Issa Mistletoe - Studio C

Dec 11, 2020
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This is not the same old, traditional Christmas album you might be used to. Studio C is about to bring some new vibes to your holiday season!
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Cast: April Rock, Jetta Juriansz
Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg and Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Russ Kendall, Adam Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: April Rock

  • This is disturbing.

    R2bEEatonR2bEEaton10 days ago
  • This is the end game of Studio C? Oh dear god what happened to funny simple skits with the regular cast 😢

    Random DilsRandom Dils20 days ago
  • Why is this like Epic Rap Battles of History? Lol.

    Phantom FrivolityPhantom Frivolity22 days ago
  • I love Jetta's hair in this. I think she should get her hair done this way. An April is so pretty!

    Naomi BuynakNaomi Buynak27 days ago
  • I love this! It’s so fun, especially in the sketch. I think a lot of these comments came from people who didn’t see the sketch so it’s out of context for them, but I’m so glad you have it to watch separately too! ❤️

    caramelonificationcaramelonificationMonth ago
  • 。  •  •   ゚  。   .  ° .  • •   .     .   。  ඞ 。  . • •you were not the impostor

    Clover BebsClover BebsMonth ago
  • This is an old video for studio see the post

    Bazix FNBazix FN2 months ago
  • This song is great.

    Beautiful Music by meBeautiful Music by me2 months ago
  • Okay, but are we not going to mention Ike in the elf costume?

    Anaid R.Anaid R.2 months ago
  • This rap sucked👎🥱

    Camille RandallCamille Randall2 months ago
  • This was actually too good to be funny. They did fantastic but that's the issue. I wish it would have gotten weirder and weirder so it was clear it was a parody, but not till the end so you feel the switch and they DRAAAW out the switch so the laugh part lasts. They kinda did that but not strong enough to make it sharable to trick friends into thinking it's real at first, it kinda seemed real throughout and by the time you saw the creepy factor it was over. They did a good job and are talented but they need that switch from realistic to clearly outrageous like Scott Sterling or be allowed to get clearly unprofessional so you see they are just having fun at the end so we get to know THEM. That's what it missed on. The Santa was perfect and needed to be used more at the end, I mean could you imagine, "He sees you when your sleeping" 😨 these poor girls could push him out the house and pull down the blinds and hid in the corner not so fire anymore. Even with the old cast the more it got edited and formulated into perfection it lost something that made them light and fun to watch. A bunch of young adults laughing at their own jokes they are trying to make is what makes things like SNL or old Studio C so funny. Bloopers and mistakes allowed. They should pay old C to consult or simply look at how SNL uses clearly less (time, thought, money) and that's part of the charm. I do however like these rappers they played. I would also like to see some of the nostalgic moves of reoccurring characters whose story builds.

    S. RoseS. Rose2 months ago
  • Don't do drugs kids

    B0D4RB0D4R2 months ago
  • A Good cognac thank you X-D

    FortunaMagicaFortunaMagica2 months ago
  • That wasn’t actually the worst music I’ve ever heard

    Abigail GrizzleAbigail Grizzle2 months ago
  • That was 🔥

    Dani BDani B2 months ago
  • 2:07 *Overly attached girlfriend flashbacks*

    Audrey and RemingtonAudrey and Remington2 months ago
  • Omg I love this

    Angela GarfieldAngela Garfield2 months ago
  • I laughed more at the comments than I did at the sketch. I don't even know what the joke was.

    Hannah ElliottHannah Elliott2 months ago
  • Can someone tell me what I just watched?

    JojoJojo2 months ago
  • April rock hasn't really been writing sketches but this is one of them she wrote

    ItzangelbeeItzangelbee2 months ago
  • Quite a shock after watching their old ones. I am guessing the joke is that it is so corny and embarrassing.

    Bristolboi97Bristolboi972 months ago
  • Cool music video

    no nono no2 months ago
  • I feel like this was a repeat of Trolls

    XtremePotatoXtremePotato2 months ago
  • very good

    DarinDarin2 months ago
  • I think this is something you will see in disney channel.

    Amelie BarnettAmelie Barnett2 months ago
  • Why does santa like he was in a fistfight

    WCM Or somethingWCM Or something2 months ago
  • Did... Did SNL steal this?

    veeri92veeri922 months ago
  • When ur grandma shows you the latest Christmas rap album....

