It's a Truck - Studio C

Feb 2, 2021
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If it has 4 wheels, it’s a truck. At least that’s what these three men believe. Unfortunately, this group of unorthodox vehicle owners is going to have a difficult time getting their “trucks” registered at the local DMV.
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Cast: Matthew Galvan, April Rock, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft
Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writers: Matthew Galvan, Ike Flitcraft, Tanner Gillman

  • I chopped of the two wheels and replaced them with FOUR wheels

    Banana LlamaBanana LlamaDay ago
  • Should I laugh now or later 😕😕😕

    United WeStandUnited WeStand2 days ago
  • I smell shaggy

    PanikGamerPanikGamer5 days ago
  • 💀 ima put wheels on my husband... He's a truck

    Diamond ButlerDiamond Butler6 days ago
  • Now if you’ll excuse me lemme go drive my fish microwave

    Beth BlandBeth Bland8 days ago
  • but i put wheels on it ma'ma

    Chloe RChloe R10 days ago
  • It feels like they stoped making vids 🙁

    Camille RandallCamille Randall12 days ago
  • 3:22 "I made another truck, it's a pogo-stick with fireworks on it."

    Skunky WildSkunky Wild13 days ago
  • All of those would be legal in the state of Florida from what I've heard

    CharlatanCharlatan13 days ago
  • What you mean it's not a truck it's clearly a drivable truck omg how many times do I have to tell you it's a peace of toast with wheels no it's not it's a truck 🚚

    Simply SeasonSimply Season15 days ago
  • How much are they selling them trucks for?

    Jack GJack G17 days ago
  • Studio C is no longer funny. Bummer.

    Martin PaganoMartin Pagano17 days ago
  • When he just shuffled away on his hands and knees 😂😂

    Sunset SwerveSunset Swerve18 days ago
  • Um ok...

    GarrenGarren18 days ago
  • This comment is a truck...

    Colin8Colin818 days ago
  • But I put wheels on it ma'am

    FaceTheOddsFaceTheOdds18 days ago
  • In my town this is common occurrence at the insurance place

    Nik ReimerNik Reimer18 days ago
  • It's funny but they're accents are so bad... So bad.

    Little Rascal EventingLittle Rascal Eventing20 days ago
  • I miss the old cast. Especially Matt

    _xItsHyperdrivex__xItsHyperdrivex_20 days ago
  • How inanimate objects feel part one: "IT huRtS tO Be A TrRrrUuUkk!!!!"

  • Wonder how they will fit in those trucks...

    Rochelle GaryRochelle Gary20 days ago
  • As a native southerner, I can name at least 10 people who would try to drive those, probably muddi'n.

    Mollie GarlandMollie Garland21 day ago
  • I miss when studio c was able to make funny sketches that didnt make fun of people or use sterotypes.

    Anna NestorAnna Nestor21 day ago
  • O God I miss the old studio c crew I miss them so much 😢

    Richard MontoyaRichard Montoya21 day ago
  • This video is trash, All it is is a woman being a bad worker and denying the people with trucks. Is this supposed to be an "exposing" video?

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda21 day ago
  • Whew... I almost thought they were gonna register the Subaru Baja.

    kibukunkibukun21 day ago
  • The title of this sketch should be: "But I put wheels on it ma'am!"

    Zeke GoreZeke Gore21 day ago
  • This is horrible

    J watkinsJ watkins22 days ago
  • scout master is gona be real mad vacation was his idea

    Kelly LuncefordKelly Lunceford22 days ago
  • who misses the old studio c

  • The one with the mustache sound just like Jeff Foxworthy.

    Jacob NicholsJacob Nichols22 days ago
  • THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER SEEN. Maybe its because I grew up in the south and this actually happens here

    Mikkel SvMikkel Sv22 days ago
  • It’s the ficking rat tail for me 😭😭

    KolourfulNecoKolourfulNeco22 days ago
  • This is really great 😂

    Beth and RuthBeth and Ruth22 days ago
  • Tesla Cybertruck!!!

