Flash Mob Gone Wrong - Studio C

Jan 5, 2021
94 952 Views

These three kids may not be the strongest singers, dancers, or actors, but they're about to lay it all on the line to keep the Flash Mob vibe alive. You're about to witness the smallest Flash Mob dance ever performed, in the history of ever.
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Cast: Austin Williams, Jetta Juriansz, Ike Flitcraft, April Rock, Dalton Johnson, Matthew Galvan, Tanner Gillman, Garet Allen, Jessica Drolet
Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Jetta Juriansz

  • lol

    OM 2027CampusOM 2027Campus6 days ago
  • I got serious second hand embarrassment from this

    Anna PeetAnna Peet23 days ago
  • I subscribed with the power of together

    Pro EternalPro Eternal24 days ago
  • I love this Video please make a dinosaur sketch

    Abdullahi IsaaqAbdullahi Isaaq26 days ago
  • That mall looks like the mall the original cast of studio c used! It prob is.

    Elizabeth_Rutledge 101Elizabeth_Rutledge 10127 days ago
  • Jetta trying to sound bad and still sounding good.🙄

    daniel bucknerdaniel bucknerMonth ago
  • This was soooo funny 😄! Thank you for making it ❤️.

    DiscoChixifyDiscoChixifyMonth ago
  • Now I wanna see this with the whole class

    StarvelStarvelMonth ago
  • I have started watching these 15 minutes ago and I can’t go back

    IPlayBedWarsIPlayBedWarsMonth ago
  • Wait, who's still doing flash mobs? I thought they were out since 2011 and illegal since 2020.

    Mr.YeahMr.YeahMonth ago
  • This is sad. Also the sketch.

    Sentient MangoSentient MangoMonth ago
  • what mall was this performed

    Cecille GultianoCecille GultianoMonth ago
  • 2:20 Putting arms around mid-air is such a mood

    Brote McABrote McAMonth ago
  • 10/10 mates 10/10

    Scarlette :3Scarlette :3Month ago
  • I had a blast playing the "Dad" in this sketch! It was a fun day...and the song definitely got stuck in my head! Lol

    Isaac JatenIsaac JatenMonth ago
  • The security guard gave off a John Mullany vibe

    //\\//\\//\\ film//\\//\\//\\ filmMonth ago
  • I love the way Ike says scared lol

    MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · WeasleyMonth ago
  • I feel so bad for these guys. I'm so sad.

    Paul PrisbreyPaul PrisbreyMonth ago
  • *only one person clapping* ...”thanks Dad!” 😆

    Addison TaylorAddison TaylorMonth ago
  • Tomato

    Heather ReddingsHeather ReddingsMonth ago
  • That school play be like

    Thelaw88898Thelaw88898Month ago
  • I have to apologize. The evil space wizard and space princess weren't there because I needed them for my movie.

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan KenobiMonth ago
  • I had to come back to this one for that awkward feeling 😂 Me, me... MEEE

    Abigail RoseAbigail RoseMonth ago
  • Where is this mall? I would go there to support it and buy things because they gave you the space and time to do an episode there.

    VisualEffecterVisualEffecterMonth ago
  • Hi

    The gamerThe gamerMonth ago
  • No where near being funny. That annoying looking Karen could use a bit more acting skills.

    D MD MMonth ago
    • Please take your negativity and leave

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
  • Me! Me! Me!

    Zagi ProductionsZagi ProductionsMonth ago
  • Not sow good:(

    joelmy Padillajoelmy PadillaMonth ago
  • The new Studio C videos keep getting worse

    Brett SeelyeBrett SeelyeMonth ago
  • when they started singing I turned from afraid to terrified as if I was singing/dancing/acting with them... XDXDXD

    Lightning DragonLightning DragonMonth ago
  • The new studio c SUCKS. Call me when they bring back Matt Jeremy and Stacey

    Slaughter C4L3BSlaughter C4L3BMonth ago
    • You are a very negative person

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
  • I love how the dad slow clzps at tge end but studiously ignored them otherwise. A+ parenting.

    Stana MilanovichStana MilanovichMonth ago
  • Wow really bringing out the relevant content with covid lockdowns

    Peter WakePeter WakeMonth ago
  • Well this was awkward for everyone.

    Faruk HamidFaruk HamidMonth ago
  • Jetta: It's a flash mob!!!! We're missing like 45 people!!!!! I think that's hilarious. LOL Mathew: Yeah the good people.

