First Time Green Screen - Studio C

Jan 26, 2021
104 704 Views

When an actor arrives for his first role on a green screen set, the learning curve proves to be too difficult to overcome.
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Cast: Dalton Johnson, Tanner Gillman, Ike Flitcraft
Director: Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Michael Christian

  • We kind of played a prank on Tanner for this one. We rehearsed it one way, but right before the performance, the director told me to go off script and not tell Tanner. So all the repeating of what he says, sound effects, etc were not what Tanner thought was gonna happen. Props to him for making it through!

    Dalton JohnsonDalton JohnsonMonth ago
    • Dalton, this has got to be my favorite sketch of yours! Hilarious! And knowing you went off script and made the character sillier just makes it even better. Awesome job!!

      Kimball EKimball E23 days ago
    • O my gosh, thats hilarious. Also, I'M A GIANT fAN OF STUDIO C!!!

      Eliza ShannonEliza Shannon25 days ago
    • I was crying from laughter

      gillian pinarskigillian pinarski26 days ago
    • Aha, that’s why he kept breaking character

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJ27 days ago
    • the crackups are always gold :D

      Jesus is GodJesus is GodMonth ago
  • I wish i could do the mid-atlantic accent as well as Dalton can!

    stillwatersrundeepstillwatersrundeep7 days ago
  • Better title: Watch Tanner break character again and again!

    stillwatersrundeepstillwatersrundeep7 days ago
  • This is one of my nephew’s and my favorite sketches. We weren’t sure about the new cast but we love this one!

    Denny AllmanDenny Allman11 days ago
  • 3983th comment

    Brody LucasBrody Lucas14 days ago
  • Should've CGI-ed Blinky in

    Scissor Demon SuyaScissor Demon Suya17 days ago
  • I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy.

    Rey SkywalkerRey Skywalker21 day ago
  • My favorite scetch from the new cast so far

    Monica RoderiqueMonica Roderique21 day ago
  • Fun Fact: The man that plays sir Malcolm on Penny Dreadful is named Timothy Dalton

    Zaina AlbainiZaina Albaini21 day ago
  • Oh my gosh, this was absolute GOLD!!!! I laughed so hard at this sketch! This is easily my favorite that you guys have done. Fabulous job! 👏👏👏

    Smiling Red PandaSmiling Red Panda22 days ago
  • Anyone notice the Super Mario Brothers green pipe in the background?

    Dark ShadowSlayerDark ShadowSlayer22 days ago
  • Just you..."yep" and me..."yep" and Kiki of course... "nope"

    Rachel McKeanRachel McKean22 days ago
  • The derector and action actor dose the complete opisit 😂😂

    Wolve gamez 99 wolvesWolve gamez 99 wolves22 days ago
  • I barely recognized tanner bc his hair wasn’t 49 feet tall!😂

    Julia VanceJulia Vance23 days ago
  • Oh my god, This is so amazing! I hope that Tennis Ball Man gets more character development in the sequel.

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda23 days ago
  • Fantastic sketch! Lol

    Andrew & Sarah DeVriesAndrew & Sarah DeVries23 days ago
  • Looks like a Viking guy is really giving Tom Holland a hard time

    Angela NamkorwAngela Namkorw23 days ago
  • Reminds me of the days with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.

    Don OsborneDon Osborne23 days ago
  • Methinks that this is the real reason why so many filmmakers keep trying to limit the amount of green screen shots...Lol.

    Paul LarsenPaul Larsen24 days ago
  • This is probably the best Studio C sketch form season 10 - 12

    Lisa LoveLisa Love24 days ago
  • This sketch reminds of that one sketch with the character Russell 😂😂

    GraceGrace25 days ago
  • “What an odd creature”😂😂😂

    Zagi ProductionsZagi Productions25 days ago
  • I am just as amused by Daltons imagination everyday but kiki?

    Joy's joyous lifeJoy's joyous life25 days ago
  • I'm never trusting again anyone who says: "I understand completely" :D

    ijk7ijk726 days ago
  • Tanner kept breaking character I was like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    gillian pinarskigillian pinarski26 days ago
  • This was an amazing sketch

    Zev FeitelsonZev Feitelson26 days ago
  • 06:54

    M mohamedM mohamed26 days ago
  • Why does tanner look like tom holland from far away

    Funny SqaudFunny Sqaud26 days ago
  • π × X - Y=53 Me: I understand completely

    natidaschoolboy _natidaschoolboy _26 days ago
  • Tanner looks like Tom Holland with the glasses on!