    Christina BeukeChristina Beuke2 months ago
  • Okay . . . why did I vibe with this so much??😂

    The Creative CraftThe Creative Craft2 months ago
  • That background tho, it’s changing faster than events in 2020

    BeccaBecca2 months ago
  • I’m sorry but is this so post to be funny

    Summer NiqhtSummer Niqht2 months ago
  • I don't like the knew team for STUDIO C sad face

    Michele GillMichele Gill2 months ago
  • sorry it's bad video

    Michele GillMichele Gill2 months ago
  • Very interesting

    Horse RiderHorse Rider2 months ago
  • I worked on this sketch, and I still don't know what's going on 😂

    Spencer MagnussonSpencer Magnusson2 months ago
  • WOW...

    The Ewell CornerThe Ewell Corner2 months ago
  • Next you should do a bad karma video

    Kyra HaasKyra Haas2 months ago
  • Where's the "I'm Confused" button?

    Out of My ElementOut of My Element2 months ago
  • You guys gotta break up this song into different parts and then put the sound on tik tok it would legit blow up!!

    Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor2 months ago
  • yah yah yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    Michelle BolenMichelle Bolen2 months ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • this isn't that funny... I still like them but does anybody else miss the old studio c?

    Ella GreeneElla Greene2 months ago
    • @Karis Henderson I mean don't get me wrong (I like all opinions). I just thought maybe you could give them a chance that's all. But all opinions aside have A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! 😍

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
    • @Karis Henderson What on this beautiful Earth am I hearing?! At least PLEASE give them a chance. I think they did a BEAUTIFUL JOB!

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • New Scott Sterling video? No? Ok bye ✌🏽

    My name Is jeffMy name Is jeff2 months ago
  • This is awesome. I love Studio C! You guys have the most hilarious ideas and make me laugh. I showed this to my brothers and we've watched it about 20 times!

    Abbey WiltbankAbbey Wiltbank2 months ago
    • Yah Yah Yah! 😂

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • It's already been year since the old cast left. I miss their sketches so much...

    CASCAS2 months ago
  • i spent the whole time waiting for some twist but its just normal

    Joker's Left HandJoker's Left Hand2 months ago
  • They mixed a bunch of lil nas x songs into this like holiday and a lot of other popular songs

    Ezra CarrEzra Carr2 months ago
  • when Jetta is dancing with Santa and his elves she looks happy with the girl elf and Santa but when she is with the boy elf she looks very uncomfortable. did anyone else catch that?

    Samuel MillerSamuel Miller2 months ago
    • Yeah. It's supposed to be that way. I feel in this sketch Ike is the elf that is like "the weird kid" we all had in elementary school

      Naomi BuynakNaomi Buynak27 days ago
    • I don't see it

      Melody BrockeMelody Brocke2 months ago
  • April look funny in that coat.

    GangstaVadaGangstaVada2 months ago
    • April ROCKS! See what I did there (her name is April Rock) ☺

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • my sister realy likes this song

    GangstaVadaGangstaVada2 months ago
  • It’s just not the same without the original cast

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean2 months ago
  • When April Rock.... December Hip Hop !

    Geoffroy LavilleGeoffroy Laville2 months ago
  • Please stop

    Heather WiseHeather Wise2 months ago
  • wtf

    Vuk CevuVuk Cevu2 months ago
  • We need back the original cast of studio C!

  • miss the og studio c

    Alexander WangAlexander Wang2 months ago
  • I think this is their worst yet

    Pizza KittyPizza Kitty2 months ago
  • This is supposed to be comedy, but it's actually... just trash.

    Rydal SRydal S2 months ago
    • 🥺 thats mean

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂2 months ago
  • dont think its a coincidence that even since the old cast left no one watches this channel lol

    Royce OhRoyce Oh2 months ago
  • :/ cringe

    Diamond DinoDiamond Dino2 months ago
  • You could’ve been doing that bagel

    Dirtbikepro 9000Dirtbikepro 90002 months ago
  • Add bad🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Dirtbikepro 9000Dirtbikepro 90002 months ago
  • I miss the old cast. and I'm sure many people have already commented that on this video but I seriously wish they were still here.

    Samantha MoonSamantha Moon2 months ago
  • That was retarded.

    Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being StupidRobin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid2 months ago
    • @Mr. Popo Thank You! Feeling mixed emotions to Robin the "God"

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
    • No you

      Mr. PopoMr. Popo2 months ago
  • the second song I would totally listen to

    Karen HolbertKaren Holbert2 months ago
  • What has Studio C turned into

    WellKanyeWestObviouslyWellKanyeWestObviously2 months ago
    • Ya

      Ella & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be postingElla & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be posting2 months ago
    • @Ella & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be posting i know they are trying their best, but eventually you are gonna run out of clean comedy ideas. Also look at the views now compared to C's golden days

      WellKanyeWestObviouslyWellKanyeWestObviously2 months ago
    • @Ella & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be posting i know they are trying their best, but eventually you are gonna run out of clean comedy ideas. Also look at the views now compared to C's golden days

      WellKanyeWestObviouslyWellKanyeWestObviously2 months ago
    • No hate to them but I like the old sdodio c

      Ella & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be postingElla & the Corgi squad sorrry will not be posting2 months ago
  • This is low key fire🔥🔥

    Jim MargettsJim Margetts2 months ago

    Jaden AntalJaden Antal2 months ago
  • You should have a Spotify! You do so many songs now, and I would totally add this one to my Christmas playlist 😂

    Christina SegoviaChristina Segovia2 months ago

    joshua danieljoshua daniel2 months ago
  • Who played Santa?

    Brumby BaileyBrumby Bailey2 months ago
    • I think that was Tanner 😕

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • YES APRIL AND JETTA!!! 😎🎄♥️😜

    Mary BrowneMary Browne2 months ago
  • Just a question, before covid did you guys perform these in front of real audiences? Just curious....

    Jane AdamsJane Adams2 months ago
  • L O L!

    Elizabeth_Rutledge 101Elizabeth_Rutledge 1012 months ago
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      Jennifer WoodsJennifer Woods2 months ago
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      The RingerThe Ringer2 months ago
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    • I would also love to contact her..

      Jennifer WoodsJennifer Woods2 months ago
  • This is LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂 srsly tho April and Jetta look AMAZING!!!

    Catalina McCarronCatalina McCarron2 months ago
  • April in joy to the world was the best

    H VlietstraH Vlietstra2 months ago
  • 😎

    Trey Thornton19Trey Thornton192 months ago
  • I don't know how I feel

    Kelsey BrysonKelsey Bryson2 months ago
  • The world needs an album like this stat.

    Katherine WahlenKatherine Wahlen2 months ago
  • I miss the old cast...the new one just doesn't has it

    ValePhoenixValePhoenix2 months ago
  • That was an awesome Christmas song! Merry Christmas guys and gals at Studio C! Thank you for the funny sketches this year! Laughter is Good Medicine!!!

    Helen LauakiHelen Lauaki2 months ago
  • They looked so pretty in this sketch, especially the scene with the gold trees and jackets

    Madi WMadi W2 months ago
  • This is unironically good

    Celia R.Celia R.2 months ago
  • I love this I can't stop listening to it!!

    The Horse QueenThe Horse Queen2 months ago
  • are garbage sketches like this the reason the original crew left?

    Charles SellersCharles Sellers2 months ago
  • It's all about celebrating Jesus' birthday.💝💖

    Garnet ZGarnet Z2 months ago
    • AMEN!!!!!!! ☺

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • Impressive as this is, try it at 2x speed

    Brote McABrote McA2 months ago
    • Classic

      Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • 23 hours ago

    ClockedWorksClockedWorks2 months ago
  • I don't get it. Is- is this still comedy??? Nani? The Rap is okayish, but where's the humor???

    Elizabeth I.Elizabeth I.2 months ago
    • (I don't mean to be critical, I'm just confused. Is studio C branching in a new dirrection???)

      Elizabeth I.Elizabeth I.2 months ago
  • Can we all agree that this is all are new favorite sketches,

    3lizabeth small3lizabeth small2 months ago
  • I feel like these girls aren't even acting

    O's VlogsO's Vlogs2 months ago
  • ...what?

    PsycheFXPsycheFX2 months ago
  • OK I'm IMPRESSED but they can't beat Mallory Everton she raps LIKE The WIND

    Different ParkDifferent Park2 months ago
  • I decided not to watch...... This is beyond embarrassing.....

    Kraig KruulKraig Kruul2 months ago
  • uuuuuuuuuuh,I am speechless

    Kai BesterKai Bester2 months ago
  • Is it just me or does it feel like Santa has Tanner's eyes?

    Not2be4gotten02Not2be4gotten022 months ago
    • no duh

      GangstaVadaGangstaVada2 months ago
  • I,m callin it, this is gonna go viral

    Cats ForSaleCats ForSale2 months ago
  • And this is the reason I stopped watching studio c

    LinkryLinkry2 months ago
    • @Ken Lieck Well Ken, I meant it more as, this is the REASON I'm not going to watch studio c anymore. Because the new cast has had some weird ones in the past but this is kinda the last straw for me.

      LinkryLinkry2 months ago
    • But if you stopped watching, how do you know...?

      Ken LieckKen Lieck2 months ago
  • why is this actually a bit of a bop

    Paige DavisPaige Davis2 months ago
  • XD

    Obed GlansonObed Glanson2 months ago