Fancy Milk - Studio C

Jan 8, 2021
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It’s not a legitimate celebration without a tall, cold glass of milk. For this special occasion, this newly engaged couple may even go with the pasteurized, chocolate version.
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Cast: Tori Pence, Ike Flitcraft, April Rock, Jessica Drolet, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams
Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Austin Williams

  • This is a fever dream if I've ever seen one...and it's GORGEOUS!!!!

    JordanzArtJordanzArt19 hours ago
  • Its all humor & laughter until chocolate going extinct by 2050.

    Voco TromsVoco Troms4 days ago
  • How Muslims and Mormons celebrate.

    Hadri DurraniHadri Durrani7 days ago
  • 😂 well done studio C!

    Rachel LaRae AndersonRachel LaRae Anderson15 days ago
  • Is it wrong I understood them

    Daequan HendricksDaequan Hendricks21 day ago
  • I really like this sketch I think that in this sketch they were trying to simulate have wine after getting engaged in a restaurant here are my reasons 1. They are treating milk especially the chocolate like it is fancy and when Ike was swishing the chocolate milk in the glass it looked a lot like someone will do if they are testing wine. 2. When they brought out the old milk it is similar to in stereotype of wine a person asking the restaurant to give the couple who are celebrating, the oldest bottle of wine the restaurant got. Now that is why I think that this sketch is simulating having wine at a restaurant where the couple gets engaged but with milk.

    Blanket ToysBlanket Toys21 day ago
  • What the...

    Rachel McKeanRachel McKean22 days ago
  • Ik I thought he ordered milk and tori (I don’t know his or her name) would turn around and be udderly confused

    _IHasSlime__IHasSlime_23 days ago
  • The "new" studio c sucks

    Eli CristeEli Criste23 days ago

    Gudarz DavarGudarz Davar27 days ago
  • I remember when I went to London and there was no chocolate milk anywhere... I tried to order it at a fancy restaurant and the waiter didn’t even know what it was! British people just can’t handle such sophisticated cuisine I guess.

    FlowerTheTimeLady74FlowerTheTimeLady7427 days ago
  • This is hilarious

    Ariel ColeAriel Cole28 days ago
  • The sound of the milk though Pop perfection

    paige Collinspaige Collins28 days ago
  • Lets be honest who didnt blow bubbles in thier milk

    Joshua GraberJoshua Graber28 days ago
  • I could take this make it better

    Nicole SchneiderNicole Schneider28 days ago
  • The ending was gross

    I Have HopeI Have Hope29 days ago
  • This is stupid

    Rydal SRydal SMonth ago
  • I was woching this whith my 10 year alled cusen and he said that they were living the life

    Caramel CapCaramel CapMonth ago
  • The Zelda bar be like:

    EdeenieEdeenieMonth ago
  • This was quite educational about serving wine than my class at school- sorry, serving milk.

    NidhoggWriteNidhoggWriteMonth ago
  • Chocolate milk is rad, who needs alcohol anyway???

    Rubén J WongRubén J WongMonth ago
  • studio c is not as funny without the usual cast writing. now its just slapstick humor and surface level jokes.

    INS3RTINS3RTMonth ago
  • I live in Wisconsin there hasn’t been rain in days maybe even a week...

    Underwater AdventuresUnderwater AdventuresMonth ago
  • Me when I was three: drank chocolate milk in my sleep, in the morning, and in the afternoon. Yet I still don’t fall asleep...

    Shannon :SShannon :SMonth ago
  • It must have been fun to rehearse this especially the bubble blowing part 2:32

    Gacha impossibleGacha impossibleMonth ago
  • what did you guys youse for the milk

    Eli AllenEli AllenMonth ago
  • Y’all are weak, I drink straight half and half

    Musical PotatoesMusical PotatoesMonth ago
  • Do you get it replaced wine with milk truly comedy at its Best

    Professor PigeonProfessor PigeonMonth ago
  • That’s too bad for the lactose intolerant;) lol good job.

    D PhantomD PhantomMonth ago
  • Got Milk? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Jake TallerJake TallerMonth ago
  • Wait, you need to be three to drink milk. The man at 1:59 said he wasn’t the TWO year old he used to be. HE WAS DRINKING MILK ILLEGALLY!

    LunerTeaLunerTeaMonth ago
  • When are lactose intolerant but still have milk with loads of regrets.

    Christy L. RileyChristy L. RileyMonth ago
  • this is an idea well implemented! i mean anyone can think of replacing a good wine with a good milk but who can make a masterpiece like this!

    Zuschauer 02Zuschauer 02Month ago
  • This whole sketch is Mort shooting the evil person (forgot her name) in Madagascar 3 and saying Naughty me

    MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · WeasleyMonth ago
  • The milk was lovely

    Luke F.C.Luke F.C.Month ago
  • Og's remember the old studio c members

    Kurapika KurtaKurapika KurtaMonth ago
  • Austin looks like Caity Lotz/Sarah Lance from CW's Arrow

    MoosebergMoosebergMonth ago
  • Restaurants aimed at BYU students be like...

