Bird Boy - Studio C

Feb 23, 2021
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He was just a simple man with a wish to live among the birds. In hindsight, he should have wished for a whole lot more. This is the story of Bird Boy.
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Cast: Garet Allen, Arvin Mitchell, Dalton Johnson, Tanner Gillman
Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Garet Allen

  • I found myself “awww”-ing at the “I forgot to ask for wings” part and then I was like “wait. When did I become emotionally invested in this little bird man?” Lol 😂

    Prior2PopularPrior2PopularMonth ago
  • Bird Boy: Hello There... The Audience: Humor switch activated.

    Panda MoniumPanda MoniumMonth ago
  • ???????????????

    Stu MorrowStu Morrow2 months ago
  • I feel this started with the following: "I challenge you to write a sketch with these random sentences I'll take from a hat: -My mom is on a soccer practice with my sister -I forgot to ask for wings to fly -Three million dollars -A boy who dreamed -My dad's magic genie lamp -It's time -It all started one fateful night" "Challenge accepted" "Really? I was joking, dude"

    Ale IgarabideAle Igarabide2 months ago
  • um

    Isaac ArteagaIsaac Arteaga2 months ago
  • That one really wasn't all that funny though. A bit boring.

    D L JohnsonD L Johnson2 months ago
  • You are a flying condor. Now spread your wings and fly 🦅

    Yuri BoykaYuri Boyka2 months ago
  • What the what😳? That was sad...... and hilarious.....

    Raymond McGeeRaymond McGee2 months ago
  • This is so boring. I wish the old studio c'ers would come back. It would be so much funnier

    Abby TulsAbby Tuls2 months ago
  • I was expecting the genie to misinterpret something metaphorical that he wished for. I wasn't expecting the wish to be straight-up stupid!

    Ben FarrarBen Farrar2 months ago
  • He got lucky. I think most birds feed their young by vomiting into their mouths.

    Richard BraakmanRichard Braakman2 months ago
  • Such a lovely poem,despite everything else that went on into this here video segment!😉🌱📖🖋👍🏼

    Roslyn PettayRoslyn Pettay2 months ago
  • Su unico exito solia ser el portero que tapaba con la cara

    ManueL CANAX'AManueL CANAX'A2 months ago
  • StudioC is the best , they always make me laugh 😹

    Rimo And lama tvRimo And lama tv2 months ago
  • Plot twist: He’s a fanboy of Angry Birds

    Genre ProductionsGenre Productions2 months ago
  • Why do I see Jeremy's personality in Garrett here?

    Andy TanisAndy Tanis2 months ago
  • The genie kinda sounds like he has a Kylo Ren voice filter

    BLUGORLZ GachaBLUGORLZ Gacha2 months ago
  • I was not always like this...

    BLUGORLZ GachaBLUGORLZ Gacha2 months ago
  • Let's see how many subs I can get without any videos once I get to 1k I will post a video

    SweetTear'sSweetTear's2 months ago

    Milk PieMilk Pie2 months ago
  • This made no sense to me. This poetic masterpiece went over my head. Way....WAY over my head....

    Remind You of Who?Remind You of Who?2 months ago
  • Anyone else agree that they really need Jason! To help them!!! Luckily he’ll be there

    AJ LovelyAJ Lovely2 months ago
  • This is definitely something that a like 8 years old kid would ask for and not think about it

    NatalieNatalie2 months ago
  • remeber the season 3 studio c its not the same

    stanley johnsonstanley johnson2 months ago
  • A.major casting gaff as Dalton would have been a better genie!

    daniel bucknerdaniel buckner2 months ago
  • Huh?

    Alex 알렉스Alex 알렉스2 months ago
  • IT CAME BACK!!!!!

    Tess HornbargerTess Hornbarger2 months ago
  • This is genius!!!

    Hannah GrahamHannah Graham2 months ago
  • My friend told me about this!😂😂😂

    Hannah GrahamHannah Graham2 months ago
  • Not gonna lie, that was interesting.

