Don't Get on That Plane (in the name of love) - Studio C

Dec 29, 2020
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When a man breaks all airport rules to stop his significant other from getting on a plane to New York, the airport crew comes together to celebrate the beauty of love. All things are fair in love and airports, apparently.
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Cast: Jetta Juriansz, Austin Williams, Arvin Mitchell, Ike Flitcraft, Garet Allen, Jessica Drolet, April Rock
Directors: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Jetta Juriansz

  • Lol "Emily"'s lega are very manly! LOLING RN

    GleckoGlecko6 hours ago
  • Studio c sux without the og characters

    Ruboid GamingRuboid Gaming7 days ago
  • i dont have any airplane love stories but there was this one time i was on a cruse, and in a restaurant. the guy in the table behind us proposed :3

    •TėddyBėarZ_Studio••TėddyBėarZ_Studio•17 days ago
  • I have a sketch idea. If you like it, can you consider putting it in a video? Setting: a soccer field Characters: Coach, Mike, T^immy, Savana, and Susie Coach: Alright team, we've won a game after five tries of losing, we deserve a name. Timmy raises his hand Timmy: How about the taxi drivers? The team looks at him confused Savana: Why would we do that? Coach: Thank you Savana, Timmy's a little off today. Savana: We should be the winners. Coach: That's great Savana! Savana: Of losing. Mike starts cheering and whistling Coach: Susie, do you have a better idea? Susie looks up from her sketch pad. Susie: How about the spelling bees? Coach looks at her and claps his hands once Coach: Taxi drivers can work Did you like my suggestion? Please pick it!

    Jane Amelia StudiosJane Amelia Studios19 days ago
  • "You're right. That'll be $2,000"

    Rachel McKeanRachel McKean22 days ago
  • if romance movies were real

    StarvelStarvel23 days ago

    amy Baumgartenamy Baumgarten29 days ago
  • Look at Jetta using those strong legs!

    daniel bucknerdaniel bucknerMonth ago
  • He says in the name of love forget the law The other guy says what forget the law

    White Dove Truck and EquipmentWhite Dove Truck and EquipmentMonth ago
  • This just hurts

    ATZ TVATZ TVMonth ago
  • One time I saw someone start cry as they hugged there friend or something, it was realy depressing.

    SilverpawSilverpawMonth ago
  • it's a story of a person falling to insanity because of the corruption of power in airports

    Red reaperRed reaperMonth ago
  • 4:32 who dat in the back

    SquidyTVSquidyTVMonth ago
  • Hahahahha

    Saad AkhiatSaad AkhiatMonth ago
  • 😂

    Helen LauakiHelen LauakiMonth ago
  • Haters:(about to dislike this video) Arvin: Let me stop you right there...

    Kerra NeelsKerra NeelsMonth ago
    • Do you believe in *l o v e?*

      MacaRon · WeasleyMacaRon · Weasley7 days ago
  • I once saw a dog at the airport, that’s about as much love as there is.

    Sky WolfSky WolfMonth ago
  • *Do you.. believe in love...?*

    Sophboom ROBLOXSophboom ROBLOXMonth ago
  • Why did this make me angry

    Tost brotTost brotMonth ago
  • Here is some life invise never get involved with this

    The Funko CollectorThe Funko CollectorMonth ago
  • Wow, Ike is dang good-looking in that outfit!

    Tiger TamerTiger TamerMonth ago
  • Just say do you bealive in love and you will not get in prison

    Azzam quonAzzam quonMonth ago
  • I honestly like the older studio c videos a lot more

    Eleanor JenkinsEleanor JenkinsMonth ago
  • im not who this says i am lol

    Scott BurkartScott BurkartMonth ago
  • lol

    Scott BurkartScott BurkartMonth ago
  • Ike was talking to his boss named Mr. Baumgartner. Ike must work for Brian Baumgartner. (Brian plays Kevin Malone on "The Office.")

    Teagan StanfordTeagan StanfordMonth ago
  • The one romantic thing I’ve seen at an airport this year is obviously this video.

    Genre ProductionsGenre ProductionsMonth ago
  • Posted 3 days ago

    Gabe GinorioGabe GinorioMonth ago
  • That's what love gets you. That other person gets screwed over, and loses everything. A parking ticket doesn't get paid, a car is left in the middle of the unloading area still blocking traffic, federal regulations are broken, and a gift shop was robbed. But hey, it's love. I know that it's just a skit, but it's not unheard of.

    D 1 4 ?D 1 4 ?Month ago
  • I miss the old cast😢

    Sofiedossifan 1Sofiedossifan 1Month ago
    • @Sofiedossifan 1 they moved because they wanted to be their own boss

      ꧁Luna Lovegood꧂꧁Luna Lovegood꧂Month ago
    • @Painfully Cringe idk why they moved

      Sofiedossifan 1Sofiedossifan 1Month ago
    • Same..

