Dad Officiates the Wedding - Studio C

Jan 1, 2021
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Everything seems perfect when the father of the bride is assigned officiating duties at the wedding, but things go awry quickly once dad realizes he's not ready to send his daughter into the world of marriage.
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Cast: Dalton Johnson, Austin Williams, Matthew Galvan, Jetta Juriansz
Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Austin Williams

  • My dad was a pastor and I want him to officiate my wedding I know he will cry but not this bad!! (I am also an 11 year old!!)

    Abby JonesAbby Jones5 days ago
  • They’ve gotten less funnier. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to watch anymore. Could you put more of a focus on the script instead of the set and costumes? Again, I’m sorry if this is coming out wrong

    The LionThe Lion6 days ago
  • It has been 78 days since my George has passed

    timothyfloogletimothyfloogle13 days ago
  • What happened to the og cast

    benji 8000benji 800021 day ago
  • This guy and Jeremy's mom from the mother's overbearing love sketch should have dinner and talk about how much they love their kids

    Different ParkDifferent ParkMonth ago
  • So... after the wedding, the Dad handled the Music Booth at the wedding party...

    Ian Melvin FernandezIan Melvin FernandezMonth ago
  • Haha! I have LITERALLY been to this wedding! Only the officiating dad also told his daughter that no one would ever be good enough for her in the middle of the ceremony! :D

    Movie FamilyMovie FamilyMonth ago
  • Imma send this to my dad lol

    MJ 1MJ 1Month ago
  • Where are the old actors!??

    Nart AliuNart AliuMonth ago
  • I miss the old Studio C. This is lame...

    Jeff EnriquezJeff EnriquezMonth ago
  • Hallelujah for season 12 episode 1!! It has some seriously funny content. Great writing, great performances!!

    Janelle HaleJanelle HaleMonth ago
  • didnt laff once bring the old studio c back

    Maxwell SkanseMaxwell SkanseMonth ago
  • I'm taking back what I said to my girlfriend, her dad ain't doing this to me

    Splat0w0niacSplat0w0niacMonth ago
  • “I love you” “ I love you more” 😂

    Kia CookieKia CookieMonth ago
  • It’s ok

    The Wild YetiThe Wild YetiMonth ago
  • "Joy let's have another baby" Oh God, I've heard of bridezilla, momzilla, but dadzilla? Lord have mercy

    Samantha KirbySamantha KirbyMonth ago
  • Sweet

    Hospital PatientHospital PatientMonth ago
  • Daaaaad!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ricardo BravadoRicardo BravadoMonth ago
  • I miss the old Studio C actors :( I guess nothing as good lasts

  • Lol I love this sketch

    Abigail DunfordAbigail DunfordMonth ago
  • guys i miss scott sterling and the old crew :_-(

    Firoz ZamanFiroz ZamanMonth ago
  • y’all aren’t funny for an older audience i hate to break it to you... jk cast has BIG BRAINS to make HILARIOUS content for all ages. idk maybe pay them to give you sketches cuz they need funding for their freelancers 😂😂

    Rebecca TavitRebecca TavitMonth ago
  • Love the new cast!

    Balla AldaBalla AldaMonth ago
  • Daddy!

    ella fella fMonth ago
  • I thought we would spend the entire time threatening the groom 😂😂😂

    Olivia WilsonOlivia WilsonMonth ago
  • I would hate if my husband did that to any of my 9 kids.

    Tara MostollerTara MostollerMonth ago
  • My dad sent this to me and said “I promise to not do this” I replied “I don’t trust you”

    Abigail ZengerAbigail ZengerMonth ago
  • Matthew, you look so handsome in this sketch!!!! Well done, Dalton

    Mary Kate ZehrMary Kate ZehrMonth ago
  • this was literally so awesome.

    Elizabeth JoyElizabeth JoyMonth ago
  • Hey Matt i saw your commercial great job

    Lori ApplebaumLori ApplebaumMonth ago
  • "Don't talk to us on our special day"🤣 "Don't look at me kid"🤣 So many great lines

    Old SchoolOld SchoolMonth ago
  • They never said "I do", a technicality that will soon be remedied as her true lover lies incapacitated in the royal sweet, having broken through security with the help of an immigrant and a pro wrestler with some pyrotechnics. Come on, y'all. We're Mormons and all grew up watching the Princess Bride. This should have been the first comment.

    Mah ManMah ManMonth ago
  • Honestly Studio C is better than Collegehumor

    Lina HasdoLina HasdoMonth ago
  • I miss Matt and the gang, this is so different now

    APotatoSaplingAPotatoSaplingMonth ago
  • I met tanner at a trampoline park

    Brianne RalstonBrianne RalstonMonth ago
    • Cool.