    Just Being Elliot!!!Just Being Elliot!!!2 months ago
  • Why 3 million dollars?

    Sloan JohnstonSloan Johnston2 months ago
  • T he birds freak me out

    Armaan AhmadArmaan Ahmad2 months ago
  • New idea for studio c bird girl

    luke de personluke de person2 months ago
  • Dang, they rnt like they were, this is pretty sad

    Uh Im strAngEUh Im strAngE2 months ago
  • this seems like a TV show

    Emi LyEmi Ly2 months ago
  • Anyone else think that Garet looks like Brady Parks with his hair like that?

    Tyler JacksonTyler Jackson2 months ago
  • This sketch again is unnecessary tooooo loong

    Justin WernerJustin Werner2 months ago
  • Garet, you did it again. Eric and I totally crack up watching so many of them...and the teenage drivers...oh wow...I don't know how you guys keep it together but... keep'em coming! Love them!!!😁😉😇💜

    Sunny StitchesSunny Stitches2 months ago
  • This one and the mattress store one are exactly my sense of humor.

    FlowerTheTimeLady74FlowerTheTimeLady742 months ago
  • Him being breaking character during that artistic poem made this a lottttt better. Garet is my favorite from the new cast. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Taiyeba AhmedTaiyeba Ahmed2 months ago
  • The new studio C’s have just been weird..... =C. Can you make one’s like the old ones?

    Jenica Sorensen CA 2028Jenica Sorensen CA 20282 months ago
  • He brought this onto himself. I’m content; especially with his rhyme that expresses his pathetic self.

    koreanelvis04koreanelvis042 months ago
  • im sorry but this new studio c is not tht funny. just my opinion

    Saana Rezwan SelimSaana Rezwan Selim2 months ago
  • How melancholy

    fatima zaharafatima zahara2 months ago
  • Genies love to give you what you ask for, NOT what you want. So you are a bird, but flightless. You have 3 million dollars, but it's Monopoly money. And hunger is gone, but that just means everyone has permanently lost their appetite.

    Scruffylooking 21Scruffylooking 212 months ago
  • Always wish for more wishes... or the wish to be able to wish for sth anytime anywhere!

    Shahin TajeriShahin Tajeri2 months ago
  • You really made a sketch about birds AFTER Jason left

    Eya ChouaiebEya Chouaieb2 months ago
  • Kyle: I wish for a litter caesars cheese pizza!

    Garrett BrunnerGarrett Brunner2 months ago
  • 👎🏻

    Greg HaleGreg Hale2 months ago
  • Please give Garet something like just Jeremy, but slightly more like this. Because after seeing this, he's the only one that could do it

    Aaron LongAaron Long2 months ago
  • I love you guys and the effort you put into these sketches, thank you for bringing laughter into the world. Keep up the good work :)

    Connor RuppConnor Rupp2 months ago
  • The new cast of Studio C is awful they are worse than SNL.

    LamskiaLamskia2 months ago
  • Garet: Hello There Me: don’t do it bro Also me: GENERAL KENOBI

    Lydia HopperLydia Hopper2 months ago
    • You are a bold one.

      Ashley O'NeilAshley O'Neil2 months ago
  • Subscribe to hang with us

    Hang with usHang with us2 months ago
  • I love it! Remember kids! Be careful what you wish for.....

    I'm a PomegranateI'm a Pomegranate2 months ago
  • So many people imagining the various ways in which the original cast could have cameo'd

    Michael ReevesMichael Reeves2 months ago
  • Man Studio C has gone downhill since the main cast left

    Jeremiah O'ConnorJeremiah O'Connor2 months ago
  • These laugh tracks just hurt man...

    Jack DalwJack Dalw2 months ago
    • Live audience, lol

      Simone PerrySimone Perry2 months ago
  • Hii im from Malaysia 🤩

    Zharfan NizamZharfan Nizam2 months ago
  • Why this man wearing a Burger King shirt 🤔🤣

    Shaphan BatesShaphan Bates2 months ago
  • This was quality content. But now bluish-purplish Tanner will haunt my dreams forever.

