Elementary School Play - Studio C

Dec 22, 2020
81 684 Views

It's time to clap for art that challenges and confronts every part of your being. If you don't, you might get screamed at. This is a new kind of elementary school pageant experience, and none of the audience is ready for it.
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Cast: Austin Williams, Garet Allen, April Rock, Matthew Galvan, Dalton Johnson, Ike Flitcraft, Jetta Juriansz, Tori Pence
Director: Micah W. Merrill, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Michael Christian

  • I preferred the old casst

    Louraine Clair AbantoLouraine Clair Abanto10 days ago
  • The heck was this??? I am so sick of Austin screaming.

    Cloud DemonCloud Demon15 days ago
  • 3:52 crazy Karen strikes again

    otterotterMonth ago
  • Don't like studio c now because the new cast is not actually funny.

    Patie ThompsonPatie ThompsonMonth ago
  • Talk about straining your voice!

    Everett CurtiEverett CurtiMonth ago
  • Shame on you shame Shame shame shame shame

    Julie SublettJulie SublettMonth ago
  • We were gonna do a school play called our big beautiful earth.........but then school closed so we lucked out

    Jacquelynn ParentJacquelynn ParentMonth ago
  • Me: Brings up a valid point My parents: 3:48

    Ion AntonescuIon AntonescuMonth ago
  • This is a idea It is a elementary school play it is absurd look at another one of your other one of your sketches the Christmas one where the ornaments the kids make are creepy

    Sirena CooperSirena CooperMonth ago
  • i find thisss annoyinggg because one person is doing most of the talking

    BellsBellsMonth ago
  • 3:49

    DarkWaniaDarkWaniaMonth ago
  • I miss Matt and Jason...

    for the love of laughterfor the love of laughter2 months ago
  • very good

    DarinDarin2 months ago
  • That director was Karen

    Jamarion SmithJamarion Smith2 months ago
  • I personally think the old studio c was a lot better and a HOLE lot more funny.

    it's da one, da only da good boy!it's da one, da only da good boy!2 months ago
  • Were the good studio c

    Andrea HermanAndrea Herman2 months ago
  • Bro I known this is sus but she is a imposter only people who play Among us would understand

    Lexi ChildersLexi Childers2 months ago
  • Karen

    Lexi ChildersLexi Childers2 months ago
  • Still waiting for Studio C to be good again...

    Eric CulverEric Culver2 months ago
  • tory love her

    The Maniac MasterThe Maniac Master2 months ago
  • Jeez Austin, CALM DOWN!!!!!

    sampaths1000sampaths10002 months ago
  • I’m just gonna make an uneducated guess here... but whoever watches studio C or JK studios, also watches “What’s Up Moms”

    Madeline ArdoinMadeline Ardoin2 months ago
  • 3:50 😂🤣 Merry Christmas Studio C 🎄🎁😊

    Trey Thornton19Trey Thornton192 months ago
  • Every elementry play EVER

    My Youtube ChannelMy Youtube Channel2 months ago
  • Hello

    E equals AWESOMEE equals AWESOME2 months ago
  • I’m sorry but you can’t try and act like Jason. Jason was the only Jason on studio c, he’s gone, and channel is now not even close to as great it was when the old crew was here. No one can replace the old crew. You can be yourselves, but stop trying to switch it up. Find your own style of comedy different from the old crew. You guys don’t even show an ounce of support or admiration towards the JK! Studios group. They are the ones who built this channel so high, and your ruining it. If you have a random idea, don’t just decide to put it in a sketch, because you probably need to overthink it, and really decide if it would be a good idea or not. Your amount of views, and subscription growth has lowered negative exponentially. Your not doing this channel any good, since that’s what’s happening right now, you guys, as “Studio C” should at least put JK! Studio’s channel at the end of each video.

    Leon KaboLeon Kabo2 months ago
  • This is a disgrace to all of Studio C

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • This is a disgrace to all of Studio C

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • Way better with the last cast

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • Worst teacher ever

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • Idiotic

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • This is stupid

    John RicheyJohn Richey2 months ago
  • Greta Thurnburg takes her passion to elementary school theater.

    Mark HannigMark Hannig2 months ago
    • Not passion. Insane indoctrination.

      Eric WoodhouseEric Woodhouse2 months ago
  • I never thought the modern directors could possibly be pretentious, until I saw the Coen Brothers given an interview for the "Buster Scruggs" movie...

