Red Cross Blood Drive - Studio C

Dec 1, 2020
171 617 Views

It began as just another casual trip to the local Red Cross blood drive, until one man turned a simple service errand into a fierce competition. May the best donor win.
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Cast: Tanner Gillman, Arvin Mitchell, Garet Allen, Jessica Drolet
Directors: Paul Rugg, Micah Merrill
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Garet Allen

  • When he pretended to die i actually got scared for him... only a little, though...🤫😉

    ClareBerriesClareBerries21 day ago
  • My dad is o-

    Rene WyrickRene Wyrick25 days ago
  • I’m O- and they legitimately give me a sticker that says hero on it every time I go give blood. My A+ friend doesn’t get one.... we race too...

    Christopher VinsonChristopher Vinson28 days ago
  • 3:13 the blue ball be like: you see me rollin!

    MashimiiMashimiiMonth ago
  • why does it bug me that they didnt wrap his arm and that very bad CPR....

    Kamryn SmithKamryn SmithMonth ago
  • Leo: I can help! Excuse me sir, but that is a nurse who went to school to learn how to save lives, she can help without breaking his ribs

    S MaxwellS MaxwellMonth ago
  • I think being O -ve is pretty dangerous.. It may be the universal donor but it is also the pickiest.. If you need blood you can only get it from the same type..

    Paramveer PurohitParamveer PurohitMonth ago
  • They never will be better then blood man

    Your_Channel _Name_HereYour_Channel _Name_HereMonth ago
  • Medically I'd rather be normal than not

    EllieEllieMonth ago
  • I’m an O-...😳

    Brooklyn BrooksBrooklyn BrooksMonth ago
    • Ooookay. You got me, how do I become an O negative?

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
  • I don’t want to be rude but... the new studio c kind of just repeats themselves. But if they had better expressions while doing their parts, they could be as good as; Mallory, Jason, Adam, Stacy, Stephen, James, Matt, Natalie, Whitney, Jeremy

    kamal kaurkamal kaurMonth ago
  • O Nagative😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😆😆😆😇😇😇😇😇😇

    Sean GillSean GillMonth ago
  • What has this channel become🤦‍♂️

    HobberoniHobberoniMonth ago
  • I’m O+ but I had to stop giving blood because my iron would tank. Nothing makes me sadder 😢

    Adaline OCAAdaline OCAMonth ago
  • “My name’s Leo and I’m here to save lives! Ugh” - Garet

    Xenonboy26Xenonboy26Month ago
  • hm

    Silas NonoirSilas NonoirMonth ago
  • Tanner had the greatest expressions on his face between 1:50 and 2:01

    Nana Nshira MartinsonNana Nshira MartinsonMonth ago
  • Thank you for not showing any real needles. 😂

    LPSBlueCatProductionsLPSBlueCatProductions2 months ago
  • Why did Leo save his life, the nurse should know everything to do. I wouldn’t trust her to take my blood

    Derek WilliamsDerek Williams2 months ago
  • I Get flashbacks from that guy who donated to that poor little girl. He started a movement. What a Hero!

    POTATOPOTATO2 months ago
  • “Actually I do volunteer at a orphanage!” “oH yOu wOuLd!” *aggressive stares*

    A Random BirbA Random Birb2 months ago
  • is it just me or is studio C like less funnier then originally

    Ethan DiMariaEthan DiMaria2 months ago
  • That's me when somebody else wins at anything

    My Youtube ChannelMy Youtube Channel2 months ago
  • U got it wrong it is O+

    emily synkemily synk2 months ago
  • I’m a doctor and this was AMAZING

    Franckum Family HootenanyFranckum Family Hootenany2 months ago
  • Studio O

    MCoC AUAMCoC AUA2 months ago
  • Me and my twin brother work at a gas station and a guy passed out outside while my brother was doing trash. The guys heart stopped so my brother ordered people around (call 911, get water to cool him down, etc.) while my brother did CPR. The water ended up being unnecessary because it apparently was an overdose but my brother did restart the guy's heart. It had completely stopped and my brother restarted it. Couldn't wake him up but at least he was breathing and pumping again. EMT’s we're able to quickly wake him when they arrived. Then my brother just went back to doing trash. Since I'm a manager (technically two positions above my brother cuz he didn't want the extra work) I ordered him to take a break and he refused lol. Certainly wasn't going to argue with a hero. I only jokingly ordered him to lol but he still kept working. People thought I helped do CPR but I was indoors so I didn't know anything was going on until EMT’s arrived. Well some of our customers are stoners and I sold chips so that's heroes work too lmao! I'm called Supreme Leader and my brother is called The Hero now as our nicknames lmao!

    Adam 420Adam 4202 months ago
  • Woo o negative club!

    LilFoxyCosplayLilFoxyCosplay2 months ago
  • 0:54 Me when my comment gets liked.