    Lizzy BurtLizzy BurtMonth ago
  • R/ thanks i hate it

    øØBelongsToThe Fandoms!ØøøØBelongsToThe Fandoms!ØøMonth ago
  • Admit it we all blew threw the straw and made bubbles in are milk

    pbass570pbass570Month ago
  • Us Wisconsinites only ever get represented by you or gus Johnson

    YoshinatorYoshinatorMonth ago
  • All I get from this is that some people don't get milk...

    Ian Terry Roy MacLeodIan Terry Roy MacLeodMonth ago
  • This is genius

    Madison LibbyMadison LibbyMonth ago
  • Hey guys one of the characters in the cast is in a ad about antivirus protection reply to me who it is if you know!

    Logan’s WorldLogan’s WorldMonth ago
  • This is what I used to behave as when I was like 6 except with micrwaved grilled cheese

    Elizabeth LoveladyElizabeth LoveladyMonth ago
  • Hilarious

    Elizabeth LoveladyElizabeth LoveladyMonth ago
  • They are so different then like 4 years ago

    FeedPuddleFeedPuddleMonth ago
  • is it me or did tori lose weight quite a bit or am i seeing wrong cause shes wearing a dress

    GremicalGremicalMonth ago
  • Can we get a translation on that last moo?🐄🐮🤠

    K. Z.K. Z.Month ago
  • Please tell me you made this sketch just because you got a cow costume

    M HM HMonth ago
  • I have seen this 17 times and I still like this

    Thelaw88898Thelaw88898Month ago
  • Whares matt and Jason , and everyone else !!!??? Matt's my favorite lol . And who are the new actors ?

    Grace RiveraGrace RiveraMonth ago
  • Who these people !? I stopped watching for a while , and came back and now they are all difrent people !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grace RiveraGrace RiveraMonth ago
    • @Grace Rivera The old cast left to form JK!Studios, and they have a video called “Why we left studio c” explaining, well, why they left studio c. In case you’re interested.

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
    • Whares , Matt , Jason, and everyone else !!! Matt's my favorite!!

      Grace RiveraGrace RiveraMonth ago
  • Do more scott Sterling plz

    OpZ ExcellOpZ ExcellMonth ago
  • Too cute!

    OliviaOliviaMonth ago
  • God is able to carry you through.

    The Four MusketeersThe Four MusketeersMonth ago
  • Better than snl

    Stephen LewisStephen LewisMonth ago
  • Im an adult and milk is still my thing

    VisualEffecterVisualEffecterMonth ago
  • The waitress looks like a younger Melissa joan hart

    frisianmouvefrisianmouveMonth ago
  • You should watch Cowspiracy on Netflix

    Mathias BacherMathias BacherMonth ago
  • One time I got some choccy milk in my Happy Meal and I blew bubbles and it overflowed and I thought my mom was gonna get mad at me.

    AB FarrowAB FarrowMonth ago
  • Ever sense the old cast left this channel has dropped off. Kinda sad

    R-Lazar LazarR-Lazar LazarMonth ago
  • Everyone gangster till he starts blowing down the straw!

    DHS222DHS222Month ago
  • This is essentially the old studio C sketch where they switched the baby and pastry props but without the opening explanation. Still really funny.

    Jack JediJack JediMonth ago
  • I should do exactly this in a restaurant with chocolate milk!

    TBI828TBI828Month ago
  • Oh. Wow. They’re springing for the milk. Man. I can never afford that.

    Abby LorberAbby LorberMonth ago
  • How is this funny? The old studio c cast was so much better

    SwiftTurtle96SwiftTurtle96Month ago
  • "Lots of rain this year, so that means, you know, lots of wet cows."

    Averi BoneAveri BoneMonth ago
  • Lol

    Chance The polar bear and his armyChance The polar bear and his armyMonth ago
  • Honestly this is the best sketch they've had in a long time. This had me laughing really hard!

    Annelise PerezAnnelise PerezMonth ago
  • This is my dad on his proposal.

    Try Hard GamingTry Hard GamingMonth ago
  • I’m kind of ashamed it took me until 1:27 to get the joke

    Nimbleduck 424Nimbleduck 424Month ago
  • I was so happy when he blew bubbles!

    Yellow LadybugYellow LadybugMonth ago
  • Rip old cast.

    nonoMonth ago
  • The blonde waitress could totally pull off Melissa Joan Hart. Please do a Sabrina the Teenage Witch sketch!