    Richard SnellRichard SnellMonth ago
  • I have a question. I've been watching your funny videos from the on the very first video of studio c 8 years ago. I have a dream to be a studio c cast member. And I know I'm far from that but I was wondering if you could spare dome of your time to tell me how to become a cast member of studio C. I love the old cast. And you guys the new cast too thank-you so much. You guys are the best

    Monster AnimatesMonster AnimatesMonth ago
  • hahahahahaha

    DarinDarinMonth ago
  • This aged strangely

    T. Pa.T. Pa.Month ago
  • I feel like the kids (and bus driver) did not go on purpose, like they abandoned the three kids and the teacher lol

    Annika EAnnika EMonth ago
  • Why does that woman overact everything? It's annoying. 😒

    Ann AAnn AMonth ago
  • Perfect crowd and performer numbers for covid.

    Idaho MomIdaho MomMonth ago
  • Who else genuinely wants to see that musical?

    fiction is goodfiction is goodMonth ago
    • I’m going to convince my drama teacher to let us do this!

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
  • Theater teacher who can’t act

    JosiahJosiahMonth ago
  • It looks like the same mall they filmed Stranger Things and Wonder Woman 1984

    667mumble667mumbleMonth ago
    • Oh my yes!

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
  • The camera cutting to empty shots is hysterical

    Joel EngelhardtJoel EngelhardtMonth ago
  • Why is this better than me tho. You guys sound great!

    Evelyn LilyEvelyn LilyMonth ago
  • "The ... wer ... ... ... ther!"

    Cache the LineCache the LineMonth ago
  • how'd you get into a mall without wearing a mask? did you book it or something?

    Gudarz DavarGudarz DavarMonth ago
    • We filmed this on March 5th, before everything shut down!

      Jetta JurianszJetta JurianszMonth ago
    • Yeah, they use this mall for a lot of sketches. Probably were there at like 3 in the morning, lol.

      FunPerson AKA EBWFunPerson AKA EBWMonth ago
  • This is the elementary school theater teacher after 10 years 😂 (Anyone get the reference?)

    Theresa StephensTheresa StephensMonth ago
  • Hmm, "Dad's" face got covered up with the next video suggestion box.

    MachtynMachtynMonth ago
    • I was the "Dad" Actor. I think I just gave him a thumbs up with a forced smile or something...lol

      Isaac JatenIsaac JatenMonth ago
  • Wait this is from 22 hours ago? I'm used to watching videos from 8 years ago

    Melonie Does StuffMelonie Does StuffMonth ago
  • This would be if the parts in high school music a start so big randomly but in real life😂

    Elisabeth CoombsElisabeth CoombsMonth ago
  • Thought that everyone in the mall was gonna miraculously join them. This was much more entertaining

    CaillouCaillouMonth ago
  • Considering the number of people in that food court... yeah, that's a legit mob.

    Grant JohnsonGrant JohnsonMonth ago

    LIFE420LIFE420Month ago
    • They created their own group called JK Studios. They still do sketches but also created multiple TV shows. Look up "Freelancers JK Studios"

      FunPerson AKA EBWFunPerson AKA EBWMonth ago
  • this sucks. sorry, not sorry.

    Emma TeubertEmma TeubertMonth ago
    • It's free. They took nothing from you. Why do you have to be so negative?

      FunPerson AKA EBWFunPerson AKA EBWMonth ago
  • How to be creepy 101

    Owen JeffersonOwen JeffersonMonth ago
  • This is the best one with the new cast.

    Tanner PlauchéTanner PlauchéMonth ago
  • What’s with you guys and cringe humor? This was really hard to watch.

    Lycan'sWorldLycan'sWorldMonth ago
  • This was so inspiring. I felt like I was back in high school (the lives that were ruined by embarrassing students) 😒☺.

    Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae EneiradgboMonth ago
  • Them:the power of together :janitor walks by

    Kaya OttesenKaya OttesenMonth ago
  • I'm pretty sure Austin's character was inspired by Ms. Darbus from High School Musical

    stillwatersrundeepstillwatersrundeepMonth ago
  • The other people be like: Bruh is yall high Me: They look like.....a mess

    Abby TAbby TMonth ago
  • The best things were Dalton and Jess spittin' the straight facts. Also Jetta should really become like a huge musical star

    stillwatersrundeepstillwatersrundeepMonth ago
  • Plot twist: The other kids didn’t go on purpose to humiliate the kids that actually came.

    YoungJinYoungJinMonth ago
  • Love how Dalton puts the reality check in there.

    koreanelvis04koreanelvis04Month ago
  • Fantastic use of the extras! (Extras never paid attention to the actors so they did a brilliant job here hehehe.)

