle is real.

    John LondonJohn LondonMonth ago
  • I wanna get my comment pinned someday.

  • what's so bad about a pinata?

  • Fluoride in the water... that actually was a real villain...

    Ahmed QureshiAhmed QureshiMonth ago
  • So glad Jason is back even if he’s not with the original cast family! God bless y’all and your journey! Remember God loves you sooo much!!

    Rebecca DurlingRebecca DurlingMonth ago
  • I miss the old studio C

    Vavman 16Vavman 16Month ago
  • Moral of the story, never judge a book by it’s cover

    Genre ProductionsGenre ProductionsMonth ago
  • The town's founder was Bob Ross

    Some GuySome GuyMonth ago
  • This somehow reminds of the narrator hater

    Fio 08Fio 08Month ago
  • Bro y did the other people leave

    • They started there own channel called jk studios now my childhood ruined

      Nitro HarleyNitro HarleyMonth ago
  • Did anyone see the last episode? Jason is coming back to the show 🤩

    AAMonth ago
  • my new fav!

  • I demand a follow up song

    Daniel BDaniel BMonth ago
  • Ike is lowkey good at singing his voice sounds great in country and this song is awesome

    BriBriMonth ago
  • B e a u t i f u l

    Persefoni AjaxPersefoni AjaxMonth ago
  • In a very strange way, this episode reminds me of Narrator Hater

    Kcaz001 // Captain KcazKcaz001 // Captain KcazMonth ago

    Flitcraft FanboiFlitcraft FanboiMonth ago
  • Suggestion: Take Amendment 6 to an extreme and have a sketch VERY SPEEDY trial.

    OneWeirdDudeOneWeirdDudeMonth ago
  • good guy devil

    Chloe RChloe RMonth ago

    Greece CountryBallGreece CountryBallMonth ago
  • That was freakin hilarious!

    Morgan SauerMorgan SauerMonth ago
  • Well a few problems with the "good acts"... Point a toy gun at someone, yer dead if they had a gun. Rob a bank? You seriously think it's ok as long as you give my stolen money to other people ?! Try delivering a baby with machete/cleaver would be bad Flouride can be deadly in wrong concentrations, or at least bad

    imajeff Smithimajeff SmithMonth ago
  • Awesome

    Brent MartinBrent MartinMonth ago
  • this is catchier than the marvel one

    The Maniac MasterThe Maniac MasterMonth ago
  • Bring back the original cast

    Bigbad Kid09Bigbad Kid09Month ago
  • but it's actually a GOOD song

    Talis MastnyTalis MastnyMonth ago
  • This is somehow the most wholesome video I have ever seen. ❤

    GearBreakerGearBreakerMonth ago
  • some group perform this song live

    benny botrosbenny botrosMonth ago
  • This was actually just delightful. High production quality too! I'm surprised. I was wrong! Dang it, ya got me! Where's the piñata?

    Stana MilanovichStana MilanovichMonth ago
  • I was half expecting bees to fly out of the piñata.

    PKC ProductionsPKC ProductionsMonth ago
  • This dude has some isues.

    Brilynn WestwoodBrilynn WestwoodMonth ago
  • Old studio c was much better 😔 I’m sorry but it’s true

    damian blackmoredamian blackmoreMonth ago
  • This is the perfect interpretation of my mind trying to figure out who the villain is in a movie.

    Kennedy PattonKennedy PattonMonth ago
  • the town is Scp and everyone who goes in it becomes uncharacteristically good except for Ike

    Random ShenaniganeryRandom ShenaniganeryMonth ago
  • Somehow every time the twist came I wasn't ready for it...

    Andrew WunrowAndrew WunrowMonth ago
  • Love these guys ....hilarious and clean

    Nina DoradoNina DoradoMonth ago
  • Did y’all here jason Is coming back

    Drop Shotters FishingDrop Shotters FishingMonth ago

    Bryan WhiteBryan WhiteMonth ago
  • This was a pretty good one!

    Virgils _Red_BootsVirgils _Red_BootsMonth ago
  • Good Guy Devil! That made me laugh.

    Paul PrisbreyPaul PrisbreyMonth ago
  • Please get a spotify. Please. For the love of god, you have some incredible songs.

    Borgar Bakke EkhaugenBorgar Bakke EkhaugenMonth ago
  • The best episode, this year! Fabulous!

    Matthew RoseMatthew RoseMonth ago
  • i thought it was James singing when i first watched this

    Captain StickmanCaptain StickmanMonth ago
  • Love this one........ This season is really strong glad PPL have the new cast a chance

    AJAJMonth ago
  • no wonder they can't get 1mil views anymore

    TheFlash1171TheFlash1171Month ago
    • amen..... theyre just kinda riding on the brandname " studio c!" and excepting people to watch it

      TaylorTaylorMonth ago
  • This is one of the best episodes yet

    Thomas McGowanThomas McGowanMonth ago
  • Is this filmed at pioneer village in provo? It looks like it 🤔

    SarahLaLaLaSarahLaLaLaMonth ago
  • "Oh screams" lololol

    C. EllisC. EllisMonth ago
  • If Studio C wrote the music for Fallout New Vegas

    Ammon WhoAmmon WhoMonth ago
  • good song actually

    MarcuriMarcuriMonth ago
  • 3:50 Not to be a party popper but If you change fluoride concentration from 1ppm to even 2 ppm you get from white and shiny to brown mottling of teeth

    meena sharmameena sharmaMonth ago
    • I missed that one in my list of "good acts" being bad, thanks!

      imajeff Smithimajeff SmithMonth ago
  • Ike Flitcraft playing guitar and singing made me already love this sketch.

    Geoffroy LavilleGeoffroy LavilleMonth ago

  • All their characters were so well developed and acted out!! Tanner’s voice was EVERYTHING😂😂

    Mary BrowneMary BrowneMonth ago
  • Matts back yay!

    Henry NormanHenry NormanMonth ago
  • This guy wants to find a villain? He should find Micah Bell.

    T. StarkT. StarkMonth ago
  • Everyday I want to unsubscribe from this horrid channel, but I can't because of my respect for the original cast members.

    Stephen KicinskiStephen KicinskiMonth ago
  • I guessed it was fluoride lol

    Prior2PopularPrior2PopularMonth ago
  • You guys have been rocking the musicals! This one was awesome!

    Tristan CTristan CMonth ago
  • Wow this was fantastic! The tune, the singing, the sets, and the sketch were all top notch!! Loved it, keep up the good work!!

    CCMonth ago
  • This is The video that made me unsubscribed I’ve been watching this channel for over 2 years and honestly I’m done That good guy devil line just pushed me over the edge Satan is the embodiment of pure evil I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys but I’m out

    Silver RoseSilver RoseMonth ago
  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs with a happy ending... Cool!

    NAGJRC JasonBowerNAGJRC JasonBowerMonth ago
  • Fantastic

    JakNekonJakNekonMonth ago