      Painfully CringePainfully CringeMonth ago
  • That was really funny.

    beast boysbeast boysMonth ago
  • this was funny in the first 2 seconds then it got repetitive and bad

    Crayov29Crayov29Month ago
  • I feel like they are just taking ideas from the old sketches. This is almost just like the wrongcom sketch. I love the new cast, but I want to see new ideas.

    Taylor JohnsonTaylor JohnsonMonth ago
  • 🤣

    Grace HansenGrace HansenMonth ago

    André CostaAndré CostaMonth ago
  • Do u believe in love

  • Lord be how long have I’ve been watching years old videos where’s Mat all the other cast members?

    Brody OrdoyneBrody OrdoyneMonth ago
  • So...did Ike get a free car?

    Unidentified Bipedal LifeformUnidentified Bipedal LifeformMonth ago
  • 🤔 mmmmhhhh....... 🙋 Let's toast to love 🍻

    tora381tora381Month ago
  • I've never seen anything romantic in an airport lol

    Cressida CochranCressida CochranMonth ago
  • poor guy

    Troy AlundayTroy AlundayMonth ago
  • views are low

    Zach WearZach WearMonth ago
  • Havent watched studio c in a while . WHARES MATT!!!!??? AND JASON !!!!??? AND EVERYONE ELSE !!!!!????

    Grace RiveraGrace RiveraMonth ago
    • They left.

      Rigley NelsonRigley NelsonMonth ago
  • *d o y o u b e l i v e i n l o v e ?*

    SpendAllSpendAllMonth ago
  • Imagine if this actually happened.

    Morgan MichalicMorgan MichalicMonth ago
  • The thumbnail made me think of Dalton’s tiktok where he sang the song

    Charlie HCharlie HMonth ago
  • Its heartbreaking seeing that the newer studio c cast has been having a hard time getting views. Their videos are so amazing and funny, so Hopfully they can get back on track with the view count of old studio c cast. I believe in u guys!!

    DdogDdogMonth ago
  • I love the officer’s shirt, “I ❤️ love”. Ike: No, he doesn’t believe in love.

    Zeke SteedZeke SteedMonth ago
  • I miss the old days,with these new dudes it just ain’t the same

    Bob FrostBob FrostMonth ago
  • this was good. i just really dont like the new cast. theyre great! but i liked matt and whitney and jason and all them

    Jack Morgan-boucherJack Morgan-boucherMonth ago
  • Baumgartner? Do you... own a painting?

    rexroy101rexroy101Month ago
  • Plot Twist: They break up two days later.

    Anonymously MJAnonymously MJMonth ago
  • The new sketches aren’t funny. The ones with the original cast were actually funny and helped me through tough times. But these? They’re unfunny. They try so hard to be like the original cast but they never will be. They want to be funny. But they just can’t.

    braedingobraedingoMonth ago
  • Where is Matt

    mini thormini thorMonth ago
  • I wish studio c was still funny I miss the old cast and actually laughing at these videos

    Scythe HercScythe HercMonth ago
  • That's what Whitney and Jason should've said.

    A. TebbsA. TebbsMonth ago
  • Why did they not post a video on BYU tv this monday?

    Honey NewtonHoney NewtonMonth ago
  • Truthfully, if you didn't have *someone* reach out to Huey Lewis to see if he could make a cameo, then you missed a *huge* opportunity for even more awesomeness!

    Michael FierroMichael FierroMonth ago
  • It works on everyone except the business owner. Typical

    imajeff Smithimajeff SmithMonth ago
  • Awww now i’m thinking of the old studio c airplane sketches😭😭😭😭

    o ko kMonth ago
  • Did anyone notice that there were signs that said Up High Airlines?

    Backyard BrothersBackyard BrothersMonth ago
  • Yet the TSA will arrest you for having over 8 oz of blood.

    ひろかいりゅざきひろかいりゅざきMonth ago
  • The big problem is when his spouse sees him without his ring!

    Ryann ERyann EMonth ago
  • I feel so bad for Ike!!!!!!!!! 😭😢

    Jalynn ScottJalynn ScottMonth ago
  • Hm.. thanks for the idea, I've been wanting some new video games.

    Joker's Left HandJoker's Left HandMonth ago
  • mr.... baumgartener? does he work for KEVIN????

    Tom GanjiTom GanjiMonth ago
  • This spring my twin sister came home from being stuck as an exchange student in France (during the big outbreak of Covid in France) and lemme tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in that airport when I was able to hug her for the first time in almost 11 months.

