Cowboy Dutch Rides Again - Studio C

Jan 12, 2021
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In Cowboy Dutch Rides Again, the star of the show is back on the horse and he’s ready to win the hearts of the people and save the world from the bad guys. Just another day of work in the Wild West.
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Cast: Ike Flitcraft, Jessica Drolet, Tanner Gillman, Matthew Galvan, Tori Pence, Garet Allen
Director: Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Paul Rugg

  • "Let's get off our horses and hug!" That's a line that should be in every western.

    Richard PageRichard Page12 days ago
  • What's just as funny to me is imagining the cast trying not to laugh while doing this .

    SaffronSphinxSaffronSphinx14 days ago
  • She could’ve just pulled on the reigns and said Woooaaaaahhh or at least pulled the reigns to the left or the right....😂 but ik its for the episode but still.

    Elizabeth_Rutledge 101Elizabeth_Rutledge 10117 days ago
  • I should not be laughing this hard

    M HM H25 days ago
  • Love this

    Ady PetersonAdy Peterson25 days ago
  • Hahaha how far away is that cliff?

    SpideymunSpideymun28 days ago
  • Oh, the beauty of seeing those horses' jaws flail side to side just truly brings tears to my eyes... 🥲

    Nutty GramNutty GramMonth ago
  • Amazing...! I was riding my horse and yet I feel soooo tired for some strange reason O.o

    ijk7ijk7Month ago
  • Ew

    anAGsnowflakeanAGsnowflakeMonth ago
  • What was the change 😉

    tan bernas boystan bernas boysMonth ago
  • Thats why i loooove nestle crunch! 3:34

    The Lizerd44The Lizerd44Month ago
  • This was hilarious! We wouldn’t mind seeing more movies starring Cowboy Dutch😁 Our favorite western is The Big Country, and anything with Roy Rogers.

    Natasha Marie L.Natasha Marie L.Month ago
  • oh my goodness. this is the best one yet. *goes through the river and the horse is soaked*

    Madison LibbyMadison LibbyMonth ago
  • How did y’all keep a straight face while riding those?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This was genius!

    Live in the AdventureLive in the AdventureMonth ago
  • Black beauty

    My horse Crazy channelMy horse Crazy channelMonth ago
  • Wait. So was he spanking himself the whole time he was riding the fake horse?

    Al DenteAl DenteMonth ago
  • This is truly beautiful

    Sadie BillingSadie BillingMonth ago
  • i just don't get why they all have fake horses and not just the one guy

    stefoehmenstefoehmenMonth ago
  • *Who else wants a horse like that?!?!*

    Channel DaniChannel DaniMonth ago
  • Tori's puppet skills are on point.

    PKC ProductionsPKC ProductionsMonth ago
  • Favorite Western? Tombstone. Every line is quotable

    Pepsi FifaPepsi FifaMonth ago
  • Who thinks studio C deserves ruby play button?

    bob sunbob sunMonth ago
  • i just imagine they found these horse costumes and then made a skit based around it XD

    scarlett woodworthscarlett woodworthMonth ago
  • Just a normal western BUT theres *timing*

    KajnakeKajnakeMonth ago
  • You did it guys!

    Benjamin BielinskiBenjamin BielinskiMonth ago
  • i literally laughed at the same joke for five minutes straight, wtf

    lucky lukelucky lukeMonth ago
  • Who misses the good old days?

    Survivor PlayerSurvivor PlayerMonth ago
  • The complete lack of music during some really dramatic moments is so era specific 😂

    Sara NoscentiSara NoscentiMonth ago
  • It just like a 1970s flim!! I also Loved the horses🐴! All of it was awesome!