    Adam HamelAdam Hamel2 months ago
  • As an 0-, I can relate

    Tobias13Tobias132 months ago
  • I have O- Blood and the blood drives email every day to schedule a appointment to donate blood

    Buddy1203 128917Buddy1203 1289172 months ago
  • CPR in 1 easy step: punch their chest.

    YumYum2 months ago
  • the views are so low this youtube channel used to have million of views but now the views are getting lower and lower the old cast shoule've stay in studio c

    Haidar Gifari IrawanHaidar Gifari Irawan2 months ago
  • Dabbling in a bit of cinema verite style. This really could be any Thursday at the Stake blood drive. At least, the first minute or so. And the rest, depending on your Stake.

    thohan99thohan992 months ago
  • Why does youtube keep giving me gucci and michael kors and Luis vutton ads?? Like im not rich? Why would u give me the ads???

    Becca ShyneBecca Shyne2 months ago
  • So he normal hahahha

    Trevor DesilvaTrevor Desilva2 months ago
  • I didn’t know punching someone would save someone’s life

    Captain Cyber jayCaptain Cyber jay2 months ago
  • I’m O-

    Stormy EffectsStormy Effects2 months ago
  • can u PLEASE make this guy into a character series??? PLEASE

    Orion MusialOrion Musial2 months ago
  • Totally incorrect first aid ... but funny :)

    Jozef JanočkoJozef Janočko2 months ago
  • Studio C cast is very good but, I really liked the old cast. They are now at jk studios.

    Harry KimHarry Kim2 months ago
  • This was a great studio c, I would say it's on par with the originals please do more of these!

    Austin KeslerAustin Kesler2 months ago
  • Fun Fact: Only about 7% of people have O- blood (the rarest) and they can only receive O- blood. That is why its incredibly important for people with O- to donate. Because otherwise people who have O- and need blood would have a very slim chance of getting it.

    Dalton BrownDalton Brown2 months ago
  • This was fun!! Hey, I wondered when Jason's new skits will be airing.

    Tristi PinkstonTristi Pinkston2 months ago
  • The one kid that gets an A instead of an A+😂

    Elisabeth CoombsElisabeth Coombs2 months ago
  • I wish I knew my blood type....of love to be a great giving blood type

    Gloria RodriguezGloria Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Talk about the worst roasts ever.

    jerusha Thelinjerusha Thelin2 months ago
  • The doctors couldn’t figure out what type of blood I am so I still don’t know 🤷‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️

    Tiger’s curse Ren squadTiger’s curse Ren squad2 months ago
  • "My NaMe Is LeO, mR. UnIvErSaL dOnOr, AnD i'M hErE tO sAvE lIvEs"

    Charlotte B.Charlotte B.2 months ago
  • Jessica, you were fantastic in this one.

    Zoe RaceZoe Race2 months ago
  • LOVE. THIS. SKETCH. Best one yet with the new cast. All three actors fit their characters perfectly. Love this!

    Zoe RaceZoe Race2 months ago
  • You know what they say Always give 100% except when giving blood

    Mud PuddleMud Puddle2 months ago
  • Is this a new crew because I really like them!

    Kelly cat XDKelly cat XD2 months ago
  • No Red Blood Queen references? Whelp ima go crawl back into the book nerd cave then...

    Dragon Master 505Dragon Master 5052 months ago
  • Just when I was told I have to get lab work done next week(which I dread, hate, and always faint to), this comes out and for some odd reason makes my day better! Tanner! Join me and together we shall save the ORPHANS!!!!!!!!

    K bmK bm2 months ago
  • When the original crew left it started going downnnnnn

    Paul DouglassPaul Douglass2 months ago
  • there are not funny anymore

    Holly DockstaderHolly Dockstader2 months ago
  • I need more tanner and garret the dynamic duo

    Eddie StapesEddie Stapes2 months ago
  • too metrosexual sounding... A-

    miguel miguelmiguel miguel2 months ago
  • You had a rusty start but the new cast is growing on me now I’m addicted to them they have had some killer scetches!!! Congrats

    Joshua BorreJoshua Borre2 months ago
    • To make things clear I liked them at the start but it was a little “strange” but now their fantastic I’ve seen all of their videos

      Joshua BorreJoshua Borre2 months ago
  • Ok but the pumping thing gave me so much anxiety. Maybe I'm more squeamish then I thought

    AngeygirlAngeygirl2 months ago
  • I'm a Universal Donor, so I always get asked to donate more blood. And then guilt me when I say no.

    Specimen 42Specimen 422 months ago
  • was there always a laugh track?

    Lucas AureliusLucas Aurelius2 months ago
  • When he was laughing I started thinking that is how my friend and I laugh when we stay up wayy to late at night lol

    Jenna BallJenna Ball2 months ago
  • So I haven’t watched studio c in like a year. Can someone catch me up on it? Is there a whole new cast? Where is Scott sterling?