    Nature KittenNature Kitten27 days ago
  • This is the closest the new group has gotten to the spirit of the original studio. And I utterly love it!

    Joe EatonJoe Eaton27 days ago
  • I miss classic studio C

    Abnormal ExperienceAbnormal Experience27 days ago
  • Who the heck are these dudes???

    shem henrichsenshem henrichsen28 days ago
  • I petition to rename this sketch: “Tanner breaks character more times than Mat”

    Shelby HassallShelby Hassall28 days ago
  • This is one of your best yet! I loved it!

    Tiahna BurtonTiahna Burton29 days ago
  • I just saw A ad with Matt in it and it was funny soooo funny

    Bethany JonesBethany Jones29 days ago
  • New game: take a shot (of lemonade ofc) every time Tanner breaks

    ItsaFandomThing 1211ItsaFandomThing 121129 days ago
  • I'll bet Tanner had a blast doing this one.

    David RayDavid Ray29 days ago
  • Anyone else thought tanner looked kind of like Tom Holland Spiderman in the thumbnail.

    Vince CaneteVince Canete29 days ago
  • the old crew was much better, these ones are not very good

    Joe HawkinsJoe Hawkins29 days ago
  • First time seeing a acter breaking character🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Drummer UziBerDrummer UziBer29 days ago

    HehadadaHehadada29 days ago
  • This was a great one - kudos to Tanner!

    SuperHashBoySuperHashBoyMonth ago
  • The ending effects were spectacular.

    The Flash and the FlameThe Flash and the FlameMonth ago
  • in his defense, there would ALWAYS be an actor or reference for them to play off of

    Madwizard145Madwizard145Month ago
  • Tanner looks so like Tom Holland in this sketch

    Tanya CTanya CMonth ago
  • Now this goes to show how much experience wheighs. Also I still love the old Studio C over this one. Dalton is just the best of both worlds.

    Adrian CigherAdrian CigherMonth ago
  • It would be so funny to see studio c do the San people and someone going to the animal saying that they don't need arows and run away from the animal

    Danielle KowenDanielle KowenMonth ago
  • This has to be the funniest new cast sketch yet. Brilliant one

    Crimson CloakCrimson CloakMonth ago
  • That moment you realize you can screen record this entire sketch and change the background

    WarnerboyzWarnerboyzMonth ago
  • I kept expecting a Mario character to pop up out of the pipe. I love seeing them do a sketch where it’s just having fun and losing it lol!

    GoofballLtGGoofballLtGMonth ago
  • Love this, the director when he laughs made me crack up.

    Tyler BartonTyler BartonMonth ago
  • This, as well as Tori singing to Adam, and Mallory doing her sound effects for a radio show, are something I'd like to see in a more serious production, just because.

    OneWeirdDudeOneWeirdDudeMonth ago
  • I think that's the first time Iv'e ever seen Tanner break character. XD GO KIKI!!

  • You guys are soo funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jessica SteenJessica SteenMonth ago
  • Why does Kiki have a gun when he’s the frog thingy

    CapybaracarlCapybaracarlMonth ago
  • Ah, I see Tanner as become the Matt Meese for the new cast.

    Mary Catherine StephensMary Catherine StephensMonth ago
  • This was a good one. Well done.

    Sentient MangoSentient MangoMonth ago
  • The end XD

    Tron4x4Tron4x4Month ago
  • This was absolutely hilarious, best sketch yet 😂

    R & R ChannelR & R ChannelMonth ago
  • Can we have a whole sketch of Dalton improvising dramatic nonsense on the green screen set??

    Jenny BrooksJenny BrooksMonth ago
  • This is so lifeless and dry. Definitely not as good of comedy as Studio C used to be.

    Peter StrandPeter StrandMonth ago
  • Matt breaking character slightly once is funny but breaking character this often...

    CarnegE 44CarnegE 44Month ago
  • That green screen tho ........ I’m already seeing the memes

    Virginia CoolVirginia CoolMonth ago
  • Lol tanner cracked up so bad. Maybe a bit worse then Mat😂 good job guys.