    Richard SnellRichard SnellMonth ago
  • What's the point of riding horses when you have to use your legs 🤣

    Yuri BoykaYuri BoykaMonth ago
  • Why does Dutch keep stopping?

    robin 35robin 35Month ago

    eloveless8608eloveless8608Month ago
  • Looooove this monthy python style of joke 😂👌

    Rachel_SuRachel_SuMonth ago
  • AGH I want the real studio C back... haha nvm

    Abigail SteeleAbigail SteeleMonth ago
  • Red rover, red rover, send red bandit right over

    Not2be4gotten02Not2be4gotten02Month ago
  • Ok I shouldn’t of watch this before bed.... those horses are terrifying like what the heck 👀👀😬😬😬

    Damnit DaveDamnit DaveMonth ago
  • Well done. I am not sure what it was but the whole thing felt like a movie from that era. From the sound, the cuts the music and ADR. Great stuff.

    oromethehuntsmanoromethehuntsmanMonth ago
  • They could've done the galloping running motion. It saddens me that they didn't. But also, Jess going OOOHHHHH is my new favorite thing.

    Caleb PaulsonCaleb PaulsonMonth ago
  • i want more lol

    Hannah JoyHannah JoyMonth ago

    Lucy NeeringsLucy NeeringsMonth ago
  • Support your local Sherrif! Best western there is.

    GlimareGlimareMonth ago
  • Im suprised at how much running they did on this sketch! They must be exhausted after filming!

    Calvin TabsCalvin TabsMonth ago
  • I laughed quite a bit, great sketch! They really nailed the feeling/ acting style and even though obviously the horses were the joke, they actually did it so well one could *almost* forget. Also, I think this is probably what it's like in kids‘ minds vs what adults see when they play cowboy 🤣

    CCMonth ago
  • ...this was a miss for me, sooooooooo much dead air...just wow, how did it make it past quality control?

    Mark BedfordMark BedfordMonth ago
  • Anyone else notice that when Tanner was crossing the river on his 'horse,' there was a pool noddle under the horse?

    HavsExplainsHavsExplainsMonth ago
  • Studio c used to be funny....

    Maxime DetollenaereMaxime DetollenaereMonth ago
  • I don't get it... they get on their horses, catch the red bandit, and save daisy. And their horsemanship is impeccable might I add... where's the joke?

    Annika FarsonAnnika FarsonMonth ago
  • If I had to keep running like that on my own legs, I'd beg to stop too.

    Fabulous FamilyFabulous FamilyMonth ago
  • Vermiculite??? What the heck! 😂 Is he starting seeds indoors?

    Fabulous FamilyFabulous FamilyMonth ago
  • These accents are kinda terrible.

    12 312 3Month ago
  • 😂🤣

    R & R ChannelR & R ChannelMonth ago
  • Is it weird that 1930s television seems to aggravate me? Just everything about it. The sound effects, the way everyone sounds the same, the unrealistic aspects, just everything.

    Aiza MazharAiza MazharMonth ago
  • This is the best one the new cast has done

    Just MeJust MeMonth ago
  • The director's ingenious solution looked just like real horses. Well, from some angles. In black and white, from across the room, upside down. With sunglasses on.

    MidwestMatthewMidwestMatthewMonth ago
  • Watching this in 2x speed is honestly better

    The Midwest Sports FanThe Midwest Sports FanMonth ago
  • Tombstone 💙💙

    Lakita HoustonLakita HoustonMonth ago
  • You can’t tell me those horses were fake they were just too realistic

    Louis OsunaLouis OsunaMonth ago
  • they can't stop running with a play horse

    HiileiHiileiMonth ago
  • Looked like they were riding real horses to me

    Wicked Shades ProductionsWicked Shades ProductionsMonth ago
  • I don't know what he's talking about there was nothing weird here ;)

    Turtle MasterTurtle MasterMonth ago
  • I don’t know what these comments are talking about. The horses have to be real

    Mr HunterMr HunterMonth ago
  • We went through a phase of watching old westerns. If Red was plotting to steal Daisy's farm, this would have been perfectly spot on!

    Out of My ElementOut of My ElementMonth ago
  • I don't think your horses are water proof

    Sadie BiglerSadie BiglerMonth ago
  • I'm gonna be honest. It wasn't bad

    Farah PavriFarah PavriMonth ago
  • Genius level :))

    Acvaristul LenesAcvaristul LenesMonth ago
  • "Let's get on the horses, good idea" That line really make me laugh very hard!!