    Nathan WarkentinNathan Warkentin22 days ago
  • More V.I.S.C.I.P.A.

    Daemien McDanielDaemien McDaniel23 days ago
  • Studio c do be the best comedy show

    Zachery LangevinZachery Langevin23 days ago
  • Poor April. 😁

    whistlingninja11whistlingninja1123 days ago
  • You're probably wondering which half...its the back half My favorite line

    Varsha SangamVarsha Sangam23 days ago
  • ..... this isn’t funny

    Lizzy DarcyLizzy Darcy23 days ago
  • When is Scott Sterling coming back

    Wolf's of Death1Wolf's of Death123 days ago
    • The new cast wants to be their own people and do their own characters.

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂22 days ago
  • Ever since the old crew left I almost never laugh at these, they just are not as funny as the old ones, RIP old crew. 😔

    jonathan olsonjonathan olson23 days ago
  • "they sent me back cause I told'em I wanna live in muh truck and make my family a permanent resident" making the most of his truck I see, respect

    StormStorm23 days ago
  • I love the third guy's transformation as they talk. Brilliant. 🤣

    Greenkitten45Greenkitten4523 days ago
  • Anyone else think of two guys on a scooter at the end?

    StarvelStarvel23 days ago
    • Two guys on a guy truck

      StarvelStarvel23 days ago
  • Why do I remember watching this exact thing a few weeks ago

    Midas’ LifeMidas’ Life23 days ago
    • Time travel....

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂22 days ago
  • This is just Idaho

    TanukiTanuki23 days ago
  • “I asked you to leave” “oOHHhhHhH”

    TheHalfblood StudiosTheHalfblood Studios23 days ago
  • As an American I wish this wasn’t accurate for a certain half of the country

    EvanJPHEvanJPH23 days ago
  • does anyone the OGs

  • So this takes place in Florida right?

    Ayva CulpAyva Culp23 days ago
  • Studio C isn’t even funny anymore

    Ryan GromerRyan Gromer23 days ago
  • This is offensive to my people. We aren't all this backwards or stupid. In fact, when I put 35" mud boggers on my boat and dropped in a LS1 I was smart enough to register it as a boat...

    36Bananapies36Bananapies24 days ago
  • Favourite is my 2010 silverado 2500 4x4 6.0 gasser named Francis

    Ben MayBen May24 days ago
  • Dude I saw an ad with a guy from studio c in it!

    cool cattlecool cattle24 days ago
  • I wanna see bloopers created by this masterpiece of a video

    ijk7ijk724 days ago
  • We need more just jeremy

    pigyboy9001pigyboy900124 days ago
  • but it's a truck

    LokiPlayzLokiPlayz24 days ago
  • The pogo stick 🤣

    Raise of Hope GardenRaise of Hope Garden24 days ago

    Ezra O'ConnorEzra O'Connor24 days ago

    Ezra O'ConnorEzra O'Connor24 days ago
  • I feel like Matthew, Ike, and Tanner were hanging out one day (making a "truck" with wheels), goofing around, chatting about hill billy's and this sketch was born.

    Yellow LadybugYellow Ladybug24 days ago
  • :/ Sad.... Studio C used to be funny. Now it's a bordline dumpster fire....

    MissGimpsAlotMissGimpsAlot24 days ago
  • This was funny until you used a nations national flag as a visual aid to highlight what? Ignorance? Stereo typical behavior? You guys how is it that third world countries show more education and respect than us?

    Edward SalazarEdward Salazar24 days ago
  • I don't even know what to say.

    Tristi PinkstonTristi Pinkston24 days ago
  • Why does this remind me of something on Disney channel

    Jemma DeloachJemma Deloach24 days ago
  • "the contatution has nothing on it"

    Leah ThompsonLeah Thompson24 days ago
  • Shaggy?