    Cheese and OnionsCheese and Onions2 months ago
  • Where’s Matt and mal I’m sad I like the old studio c a lot more because I think it was a lot better and funnier that’s why I only watch the old ones just saying Matt is or sorry was my favorite

    Calico LpsCalico Lps2 months ago
  • Just an FYI jk studios is doing a fundraiser for freelancers season 2 if anyone wasn’t aware of their new channel

    Jordan SedgwickJordan Sedgwick2 months ago
  • I just saw saints and soldiers the void and Matt was amazing in it

    Artyom PyatinArtyom Pyatin2 months ago
  • Thay are so funy

    Jeremy HowlettJeremy Howlett2 months ago
  • Bruh I have been bench watching studio Cc’s videos and I have been laughing to hard

    Michael TaborMichael Tabor2 months ago
  • Hey that's my music teacher!😉😉😉

    Chewbacon2k8 #956Chewbacon2k8 #9562 months ago
  • Let me know when the funny part is so I can laugh

    Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker2 months ago
  • If i was a theater teacher i'd do the same.

    Paul BarneyPaul Barney2 months ago
  • Very true

    Amy WoodAmy Wood2 months ago
  • 3:50 Today, she is enrolled in an online accounting degree program (and being kept well away from children) at the Center for People that USworlds Made Infamous.

    Brandon NelsonBrandon Nelson2 months ago
  • She went full Sam Kinison.

    Todd KeidelTodd Keidel2 months ago
  • Funny!!! Thank you!

    dmkccR2ventureMadedmkccR2ventureMade2 months ago
  • Ok Prince

    Flynt RavenSpearFlynt RavenSpear2 months ago
  • Lolololololol

    Kyleigh SandersKyleigh Sanders2 months ago
  • This was posted 19 hours ago i'm finally early🤩

    Gabe GinorioGabe Ginorio2 months ago
  • 😂 Garet's so tall! Best thing ever is him playing a kid 😂

    justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmo2 months ago
  • I loved the part when Austin just started playing random notes. ☺

    Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae Eneiradgbo2 months ago
  • The extra who can barely keep it together xD

    MarMar2 months ago
  • ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

    Arturo VeraArturo Vera2 months ago
  • The bible way to heaven, new video on my channel, get saved today!Check it out

    Professional NobodyProfessional Nobody2 months ago
  • i bet her name is karen

    Lily DeacLily Deac2 months ago
  • "Is there a braying donkey in the audience?!?!" 😄😄

    yaboy20071yaboy200712 months ago
  • The kids in my school would have just picked their nose...

    Bubbels PlayzBubbels Playz2 months ago
  • This is so relatable that its uncomfortable

  • Gold, from beginning to end!

    CarysLibriCarysLibri2 months ago
  • Finally, someone who understands my love for theeeaater! Seriously, awesome sketch!

    Just Being Elliot!!!Just Being Elliot!!!2 months ago
  • Just like to point out how impressive the guy between April and Matthew was. Didn't break character, even with Austin yelling in his face. Also, he was like Stanley Tucci with his mannerisms.

    keys teacherkeys teacher2 months ago
  • The best part was 0:00 to 6:32

    Darth MimidurrDarth Mimidurr2 months ago
  • Sorry. I couldn't find this funny. It's just too close to reality.

    Matthew RoseMatthew Rose2 months ago
  • Where is the old studio c Jeremy etc.i came here after 2 years and all are new actors I don't find them funny that much

    Abu Hurrairah 2002Abu Hurrairah 20022 months ago
    • The old cast left to make JK Studios! These guys were hired. Jason coming back in autumn 2021

      Alisha RobinsonAlisha Robinson2 months ago
  • “Prepare your body’s for the birth of a new theatrical performance” Sounds like fun

    Nicholas ScaranoNicholas Scarano2 months ago
    • 😂 Best comment!! 🏆🌟🥇

      justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmo2 months ago
  • I miss Matt

    unavailableunavailable2 months ago
  • There's a very thin line between funny and disturbing O.o

    ijk7ijk72 months ago
  • That meltdown was hard to watch, because that's been a reality since 2016.

    MyAvatarTablet 2MyAvatarTablet 22 months ago
  • BYU, who is approving these? It's absolutely embarrassing. Time to pull your plug on this cast. We watched, a few of us, and no one made it more than half way in utter embarrassment for BYU. This is junior high quality. Please stop!