    Luke StricklandLuke Strickland2 months ago
    • Yeah the whole cast left

      The CookiedoughanimatorThe Cookiedoughanimator2 months ago
  • Im in red cross School CCA and we learn to save lives

    Jane LeeJane Lee2 months ago
  • remember when studio c was actually good

    pog daddypog daddy2 months ago
  • I'm a Phlebotomist and I find this HILARIOUS! 😄

    Nikkolet AshbyNikkolet Ashby2 months ago
  • Why aren't these funny anymore?

    Utkarsh SharmaUtkarsh Sharma2 months ago
  • am I the only one that thinks Tanner looks like Youth Pastor Ryan in this sketch?

    Lady BelleLady Belle2 months ago
  • this has got to be one of my favorite sketches! the facial expressions are amazing i almost died of laughter every time! keep up the great work!

    DekuDeku2 months ago
  • One time my sister and I were donating blood and we did kind of end up in a race to see finished first.

    whofandbwhofandb2 months ago
  • I like the old cast more

    ya like jazya like jaz2 months ago
  • These stitches don't seem the same with new cast

    Shy Man 64Shy Man 642 months ago
  • BLUD no

    Delbert ChandlerDelbert Chandler2 months ago
  • Garret: just look at his smug little face I bet in his free time he volunteers and helps orphan children Tanner: Yeah I do actually! Garret: YOU WOULD!!😒 hah!😂

    Karen HolbertKaren Holbert2 months ago
  • My mom is -O. She started because her work held a blood drive. She got a phone call a few days later saying “we used your blood to save someone’s life today,” She goes all the time now

    KkRae :DKkRae :D2 months ago
    • That’s so wholesome

      The CookiedoughanimatorThe Cookiedoughanimator2 months ago
  • Idk if this has been done yet. Garet:How do I become an O-? Nurse: That's not how O- works.

    Sarah SchmiegSarah Schmieg2 months ago
  • The new cast is not as funny as the old one no offence

    Addi GodesAddi Godes2 months ago
  • Type O Negative myself, and the blood drives will always call me, cause they love my blood.

    Peter BellPeter Bell2 months ago
  • He should have just kept the information of his blood type between him and the medical professionals. Then again she should have just stuck with telling him all blood types are equally important.

    Nathene WendzelNathene Wendzel2 months ago
  • How much is too much,when it comes to giving out A+++++++++++???Is this,the right amount??🤔☺️

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn Pettay2 months ago
  • A+

    Chloe RChloe R2 months ago
  • I actually rly liked this one

    Grace MillerGrace Miller2 months ago
  • I like pie

    Alex KerrAlex Kerr2 months ago
  • Hi

    Alex KerrAlex Kerr2 months ago
  • Garet sounds like a Karen in this situation haha

    PsycheFXPsycheFX2 months ago

    Zachary AltpeterZachary Altpeter2 months ago
  • The reason I don’t give blood: my veins are so bad they had to stick me 10 times before the blood actually came out. They went back and forth between both my arms and kept moving the needle around which seriously hurt me. 😫 I don’t mean to sound rude to anyone who gives blood but just in my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the pain, anxiousness, and overall grossing out (if you’re a person who hates needles) that you’ve got to go thru. If this sounds bad I’m sorry, and I do appreciate people who have. That’s just my opinion.

    Erika BohannonErika Bohannon2 months ago
  • Such an A+ way to act. Shameful.

    Hannah BooneHannah Boone2 months ago
  • My test says I'm an f- but my doctor said I'm a A+ hm

    Michele HughesMichele Hughes2 months ago
  • I've been watching studio c for 5 years and I STILL love it

    Obed GlansonObed Glanson2 months ago
    • me to

      Michele HughesMichele Hughes2 months ago
  • I'm B- and I've never donated blood... Never felt I was important enough... :(

    Cheese and OnionsCheese and Onions2 months ago
    • I'm B- too. We actually have a pretty rare blood type. Whenever I've donated they were really excited to get B-. 😊

      Christine ColeChristine Cole2 months ago
  • "you stopped breathing so i saved your life" no one literally no one "you would!"

    ImmortalPancakesImmortalPancakes2 months ago
    • You'd be surprised - some people will b-tch about *anything* !

      Ken LieckKen Lieck2 months ago
  • Yay you have me an a plus that’s so nice

    Danielle VossDanielle Voss2 months ago
    • People are so needy :D

      Cheese and OnionsCheese and Onions2 months ago
  • When I was in high school, I actually donated blood. One of the teachers teased me, saying he thought I'd have Klingon blood or something. Nope, red like everyone else.

    DXKramerDXKramer2 months ago
  • This was a little cringy, but it ended well.

    gkygrl7gkygrl72 months ago
  • As an enneagram 3, I feel called out🤣

    Alaina DAlaina D2 months ago
  • I can't see. Usually how it goes when someone is trying to compete with such rage.

    Juggie BonebrainJuggie Bonebrain2 months ago
  • I have been a fan for years but I like the old crew and the new crew could have done better on all of there videos

    Lachic BernasLachic Bernas2 months ago