    Jestre, Lord of FoolsJestre, Lord of Fools24 days ago
  • He laughed track is way to cringe

    special fingerspecial finger24 days ago
  • their sketches are unnecessarily too lengthy

    Justin WernerJustin Werner24 days ago
  • Someone was once arrested in Minnesota for drunk driving a La-Z-Boy

    FlowerTheTimeLady74FlowerTheTimeLady7424 days ago
  • Alternate title : I put wheels on it

    Danny mahéDanny mahé24 days ago
  • "But I put Wheels on it."

    David BeckleyDavid Beckley24 days ago
  • I... I know people like this. 🥺

    Vera Bean The Tire Ant QueenVera Bean The Tire Ant Queen24 days ago
  • I love how as he is talking about his tent-truck, he just casually rips off his clothes and puts on a hat.

    Milo HarkinsMilo Harkins24 days ago
    • He also adds long strands of hair too

      dakota123422dakota12342223 days ago
  • This is the first funny sketch studio C has made since the split between the original cast and studio C.

    JJ FRENZYJJ FRENZY24 days ago

    A HemsleyA Hemsley24 days ago
  • It's a truck, it's got four wheels, and it's a truck . . .

    A HemsleyA Hemsley24 days ago
  • Micro wave on four wheels. It's a truck. Yah. What are you driving home jimmy? My truck, Can I get a ride? Sure! It's a mirco wave.

    A HemsleyA Hemsley24 days ago
  • It's got four wheels and I drive it. It's a truck.

    A HemsleyA Hemsley24 days ago
  • But I put wheels on it ma’am.... see, four wheels...

    Shadesword675Shadesword67524 days ago
  • I think studio c is running low on ideas...

    Claire TharpClaire Tharp24 days ago
  • But I put monitor on it, ma’am! It's a CyberTruck!

    SleepWalkerSleepWalker24 days ago
  • I want the microwave truck

    It’sAlex JIt’sAlex J24 days ago
  • What I got from this video: When people wear roller skates... *they’re trucks.*

    Anonymously MJAnonymously MJ24 days ago

    Elena VitvitskayaElena Vitvitskaya24 days ago
  • Is this by chance happened in Ypsilanti?

    Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir24 days ago
  • I felt this is a reupload .

    Haripreeth RenjithHaripreeth Renjith24 days ago
  • Poor Shaggy, he just wanted to register his truck

    João CharruaJoão Charrua24 days ago
  • Just saying, Studio C, My son has a disease and it is very rare for him to laugh or smile. Thanks to you when I came home from work he was laughing. Thank you so much for helping him!

    Ariella SeroussiAriella Seroussi24 days ago
    • Aw, that's so sweet!

      Kate MorrillKate Morrill14 days ago
    • It's a miracle!

      Simply SeasonSimply Season15 days ago
    • I am not Studio C but that is amazing I hope he laughs many more times after this. Studio C is hilarious you and your son should binge watch it, it will bring many laughs and great memories

      Nevermind MushroomsNevermind Mushrooms15 days ago
  • "Based on a true story."

    Manga BronyManga Brony24 days ago
  • The new season of turbo teen look great!

    Vasily BullockVasily Bullock24 days ago
  • Are you okay over there, America?

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざき24 days ago
  • 😂 Ah. So this explains why workers at the DMV are grouchy. We can blame the "it's a truck" guys 🤭

    Que sera seraQue sera sera24 days ago
  • My favorite”Truck”,is a Hamster with wheels,Lol! If it’s got wheels,it’s a”Truck”no matter what!😁🐹🛻

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn Pettay24 days ago
  • Naan truck.

    Benjamin FliehmannBenjamin Fliehmann24 days ago
  • Btw what did I just watch

    OctOct24 days ago
  • 🚂 this comment is a truck.

    Sharp DesignSharp Design24 days ago
  • It's like a tricycle, but with an extra wheel or a bipedal 2×

    OctOct24 days ago

    Jeffrey BurroughsJeffrey Burroughs24 days ago