It's Boys Night! (a Song) - Studio C

Nov 17, 2020
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On Wednesday evening, all these guys can think about is enjoying a night with the dudes. They're ready to grab some grub and watch the game, but there may be a few surprises in store for them along the way.
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Cast: Tanner Gillman, Dalton Johnson, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams, April Rock, Jessica Drolet
Directors: Matthew Galvan
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Russ Kendall, Adam Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writers: Tanner Gillman

  • I love how they keep say's Boy's NIGHT but it looks like day time.

    Kyra Lee 李Kyra Lee 李9 days ago
  • "It's gonna be the best night of our lives! Its just us boys, and our kids and our wives " Thats my favorite part!

    Emma GonzalezEmma Gonzalez14 days ago
  • Pretty sure my favorite part is at 0:51 when Tanner is a little slow to turn the wheel on the van when it turns :D

    shim3212shim321224 days ago
    • That’s my favorite part too

      Tanner GillmanTanner Gillman23 days ago
  • Huge "Lazy Sunday" SNL vibes!

    Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson27 days ago
  • I like that rap song it is like my first favorite song on studio c

    Lizzie Dancing ToadLizzie Dancing ToadMonth ago
  • You guys are really weird

    Nathan ZhuchenkoNathan ZhuchenkoMonth ago
  • Lol so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Gemma CoppolaGemma CoppolaMonth ago
  • I think he’s gone crazy nobody’s on the phone with him (look at the bottom of the phone) 0:46

    Monkey D. FrankyMonkey D. FrankyMonth ago
  • This is the best rap I’ve heard in years

    Thelaw88898Thelaw88898Month ago
  • Its Dadz Night!

    Raphael DzilaRaphael DzilaMonth ago
  • I can’t tell whether his wife actually left it in the car or his favourite song

    Monkey D. FrankyMonkey D. FrankyMonth ago
  • LOL love this dads should actually be like that if there already are not

    Isaac oIsaac oMonth ago
  • Is that Stacy or someone else?

    O MartianO MartianMonth ago
  • Hmmm the real question is which pride and prejudice?

    Gabrielle ParkGabrielle ParkMonth ago
  • I love the message of this song! I want a guy like that

    Evy BurnsEvy BurnsMonth ago
  • If that isn't true...

    EinezweioctopiEinezweioctopiMonth ago
  • they got the day wrong. . . Saturday is for the boys

    Mix3dUpMix3dUpMonth ago
  • This is extremely wholesome

    Ryan O’sRyan O’s2 months ago
  • Boys night, the night that is not in the night

    a figment of your imaginationa figment of your imagination2 months ago
  • This was so sweet!

    susanne aniquesusanne anique2 months ago
  • Arvin seems like the actual only cool one xD

    ElementalElemental2 months ago
  • Get you a guy like this!

    Marilyn BojanowskiMarilyn Bojanowski2 months ago
  • I just watched a movie that has Tanner in it and it took me a while to figure out where i new him from, but once i realized i straight up got soooo excited

    Marion MoynihanMarion Moynihan2 months ago
  • This one was actually pretty funny 😂

    Raechel’s Art & DesignRaechel’s Art & Design2 months ago
  • Awwwwwwwwww--- that was so cute!

    Liisa DavilaLiisa Davila2 months ago
  • This is so lovely!!

    Angelena PulisAngelena Pulis2 months ago
  • My heart melted when the little girl was laying on Tanner. 💕🤗 He is going to be such a wonderful father!

    Grace KaisermanGrace Kaiserman2 months ago
  • They're living the dream

    Michael SaidMichael Said2 months ago
  • Love this!!

    Amira BagleyAmira Bagley2 months ago
  • LOL

    United PlayerUnited Player2 months ago
  • Pause the video and go to 2:32 and look at Tanner’s face! 🤣🤣

    ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂2 months ago
  • anything is great when hanging with your bros.

    Timothy Jackson DrakeTimothy Jackson Drake2 months ago
  • lol for a sec i thought Matt was back from the thumbnail

    Lila HayesLila Hayes2 months ago
  • If y'all are looking for a fourth, count me in!

    Benton A. JamesBenton A. James2 months ago
  • I just can't seem to find another dad in the area to befriend and do this with. Le sigh.

    Grant JohnsonGrant Johnson2 months ago
  • This is oddly true. Lmao

    piano musicpiano music2 months ago
  • i'm still waiting for 1 hour version

    Krew SpenstKrew Spenst2 months ago
  • The sad/happy fact they love their wives that they couldn’t spend time with their best friends.....

    NoLifeConsoleGamerNoLifeConsoleGamer2 months ago
  • This is how boys should be ❤️

    Tiger TamerTiger Tamer2 months ago
  • One of my favorite sketches from the new cast. I heard one of the cast members directed it. Great job!!!!!

    Christina Kay Family VlogChristina Kay Family Vlog2 months ago
  • I love this so much

    jayden fjayden f2 months ago
  • That is 100% me at boys night like exactly me, wife calling every 5 min. I stared crying why did I ever got married

    Salem AbualrousSalem Abualrous2 months ago
  • 2:30 This is not accurate in my house. I'm the middle child, I'm the best behaved, and my both my brothers get more... everything than me. Like to support a neglected middle child.

    Purge DZPurge DZ2 months ago
  • The long skit effect but this was actully good.

    Eduardo BuenoEduardo Bueno2 months ago
  • look for the gummy bear album in stores november 13

    Claire JackmanClaire Jackman2 months ago
  • Dude I've watched this more than 5 times at least. This is hilarious! LOL

    *The Grid's DJ**The Grid's DJ*2 months ago
  • Never before have I appreciated the boys so fully

    Shadow CloakShadow Cloak3 months ago
  • Auto tune?