    Fornite HaterFornite HaterMonth ago
  • Wow! You sure those horses ain't real!?!?!

    10 Cute Moose10 Cute MooseMonth ago
  • Truly the golden era, when men were men, and horses were also men.

    ChrisChrisMonth ago
    • 🏆Best comment. 😂

      justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmoMonth ago
  • Classic😅

    Red TigerRed TigerMonth ago
  • This just makes me smile

    Cole EdmondsonCole EdmondsonMonth ago
  • Oh my god that was so incredibly silly. Do it again 🤣🤣

    Marina CapriMarina CapriMonth ago
  • Godzilla is missing

    Magster ArtabiaMagster ArtabiaMonth ago
  • Not th3 cliff!

    timothyfloogletimothyfloogleMonth ago
  • That was up my ally,Thanks!👱🏼‍♀️🐴👍🏼

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn PettayMonth ago
  • Oh my gosh. The river crossing killed me.*slow claps*

    BethAnn MayberryBethAnn MayberryMonth ago
  • Just goes to show how important sound engineers and foley artists are 😉

    Lydia StekkingerLydia StekkingerMonth ago
  • No animals were harmed in this video, not sure about the actors. LOL😂🤣😹

    princeofblackshadowprinceofblackshadowMonth ago
  • I’m literally obsessed with TCM, westerns, and old movies in general...this was an excellent parody of all three 👏

    Rachel KornakRachel KornakMonth ago
  • Love this recipe

    Miguel S EnriquezMiguel S EnriquezMonth ago
  • I feel like there were nods to Monty Python and The Three Amigos 🤓

    VeronicaVeronicaMonth ago
  • Not as good as "High Noon" (1952) but still good for a few chuckles.

    David Edward GarberDavid Edward GarberMonth ago
  • Gold.

    Daniel SDaniel SMonth ago
  • Would've been even better if his was the only fake horse, lol

    RedCaioRedCaioMonth ago
    • I was just going to comment this.

      Zeke GoreZeke GoreMonth ago
  • i thought there was dutch van der linde lol XD !

  • TIL that Studio C has horses but the performers can't ride them.

    Toby BartelsToby BartelsMonth ago
  • Pips mounted the horse on the wrong side... anyone else catch that?

  • The movie is great! I just don’t understand why the horses change color. I guess they had to switch out horses.

    Ready Set MotionReady Set MotionMonth ago
  • Fantastic

    JakNekonJakNekonMonth ago
  • Oh my goodness.. this is such an awesome idea... whoever came up with this is very creative!!

    Mickey SMickey SMonth ago
  • WAIT. at 5:03 its the left horse that has hair covering it's eyes, when they get off it's the right one. Conspiracy? I think so.

    Aaron LongAaron LongMonth ago
  • Awesome...Ya'll should make it a series.

    Landlord PickerLandlord PickerMonth ago
  • Can you guys make a if food abuse were real skit

    Aiden HallAiden HallMonth ago
  • Did anyone else think that this was more interesting that funny 😆

    Rania WarraichRania WarraichMonth ago
  • This does look like it could have been made in the '30s. Good job for sure.

    Dre LaPlanteDre LaPlanteMonth ago
  • What soundtrack is being used for the very end after the sketch?

    OliviaOliviaMonth ago
  • Hahaha is well done!! Could hardly tell with the horses. XD

    OliviaOliviaMonth ago
  • Vermiculite is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral which undergoes significant expansion when heated. Exfoliation occurs when the mineral is heated sufficiently, and commercial furnaces can routinely produce this effect. Vermiculite forms by the weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite.

    Juggie BonebrainJuggie BonebrainMonth ago
  • So glad to know that the studio c cast can all ride horses

    Julianne LinJulianne LinMonth ago
  • This is surprisingly accurate to actual cowboy old movies like the parts in the movie that are like randomly quiet and awkward 😅

    Aurelia CatheyAurelia CatheyMonth ago
  • When is Jason coming back?

    mnmcat lolmnmcat lolMonth ago