    Ray LeBaronRay LeBaron2 months ago
    • I personally think that they are AMAZING and if you can’t say anything kind please leave because nobody needs your negativity here❤️

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂2 months ago
  • The old cast is so so much better than the new cast :)

    Jeny MartinJeny Martin2 months ago
  • There videos are so so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeny MartinJeny Martin2 months ago
    • Then why did you watch it?

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂2 months ago
  • hello

    Alvin ChenAlvin Chen2 months ago
  • 283 comment

    Catherine ReasonCatherine Reason2 months ago
  • I feel like Garet was staring into my soul in the end 😶 lol

    CanyonDragonCanyonDragon2 months ago
  • I think uniqueness has found a roadblock

    Jonah KwonJonah Kwon2 months ago
  • Just yes

    Tyler BartonTyler Barton2 months ago
  • I have a theory. People talk loud when they want to act smart right? *Studio C*: Correct! So maybe, if we scream really loudly, people might think we’re funny! Everybody ready? *Studio C*:

    Hopping HatHopping Hat2 months ago
  • 1:48 Greta Thunberg but a little prettier

    Rydal SRydal S2 months ago
  • :D

    lily gachalily gacha2 months ago
  • Austin is THE best piano player, change my mind.

    Christina UwUChristina UwU2 months ago
  • Studios c are the live example who shows us acting is the only way which can put life in all forms❤

    SHADOW gamingSHADOW gaming2 months ago
  • When a Broadway Director conducts a Christmas pageant.

    Infinity FilmsInfinity Films2 months ago
  • Did this make anyone else’s soul set on fire?

    Barrel Racer FTBarrel Racer FT2 months ago
  • Austin: "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" Me: "Dishonor! Dishonor on your WHOLE family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!" Idk why that reminded me of mulan lol 😂

    Lydia WaltonLydia Walton2 months ago
    • 😂 I'm with you on that one

      BlackAshKetsoupBlackAshKetsoup2 months ago
  • wear your masks, people!!!

    Dj_978Dj_9782 months ago
  • Oookaaaay....

    Backyard RebelBackyard Rebel2 months ago
  • Boy , I miss the old studio C cast ... I know they've started JK studios but they no longer make the sketches they used to and all the characters - hyper kyle , mr bisque , scott sterling Matt , Whitney , Jason , Jeremy , Natalie , Mallory , Adam , James , Stephen , Stacy THEY HAD A REAL COMEDIC TALENT - THE LEGENDS!!

    Nathan Ryder VargheseNathan Ryder Varghese2 months ago
  • My last school play I slipped on a peace of fake fruit cake and I made it 🤪

    Gunthergabi CGunthergabi C2 months ago
  • So the plot of the play is a boy looking for a dog in the Arctic, a scene with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, and a dog looking for a boy in the Arctic. And a crazed adult heckling a school pageant.

    Mind Might StudiosMind Might Studios2 months ago
    • Yep prettt much how every elementary school play ever goes lol

      Becca ShyneBecca Shyne2 months ago
  • This is when you tell your sibling that your thirsty and this is how they tell your mom.

    SsstAr 22SsstAr 222 months ago
  • Cute kids but, lady you stink

    Eva Marie StierEva Marie Stier2 months ago
  • E

    Sans The skeletonSans The skeleton2 months ago
  • Is this how most people with fine arts degrees end up?

    TsukishiroTsukishiro2 months ago
  • Hello there

    Obi JuanObi Juan2 months ago
    • General kanobi

      Ben SmithBen Smith2 months ago
  • She seems like a karen

    G LockwoodG Lockwood2 months ago
  • this is a really good concept/idea...but I like it more if they just show kids' bad delivery in performance without the teacher getting mad because it's more realistic and funnier in a way

    ZahirBuiZahirBui2 months ago
  • It's not called real it's called improv, you monsters!!!

    doobey dumdumdoobey dumdum2 months ago
  • Me When someone posts Mando finale spoilers 3:49

    Philip Miles EversonPhilip Miles Everson2 months ago
  • That theatre teacher is a Karen

    A Random BirbA Random Birb2 months ago
  • Love it this Christmas episode made me laugh alot including this part 3:49

    my vintage lifemy vintage life2 months ago