    Elizabeth LudwigElizabeth LudwigMonth ago
  • I want Matt back

    The red river monstersThe red river monstersMonth ago
    • Check out JK! Studios

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
    • Sameeee

      Fresh Brewed ASMRFresh Brewed ASMRMonth ago
  • POV: this is a distant future where all humans are supet lactose intolerant, and can only safely drink genetically engendered milks, hence why the cow "used to be" a big deal

    Aaron LongAaron LongMonth ago
  • What happen to the old cast did they do something to it

    Michael LinMichael LinMonth ago
    • I’m sorry to have to be the one that breaks the news to you, but the old cast were all unfortunately consumed by an angry, stressed out mechanical dragon mom who had three children who didn’t know what “quiet” meant. Jeremy was able to use his immense power gained from his mustache, making it grow into a beard, to hold the dragon off for long enough for the new cast to give it enough money for three cups of coffee and a therapy session. Unfortunately, Jeremy was taken in the process. It was an epic battle. Just kidding! The old cast left to form JK! Studios, and they explain what it is and why they left in a video called “Why we left studio c”. Jk studios is actually really cool and funny, and I recommend you check it out. Jeremy did get a beard though, that part was true.

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
  • Oh that caught me off guard when he blew bubbles in the milk instead of drinking it right away that's totally what I did as a kid

    Soonami SapphireSoonami SapphireMonth ago
  • I thought this universe, everyone was lactose intolerant- turns out milk = wine

    DoggieDawgDoggieDawgMonth ago
  • Hamiltots be like

    MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · WeasleyMonth ago
    • @MacaRon · Weasley Yeah, I know, I was joking.

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
    • @Anonymously MJ like legally

      MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · WeasleyMonth ago
    • @MacaRon · Weasley Tell that to every five year old couple that marry in the playground. Kindergarten was weird...

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
    • Without the marrying. It is illegal to marry at the age of five. Just so you know. If you didn't.

      MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · WeasleyMonth ago
  • Yep he needs some milk

    Kitty CatKitty CatMonth ago
  • Couple: *gets engaged* “I’ll take your finest glass of MiLk!”

    Eva TindalEva TindalMonth ago
  • How they met: I see you're drinking skim milk. Is that because you think you're fat?

    Fabulous FamilyFabulous FamilyMonth ago
  • The prices on exotic milks have gotten so ridiculously high nowadays you'd think the cow had jumped over the moon! Last week at Trés Leche they tried to charge me *three times* as much for half-and-half as they charge for whole milk. I was incensed and asked the waiter did he really think I was too stupid to realize that a half & a half *equals* a whole!?!

    Ken LieckKen LieckMonth ago
    • @Ken Lieck That’s atrocious! You know what else? Over here they stopped serving chocolate milk in school cafeterias! Instead, they serve water and drinks with so much sugar in them the staff hasn’t been able to control the children for 7 months now. And this is during QUARANTINE. Like honestly, serve the youth good quality milk!

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
    • @Anonymously MJ I'll tell you this much: once a gallon of milk became more expensive than a gallon of gasoline, I've had to start running my car on gasoline!

      Ken LieckKen LieckMonth ago
    • Oh my goodness, how horrible. Really, milk never used to be that expensive. Tsk tsk tsk, what is the world coming to...

      Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
  • The hair, costumes, and makeup in this sketch are *chefs kiss* I love Austin’s look it’s very cute

    Grace BowlerGrace BowlerMonth ago
  • The bisexual energy Austin is giving me😳

    Grace BowlerGrace BowlerMonth ago
  • Gotta say, I like the Wizards with Guns sketch more.

    Tapemaster21Tapemaster21Month ago
  • This Sketch is going to age like Fine Milk.

    A Casual CactusA Casual CactusMonth ago
  • the time of this sketch

    OddityOddityMonth ago
  • I think I threw up in my mouth a little 3:17

    Sara NoscentiSara NoscentiMonth ago
  • If only milk was good for you though

    Owen RobertsonOwen RobertsonMonth ago
  • Good ol' prop swap. Still waiting for the day the new cast will match the baby/cookie swap the original cast did years ago.

    Michael ReevesMichael ReevesMonth ago
  • hey, I am from Wisconsin but it is really unfortunate because I am lactose intolerant!!

    Abby JonesAbby JonesMonth ago
  • 341th

    GAGA50GAGA50Month ago
  • 97 milk oh dear...

    Michael RandolMichael RandolMonth ago
  • This video was posted 16 hours ago

    Gabe GinorioGabe GinorioMonth ago
  • My fiancee does IT for Dairy Management Corporation and the way they treat milk and dairy products is very similar to this. They have locked fridges with yoplait yogurt for the higher up employees and milk on tap in the kitchens.

    Micaela SearsMicaela SearsMonth ago
  • Most ghetto resto ever has a dresser u got socks in there

    G48DownXG48DownXMonth ago
  • I only drink almond milk which sounds so prestigious with the context of this sketch I'm just lactose intolerant

    GamingRabbit17GamingRabbit17Month ago