    D PhantomD PhantomMonth ago
  • Props for tanner still getting through the sketch😂

    Missy HumesMissy HumesMonth ago
  • 😂 omg

    Mary GerlachMary GerlachMonth ago

    V1PERV1PERMonth ago
  • This is amazing...

    ObbinexxObbinexxMonth ago
  • Heard Ian mckellan got pretty pissed about how much green screen he had to deal with filming the hobbit movies,

    Mr. SMr. SMonth ago
  • And here I was thinking no one can beat Matt Meese at character breaking!

    Deval MaheshwariDeval MaheshwariMonth ago

    Deval MaheshwariDeval MaheshwariMonth ago
  • Dalton is just a child in a man's body...

    Danny mahéDanny mahéMonth ago
  • Wonderful. I understand completely. The tennis ball is not real.

    Sharp DesignSharp DesignMonth ago
  • I’ve been using green screens since i was 11...

    The TrenderThe TrenderMonth ago
  • Shout out to Tanner on this one haha

    Lindsay WhitemarshLindsay WhitemarshMonth ago
  • It's nice to see studio c having fun with their own sketches. Keep it up! If you guys have a good time. We have a good time.

    King KilljoyKing KilljoyMonth ago
  • I feel like Tanner needs to do a Tom Holland impression in a future Studio C sketch.

    Abby HollowayAbby HollowayMonth ago
  • 😆🤣😂

    Bi- HanBi- HanMonth ago
  • Yes

    Ryland SievertsRyland SievertsMonth ago
  • Matt was the king of breaking character, but this is the greatest episode containing it. Poor Tanner. Great job getting through this prank!

    Blue Mer StudiosBlue Mer StudiosMonth ago
  • Really amazing

    crystal panda1crystal panda1Month ago
  • This one was funny. :)

    Carleton ClementsCarleton ClementsMonth ago
  • How did you talk Ian McKellen into playing the role of Sir Malcom?

    Benjamin FliehmannBenjamin FliehmannMonth ago
  • I LOVED this!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Emily RaneyEmily RaneyMonth ago
  • Anyone else thinking about the old Studio C "Bad Actor" sketch with Jason? 😂

    Stephanie SchlerfStephanie SchlerfMonth ago
  • Tanner's breaking is giving Matt a run for his money.

    Betsy HarrisBetsy HarrisMonth ago
    • @Firiel see what you did there 😏

      Oliver DelicaOliver Delica28 days ago
    • Tanner's money is breaking Matt a give for his run

      FirielFiriel28 days ago
    • Oh heck yeah

      Oliver DelicaOliver DelicaMonth ago
  • This is so great! 🤣 Thank you for creating this!

    Christie ConstantinoChristie ConstantinoMonth ago
  • So THIS is the sequil to treasure hike!!!

    Aaron LongAaron LongMonth ago
  • Loved this sketch, felt so organic and interesting, keep up the good work! Also love some breaking of character from time to time, so don't be afraid to leave those in either :)

    frylanderfrylanderMonth ago
  • Reminds me of Jason and Matt,

    Inmu YatazInmu YatazMonth ago
  • Dalton is channeling his inner storyteller. He sounded like Jay O'Callaghan in several moments.

    Hope BladowHope BladowMonth ago
  • I love that we got to see shots with kiki

    Madison LibbyMadison LibbyMonth ago
  • Yesssss giving me so many Matt vibes

    Julianne LinJulianne LinMonth ago
  • This was amazing! Absolute perfection. 💜💜💜

    Darla AkinsDarla AkinsMonth ago
  • I never buy the hard copy DVD but it would be worth the cost for the extra features, making of the movie, and additional directors commentary. Once he mentioned the next three planned movies I knew I was hooked for the collectors box set

    Ariel GonzalezAriel GonzalezMonth ago
  • Why did he break character so much 🤣🤣🤣

    Coko FleischerCoko FleischerMonth ago
  • Every time Tanner breaks character: 1:36 2:38 3:18 (You can hear it in his voice) 4:21 5:03 - 5:10 - 5:23 6:01

    Totally Not Sydney DumoitTotally Not Sydney DumoitMonth ago
    • Nice job with that

      Daniel WalkerDaniel WalkerMonth ago
  • Acting = pretend. Green screen = pretend squared.

    Heed My WarningHeed My WarningMonth ago
  • I’d like to see more Scott sterling

    Duffy HeitmannDuffy HeitmannMonth ago