      CGS CentralCGS CentralMonth ago
  • lol, best Studio C video in a while.

    RedCaioRedCaioMonth ago
  • I had an idea for an origin story for Scott sterlings soccer ball attracting abilities. It could be a prequel about how his family got the ability after his great grandfather (Frank Edwards or one of his fellow soldiers) served in ww1 with the British battalion that famously played football in battle of Loos. (And survived the war) you could make it as if the ball keeps flying up and knocking him down or making him stumble so the Germans keep missing him. And so the ability gets passed down through the generations eventually to Scott sterling.

    Ronnie Shirley IIIRonnie Shirley IIIMonth ago
  • Can you guys make a if food babies were real skit

    Aiden HallAiden HallMonth ago
  • All I can think about is the family argument they'll always remember having on her wedding day. Like honestly, the bride looked pretty mad during the actual vows, imagine later!

    Zeke GoreZeke GoreMonth ago
  • Where all my new cast haters at? Not here? Good!

    Fabulous FamilyFabulous FamilyMonth ago
  • Hahahaha! That was actually really sweet.

    Fabulous FamilyFabulous FamilyMonth ago
  • Im unsubscribing. Have fun.

    Tiffany Fire BladeTiffany Fire BladeMonth ago

    MarzMarzMonth ago
  • I've been to a wedding that the bride's father officiated. It wasn't nearly as dramatic though.

    Daniel SlackDaniel SlackMonth ago
  • I just got married on New Years Eve and saw this lol. Thought it was cute.

    Liana BurlessLiana BurlessMonth ago
  • So funny, great acting too.

    E MacE MacMonth ago
  • They skipped the "I do"s.

    kibukunkibukunMonth ago
  • Man what happened. Studio c used to be so good

    Matthew GrayMatthew GrayMonth ago
  • I've been to a wedding where the dad officiated, he made them wait like thirty seconds to kiss after "I declare you man and wife." Lol

    payton kpayton kMonth ago
  • Playing tag. ( don't ask )

    Elz McElz McMonth ago
  • I really hope my wedding is not like that

    Spudboio my guySpudboio my guyMonth ago
  • I do!-Dad This will be noted forever...

    Varsha SangamVarsha SangamMonth ago
  • Austin's like "please dad not again!"😑

    BriBriMonth ago
  • They up and just walked off after he pronounced them husband and wife😂😂😂

    ꧁Lexie꧂꧁Lexie꧂Month ago
  • I can’t believe how much I like this I usally only like the ones from 4 years ago lol.

    My weird Cat lifeMy weird Cat lifeMonth ago
    • Try some sketches from JK! Studios (the original cast of Studio C)

      Zeke GoreZeke GoreMonth ago
  • This was just wonderful😂😂😂 I love though at the end when Dalton said "joy lets have another baby"

    Sarah CrumpSarah CrumpMonth ago
  • This is why daddy cannot be the marriage priest

    Obie NefObie NefMonth ago
  • That is hilarious!

    Elizabeth GoreeElizabeth GoreeMonth ago
  • This Dalton dude is amazing

    AMAMMonth ago

    Brazilian FoodBrazilian FoodMonth ago

      Brazilian FoodBrazilian FoodMonth ago
  • New episode of Corrupted Bible Versions the devil's tools available now. We look at Hosea 11:12 in the NIV and in the KJV and you get to see a reenactment of the Dead Sea scrolls discovery! Check it out

    Professional NobodyProfessional NobodyMonth ago
  • Well he could’ve pronounced them “dead“

    Tanya CTanya CMonth ago
  • Happy new year

    Daniel MascarenasDaniel MascarenasMonth ago
  • Literally there’s only one person I like in studio c now it literally sucks now

    Austin KarpetAustin KarpetMonth ago
  • wow! What a family

    ijk7ijk7Month ago
  • “Let’s have another baby!!!” That one really got me cracking!!! 😂😂😂

    Dionicio GasparDionicio GasparMonth ago
  • i’m crying right now for a completely unrelated reason 🙃 thanks studio c for making me laugh for a bit

    dahyuns water bottledahyuns water bottleMonth ago
  • They really are not ever gunna have any sketch were they actually kiss now because of that one sketch... the commitment jeez. Also Corona I guess.

    theRCBtheRCBMonth ago
  • Alex: I love you The Dad: I LOVE HER MORE Dad: *proceeds to copy Alex’s speech except I Love you more*

    Digital AlphaDigital AlphaMonth ago
    • 😂😂😅

      DubletarDubletar24 days ago
  • Just let her go. Just let her go.