    Ian WallaceIan Wallace3 months ago
  • The channel stopped growing a lot once the old cast left

    WamuuWamuu3 months ago

    Jency PetersenJency Petersen3 months ago
  • Its weird seeing Austin as a girl..

    MJ 1MJ 13 months ago
  • I LOVE it!! Soo funny!

    whatdoesthefoxsay ?whatdoesthefoxsay ?3 months ago
  • 1:11 should have said I'll give her my life.

    pieordiepieordie3 months ago
  • Man this new studio c sucks.

    Duck Enforcement AgencyDuck Enforcement Agency3 months ago
    • No it’s pretty good

      Dollar store Captain boomerangDollar store Captain boomerangMonth ago
  • This is one of the most happily wholesome things I've seen in a while.

    DeadlyDakotaraptorDeadlyDakotaraptor3 months ago
  • There adorable

    Cosmic WonderhoofCosmic Wonderhoof3 months ago
  • no humor talent

    Jennifer HughesJennifer Hughes3 months ago
  • this immensely reminds me of Mom's night out. ^w^

    MAyor pauline SchambachMAyor pauline Schambach3 months ago
  • So wholesome!

    JStar97JStar973 months ago
    • Indeed

      Cosmic WonderhoofCosmic Wonderhoof3 months ago
  • That’s my dad in a nutshell

    Banana LlamaBanana Llama3 months ago
  • This do be how boys work tho

    NUC Hazard PlaysNUC Hazard Plays3 months ago
  • This is Tanner's best yet

    Azuan AhmadAzuan Ahmad3 months ago
  • In my fam the middle child is always yelled at

    Beau OatesBeau Oates3 months ago
  • Um Saturdays are for the boys!!!!!!!!

    meme mastermeme master3 months ago
  • cat or dog

    Kitty HemmertKitty Hemmert3 months ago
  • fun

    Kitty HemmertKitty Hemmert3 months ago
  • The dislikes are teenagers that think they are cool

    Try Hard GamingTry Hard Gaming3 months ago
  • I love wholesome dad videos!

    Audrie KingAudrie King3 months ago
  • Studio C isn't just like before... The jokes, the drama, ugh I miss the old studio C with matt and the cast.

  • This one is so cute and funny and the best part... UPLIFTING!!

    Leah LaingLeah Laing3 months ago
  • Dude this is amazing, so catchy and funny and wholesome!!! A+++ Studio C!

    CC3 months ago
  • I think we can all agree that Tanner is beautiful. Moreso as a dad for some reason.

    Sid BidSid Bid3 months ago
  • Okay, this is honestly adorable.

    Jadyn SaundersJadyn Saunders3 months ago
  • Thank you.

    AJ HubbellAJ Hubbell3 months ago
  • Saturday’s are for the boys

    Benjamin OwensBenjamin Owens3 months ago
  • Ok but now y’all should do one where there is a Girls Nite

    Baby Yoda ApprovesBaby Yoda Approves3 months ago
  • Very funny---while also conveying a very positive message about parenting and family priorities. I'm impressed. That's not an easy combination. Outstanding.

    Allen JosephAllen Joseph3 months ago
  • They rap really good.

    Tye dye pandas!Tye dye pandas!3 months ago
  • my dad does this

    Audrey NevisonAudrey Nevison3 months ago
  • THIS is masculinity! ❤️

    Audrey SmithAudrey Smith3 months ago
  • ❤️

    Dustbunny FarmerDustbunny Farmer3 months ago
  • That's hilarious

    Aaron CorbinAaron Corbin3 months ago
  • You should do a girls night

    Lachic BernasLachic Bernas3 months ago
  • Cool sketch. Also, where are they getting all these children?!

    MusicElleMusicElle3 months ago

    jerusha Thelinjerusha Thelin3 months ago
  • Why is there new people😐 what happened to the original cast.i love the new people♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Crystalellina LollipopCrystalellina Lollipop3 months ago
  • you guys all took studio c and turned it into crapppppppppppp

    Grayson SavriGrayson Savri3 months ago
  • This has Tanner's "Studio c minus: New Cast rap" vibes all over

    Zoey MilneZoey Milne3 months ago
  • Yr not even funy

    The Wrestling Bro'sThe Wrestling Bro's3 months ago
  • These thugs are going hard

    Matthew SawczynMatthew Sawczyn3 months ago
  • I love this so much!! XD

    Teresa MurielTeresa Muriel3 months ago
  • I see Tanner, I like. And this one the best

    Azuan AhmadAzuan Ahmad3 months ago
  • Do girls night

    E LiE Li3 months ago
  • This is my favorite skit ever. Period.

    Kelly L. ClarkKelly L. Clark3 months ago
  • I’m just gonna say... for the people that are saying the new cast is worse... no. I’m gonna say they are exactly the same. They have to fill in some big shoes and have some more videos that they have to compete with... but they are doing ok so far.

    Bronx LadBronx Lad3 months ago
  • I just knew Tanner had to be the one who wrote this one! It's so good!!

    Sara CSara C3 months ago
  • New cast's game is slowly getting stepped up and I am here for it! So wholesome and funny and I need a Girlz Nite version.

    Sophia LindfieldSophia Lindfield3 months ago
  • We watched this over and over. My 5-year old loves doing the "Awwwwww, BOY'S night!" with them. I love the "... and her breathing kinda changes, like, she feels really safe, you know?" TOTALLY!

    goanddogoanddo3 months ago
  • This was just great!

    keldonekeldone3 months ago
  • Noise beat

    Sebastian SchmidSebastian Schmid3 months ago