    ToastKitten5 bookloverToastKitten5 bookloverMonth ago
  • "shhhh, love!" That's me while listening to my sister on the phone with her "friend"

    JayfeatherJayfeatherMonth ago
  • Next time I'm in trouble imma just be like Do YOu bElIEvE iN LOve? And all my problems will be solved 😎

    Elizabeth MasonElizabeth MasonMonth ago
  • Y'all shouldn't change the old team..that's all I kno

    Markshi BeblueMarkshi BeblueMonth ago
  • The title of this sketch almost mentions the U2 song Pride In The Name Of Love. Except the title says "Don't Get On That Plane (In The Name Of Love)"

    Treven SassTreven SassMonth ago
  • I think this is just a copy of Jason and Whitney’s airport scandal .... but this was very funny 😆

    Virginia CoolVirginia CoolMonth ago
  • I miss the old group no offense it's not funny anymore.

    God of WarGod of WarMonth ago
  • Uphigh airlines now that's a throwback to og cast days

    Dogs Go Sicko ModeDogs Go Sicko ModeMonth ago
  • ok is it just me or was the old studio c better i still like this one but the old one was better right?

    JustAboutEverythingJustAboutEverythingMonth ago
  • You’re just a snide smosh your just a snide smosh your justice snide Smosh

    JpJpMonth ago
  • "You can take seat 15b" "That's my seat!"

    Sophia LindfieldSophia LindfieldMonth ago
  • Yep, it's acceptable to make s nerd's life miserable in movies in the western world. And people wonder why I can't get a girlfriend. This is what society teaches children.

    Anime Saved My LifeAnime Saved My LifeMonth ago
  • Dogs,seein people bring in their dogs to the airport!💜🐕🐩🥰✈️

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn PettayMonth ago
  • 😂🏃............................................❤👰

    AS I SO YOUAS I SO YOUMonth ago
  • So great

    JakNekonJakNekonMonth ago
  • I DON'T believe in love... But I DO believe in death so... 😈😂🤣🤣

    moons shadowmoons shadowMonth ago
  • Garret and Jessica at the end tho!

    Averi BoneAveri BoneMonth ago
  • Lol they just ruined a marriage to start this one

    luke Davisluke DavisMonth ago
  • Please do a tongue twister🤣👏👏🤡✨

    Mary MacmillanMary MacmillanMonth ago
  • i ve been subscribed for less than a week now, am only familiar with the old cast, did all of em leave?

    MagoMagoMonth ago
    • They went to Jk studios but Jason will be back to studio c in 2021

      Tyler D STyler D SMonth ago
  • God!! I hate the new people!!! Bring back the OG's!!! These people suck at acting, and because of the new people, the veiwer ship has gone down!!!

    Original PringleOriginal PringleMonth ago
  • I think the comments are more funny than the skit!

    Caitlin CunninghamCaitlin CunninghamMonth ago
  • That happen if the answer is no ?

    SorbanSorbanMonth ago
  • *LOL the girls finger is as big as the man's!*

    Rough WoofRough WoofMonth ago
  • Stephen: I love how dated me behind your boyfriend's back Jason: I love that too..( ˘ ³˘)♥ Ahh.... memories😂😂😂

    Taiyeba AhmedTaiyeba AhmedMonth ago
  • Let me stop you right there....I gotta remember to say that whenever someone tries to stop me.

    Juggie BonebrainJuggie BonebrainMonth ago
  • Bad SNL parody...

    subentsubentMonth ago
  • Plot twist he never loved her and just wanted to go to New York and get away with the stuff he did

    Crazy kids 5Crazy kids 5Month ago
  • Me to the 63 people who had the gall to dislike this video: "Do you believe in love?" 63 people: No! Me: Well, then the boss needs to fire you.

    NevermoreMadDameNevermoreMadDameMonth ago
  • A game I play: I watch a sketch to the end, then I take a guess who I think wrote it. If I'm right, I leave a comment. 🙌 Nicely done, Jetta!

    justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmoMonth ago
    • @Jetta Juriansz hahaha! I'm up for the challenge! (hopefully 🤔) Bring it on! 😂

      justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmoMonth ago
    • Ahhhhhhh you’re onto me! 😂👏🏼 very impressed you guessed this one right! That makes me wanna write something unexpected to throw you off my scent

      Jetta JurianszJetta JurianszMonth ago
  • With my luck I was Ike... "you have to give the ticket to someone" "you're right" gets the handed the ticket "that'll be $2000" "Dang it"

    Fallen AngelFallen AngelMonth ago
  • Poor Ike, he never ends up on top in these rom com sketches. I love Jetta and Garet acting in the name of “ love”. Am I the only one who thinks Garet is Napoleon Dynamite??? The Boogie sketch, the way he talks and acts...( and I mean that as a compliment, Mr. Allen...sir).

    Hannah WrightHannah WrightMonth ago
  • The fact that they make 3 every week is amazing

    Freekick 4Freekick 4Month ago
  • Idea for a sketch: Disney movie signing contract to make a live action version of itself. They get excited and the executive say they had to go through a "procedure". Some on machine rolls in the room. They say it basically sucks the life out of you, leave you as pale husk. Pretty much what all the way live-action versions are compared to their animated counterparts

    renji90998renji90998Month ago