    Carrie LaurieCarrie LaurieMonth ago
  • Studio C's quality is going downhill really fast.

    subentsubentMonth ago
  • I love you more, lucky daughter to have a wonderful father, mom is jealous.

    princeofblackshadowprinceofblackshadowMonth ago
  • Love her,I LOVE HER MORE

    DiamondsDiamondsMonth ago
  • My father officiated my sister's wedding. Course, he is a Baptist preacher. My grandfathers, a late Baptist preacher and an Episcopal priest, started so that he could walk her down the aisle. Also, if you are the kind of person who would get an online ordination so that you can officiate your friend's wedding, please don't. Ordination is a calling from God to serve him and feed his sheep. It is not an online certificate you get so you can have fun with your friends once and not use.

    Joshua WellsJoshua WellsMonth ago
    • @Coulter Gill A calling for God is exactly what it means to be an ordained minister. Those who say otherwise need to think more about what it means to serve.

      Joshua WellsJoshua WellsMonth ago
    • That’s not exactly what an ordination in this case means

      Coulter GillCoulter GillMonth ago
  • Hey! I have already seen these on the BYUTV app. Will there be a season 13 soon? I’m just really curious. I hope you guys are safe in these tough times, so I know it’s hard to film. I was just curious :) thank you!

    Syd The KidSyd The KidMonth ago
  • Please Bring back the old cast it’s not the same anymore

    Kadrie LoveKadrie LoveMonth ago
  • Dad officiating the marriage is normal for Muslims. But most fathers don't want this sort of mushy thing to happen, so they leave it to an Imam to do it.

    Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMonth ago
    • @Menachem Salomon Indeed there are similarities between the ceremony held by the three religions. What I wrote earlier is only between families of the bride and groom. Unless invited, no other guests are allowed to join. After the ceremony was done, we hold reception just like the people in the West. Usually in Malaysia, we held two styled reception. During the day we do it Malay style, and the night an English style. It's all depends on what the bride wanted. The cost of the wedding is usually stated in the dowry. So, if she wants a grand wedding, she should have one! All the planning and haggling of the dowry is done during the engagement party between the two families and agreed upon a set time for the groom to prepare for the wedding. I've said before that the groom has to shake hands with the officiator; during the pandemic, we adopt the western way. It now looks like a court marriage where they just exchanged vows and sign documents. So no thrill factor for the groom, at least. Usually, it would be terrifying for the groom to shake hands with the soon to be in laws, or the Imam to the point of fainting from anticipation. They even parodied it in dramas. If you're interested, you can search 'Malay wedding ceremony' in USworlds. What I wrote here is just a little bit of information. Seeing is believing, right?

      Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMonth ago
    • @Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir That is interesting, thank you. As for Jewish weddings, there is some slight variation, but essentially: The groom is escorted to the marriage canopy, then the bride. Then the rabbi/officiant recites the marriage blessing over a cup of wine, from which the groom and bride both take a sip. Then the groom gives the bride the marriage ring (plain, unadorned gold), reciting a short phrase declaring the betrothal. Then the marriage contract (ketubah), outlining the husband's obligations towards his wife, is read, and given to the bride. (It's the closest we get to vows.) There are a set of 7 blessings recited over another glass of wine, from which the couple takes a sip. And finally, to commemorate the loss of the Jerusalem Temple, the groom traditionally steps on and breaks a glass cup. There are details I've glossed over, some of which depend on tradition and custom (Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Chasidic, etc.), but I've described the important stuff. Oh, and the ceremony (ring and contract) has to be witnessed by two men, neither related to either of the couple.

      Menachem SalomonMenachem SalomonMonth ago
    • @Menachem Salomon Thank you for asking; I have not seen any Jewish wedding, but from what I know, Muslim and Christian wedding have vows, with addition of compulsory dowry for the Muslims. How it is done varies from country to country. Muslims in American and European countries, do the ceremony like the christians did, with both bride and groom exchange vows together in front of the Qadi(officiator). Since Indonesia was a former Dutch colony, some of the province adopt the same manner. However, for much of the Asian countries, particularly the Malays in Malaysia and Muslim Indians in India. The Officiator shakes hand with the groom. The bride is in the next room waiting with the other woman. Actually, the exchange of vows is there, but done separately between the bride and groom. This is because we segregate the genders. The Officiator asks the bride first if she except the marriage, then he asks the groom in front of witnesses to take his part of the vow. Then they top it of with a sermon about the importance of marriage etc. The Officiator can be any one of her valid male relatives, from grandfather, to brother, but if she doesn't have one, it would be done by an Imam. Same also goes if the father hands the right over to the Imam. Most would, cause it is hard to do the vows. Both have to time it right in front of the witnesses.

      Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMuhammad Zulkhairi Mohd NasirMonth ago
    • Is their anything resembling vows in traditional Muslim weddings? Because I know there isn't in Jewish weddings.

      Menachem SalomonMenachem SalomonMonth ago
    • Ph cool

      SassySoup123SassySoup123Month ago
  • As both of my parents are pastors, my dad got to officiate my brothers wedding. So since I want my dad to walk me down the isle I told my mom for me she can officiate, so wish me luck

    Galaxy VlogsGalaxy VlogsMonth ago
  • My mother-in-law pulled my wife and I aside 10 minutes before the ceremony started. She dragged us into a closet and said, "It's not too late to call this off." Thanks for the confidence, MOM! We've been married 35 years. We have two daughters and three granddaughters, and yet, up to the day she died, she was sure we would break up at any moment. That is probably why she was married three times.

    badbiker666badbiker666Month ago
    • Congratulations 🥳 wish I have something like that someday. Never let her get you down . Here’s to 50!

      Tina LoyeTina LoyeMonth ago
  • Dalton is so good in this sketch, it’s hilarious!

    Aurielle StrelauAurielle StrelauMonth ago
  • Noice

    Obed GlansonObed GlansonMonth ago
  • i feel so bad for the guests

    黒い猫黒い猫Month ago
  • Is that the same dress Malory wore at her wedding to Kevin?

    Cassiopeia FletcherCassiopeia FletcherMonth ago
  • Posted 1 hour ago

    Gabe GinorioGabe GinorioMonth ago
  • Should have been the Clause family

    Allannah TibbetAllannah TibbetMonth ago
  • No one ever:... Dalton: " it's not too late to back out of this!"

    Elisabeth CoombsElisabeth CoombsMonth ago
  • My dad would pull out his shotgun.

    cutsiepixiecutsiepixieMonth ago
  • Aww but lol

    HiddenJen_FandomsKidsHiddenJen_FandomsKidsMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Let's have another baby.

    arkaprava banerjeearkaprava banerjeeMonth ago
  • Okay, but that hairstyle is AMAZING

    PropioPropioMonth ago
  • Just wait a few years and the husband now will soon be acting exactly like the dad here.......

    Austin DABOSSAustin DABOSSMonth ago
  • My dad🙄🤣😂

    Sara EsseSara EsseMonth ago
  • this is for the valentines special! the Christmas episode was made of videos that they uploaded before, like holiday pageant freak out, and rspca ad, the Halloween special was the same!

    shaddy sehlyshaddy sehlyMonth ago
  • I love how Austin was took charge. I love this sketch. Totally couldn't stop laughing or crying. I think I was crying because Dalton's cry was so ON POINT! AWESOME!!!!! 😍

    Esahcae EneiradgboEsahcae EneiradgboMonth ago
  • " i love you baby girl"

    charity gcharity gMonth ago
  • Hi 👋👋👋

  • Nah! My dad would just shoot the guy on our first date, plus my brother feels the same way. And HE wants to go to the marine corps! Wish me luck! And more importantly the future love of my life. Nothing like being the baby of the family, and the only girl. 😆

    miriam truesdellmiriam truesdellMonth ago
    • Sorry, I’ve never seen it.

      miriam truesdellmiriam truesdellMonth ago
    • @miriam truesdell Semper Fi!

      Alexis DanesAlexis DanesMonth ago
    • Right now yes

      miriam truesdellmiriam truesdellMonth ago
    • Well, good luck to you too! It’s a ton of fun right! 🤣🤣

      miriam truesdellmiriam truesdellMonth ago
    • Are you all doing okay?._.

      Aly HomewoodAly HomewoodMonth ago
  • My Dad is a Pastor and I can’t help but feel that I’ve just witnessed my future. 😂😂

    Breanna ScalfBreanna ScalfMonth ago
    • Same!! 😂

      Marisa CollinsMarisa Collins8 days ago
    • Trust your senses, Breanna - you have! LOL!

      Movie FamilyMovie FamilyMonth ago
    • Same! He says he’s going to officiate my wedding and goodness now I’m scared for my poor future spouse

      Blissfully UnawareBlissfully UnawareMonth ago
    • I am a PK too. There is a reason my dad didn't officiate my wedding. 😂

      Caitlin ThomasCaitlin ThomasMonth ago
    • Good luck

      Lana JaeLana JaeMonth ago
  • Came expecting dad jokes. Stayed for possessive daddy.

    Local MapleLocal MapleMonth ago
    • 😂🤣

      DubletarDubletar24 days ago
  • I love you baby girl and you to Alex. Hehe I laughed at that. JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Richard SnellRichard SnellMonth ago