    Tanya CTanya CMonth ago
    • Thanks! It was a blast playing the "Dad"

      Isaac JatenIsaac JatenMonth ago
  • I like that for not their best or brightest they have quite a few lines

    Gabrielle ParkGabrielle ParkMonth ago

    MsBirdsong 77MsBirdsong 77Month ago
  • Who says malls are dying? That place was packed! For 2020 :(

    Ariel GonzalezAriel GonzalezMonth ago
  • Austin has now played every age.

    Nathanael SmithNathanael SmithMonth ago
  • The awkwardness is intense.

    MaximumRDMaximumRDMonth ago
  • Plot twist - the Dad caused that flat tire just to give his son more of the limelight.

    Scruffylooking 21Scruffylooking 21Month ago
  • 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' sure comes in handy when you're trying to do a flash mob during the pandemic... Sadly, they don't have any!

    Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMonth ago
  • Who remembers "Love From Afar" with Natalie, Whitney, and Mallory?

    Fresh Brewed ASMRFresh Brewed ASMRMonth ago
  • Now that's what I call "flash lite"!

    Ken LieckKen LieckMonth ago
  • Perfect song for perfect situation

    Hardik BishtHardik BishtMonth ago
  • So funny

    Layna PollockLayna PollockMonth ago
  • Was this made for four-year-olds?

    Everything SucksEverything SucksMonth ago
  • I really feel bad for Austin's character 😂😂

    Aman KumarAman KumarMonth ago
  • Please do another hyper active kyle

    Gavin McEleneyGavin McEleneyMonth ago
  • Umm.. yeah. Full show, please

    Gary BernardGary BernardMonth ago
  • Postponing wasn't an option? It's not like anyone was expecting them.

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざきMonth ago
  • Good, they were maintaining social distance. This is the new covid flash mob.

    princeofblackshadowprinceofblackshadowMonth ago
  • Go back to the original cast!!!!!!!!! :( The original cast is so much better. Y would anyone watch this crap

    Ben ToerneBen ToerneMonth ago
    • The old cast left on their own and that's their choice.

      FunPerson AKA EBWFunPerson AKA EBWMonth ago
    • Stop complaining, they are the oh casts friends, and great actors/comedians in their own way! Go see jkstudios which has been around for a year to see the og's. Seriously how did you not notice until now

      Aaron LongAaron LongMonth ago
  • this kind of hurt me inside xD

    Italian ShadowItalian ShadowMonth ago
  • Ok, but now I want to see the full musical.

    Chaz EgnewChaz EgnewMonth ago
    • Same here

      Sophie MaybloomSophie MaybloomMonth ago
  • 3:41 tah-GETHERRR

    Abigail RoseAbigail RoseMonth ago
  • Who does flash mobs during these days it's long gone since 2011

    Arman SolisArman SolisMonth ago
  • No wait!! This song was actually pretty good..

    Alex KerrAlex KerrMonth ago
  • ‘Coz we’re all in this together’~ Sorry... just got that High School Musical vibes~ 😂😂

    Erika BohannonErika BohannonMonth ago
  • And this is why I'm never come early to anything...... ever.

    Elle TElle TMonth ago
  • Women: "EVERYONE PRETEND UR TALKING ON THE PHONE WHEN UR PARENTS WALK IN" *then apparently there just talking to a cup, a finger, and something else idk* (what funny is i LITERALLY DEFIANTLY thought they were on the phone 😉

    ItsFoxyItsFoxyMonth ago
  • If all of the people were there it would’ve been epic. But I still quite like the small group singing.

    Chris RouseChris RouseMonth ago
  • Props to these kids for counting bars and coming in at the right time! I'm truly impressed.

    Toby BartelsToby BartelsMonth ago
  • They have to make "TOGETHER IN SPACE: THE MUSICAL" A whole sketch.

    Lydia WaltonLydia WaltonMonth ago
  • I love all the ep of Studio C

    John gamingJohn gamingMonth ago
  • Oh so awkward…

    Sydney La RueSydney La RueMonth ago
  • I love how every Studio C skit involving a mall happens in this one food court.

    Sophia LindfieldSophia LindfieldMonth ago
  • Where is jeremy

    Big MistakeBig MistakeMonth ago
    • Look up JK studios. The old cast started their own thing and it's pretty gosh darn good. Especially Freelancers.

      FunPerson AKA EBWFunPerson AKA EBWMonth ago