    Brighton NelsonBrighton Nelson2 months ago
  • The man did the impossible-

    Shannon :SShannon :S2 months ago
  • What was the funny part?

    Michel BrouilletteMichel Brouillette2 months ago
  • Well this was bizarre :O

    David TurkstraDavid Turkstra2 months ago
  • I love this so much

    Aphrodite in AmericaAphrodite in America2 months ago
  • what happened to the old studio c group, like matt and jeremy and whitney

    Gareth EvansGareth Evans2 months ago
    • @Simone Perry nice :)

      Gareth EvansGareth Evans2 months ago
    • They made a new channel, called JK Studios :)

      Simone PerrySimone Perry2 months ago
  • So.. the 3 million is split 2 ways..?

    Boy AdityaBoy Aditya2 months ago
  • *When you like the vid without watching it*

    mrbeastsrosmrbeastsros2 months ago
  • I...I felt so bad for him :(

    Reader of BooksReader of Books2 months ago
  • Ask the momma bird to fly him down.😕

    Garnet ZGarnet Z2 months ago
  • I used to be a normal boy.....

    Elizabeth Fujimoto-MazaElizabeth Fujimoto-Maza2 months ago
  • Honestly, when Arvin rubbed the lamp, I was half hoping Austin was gonna pop out as the genie!

    ReidTheNintendoPainterReidTheNintendoPainter2 months ago
  • I love all our sketches. I really do. But this is my favorite one ever

    Dalton JohnsonDalton Johnson2 months ago
  • Quoth the fake baby raven, "Forevermore." 🐥

    justalittlebitmojustalittlebitmo2 months ago
  • What in the world

    Kit CatKit Cat2 months ago
  • We only get Twitter😂😂😂😂😂

    Kimona AangKimona Aang2 months ago
  • ....that just killed off my final brain cells.....

    Simone PerrySimone Perry2 months ago
  • Seven thousand five hundred seventy ninth Yes 🥳

    MoniqueMonique2 months ago
  • 😂😂 this is so funny😂

    Furry Gal.-.Furry Gal.-.2 months ago
  • 1h let's go

    #Outrageous Gamer#Outrageous Gamer2 months ago
  • To be honest it could’ve been worse............... (I just need to think of something worse then being a small bird man up in a tree, fed worms.) 🤔

    Wolftal 117Wolftal 1172 months ago
  • I'm going to share this to my dogs. 🤣🤣🤣

    Bailey QuinnellyBailey Quinnelly2 months ago
  • *"TWEET TWEET"* **uses worm as reins and rides a robin into the sun set**

    Solar FlareSolar Flare2 months ago
    • I heard a crow call.

      daniel bucknerdaniel buckner2 months ago
  • Kyle: And Reese's Pieces for all mankind!

    Hope EvansHope Evans2 months ago
    • Cool! Now I have 2 XBOXs

      Garrett BrunnerGarrett Brunner2 months ago
  • Absolutely love what you guys do!!

    DiffeRant TVDiffeRant TV2 months ago
  • ngl this felt like a fever dream

    katie jkatie j2 months ago
  • The poem is surprisingly good! Quite sad :( but cute

    Julia ParryJulia Parry2 months ago
  • “I used to be a normal boy”...........Yea sure you were

    Nicholas ScaranoNicholas Scarano2 months ago
  • Why stop at 3 million? And Studio C? Could you please reply or like this comment? It would literally mean the world to me!

    Gudarz DavarGudarz Davar2 months ago
  • nice birds, props to the props guys

    Yoyo PandaYoyo Panda2 months ago
  • what the?

    Yoyo PandaYoyo Panda2 months ago
  • ...This is the most obscure studio c video I’ve ever seen... Why??

    Halo MashupsHalo Mashups2 months ago
  • "I was once a boy who dreamed so high To be a bird and touch the sky Eating worms has been real great Another thing ive learned to hate Amidst the pressure of the dream I forgot one important thing I can't exactly figure why I forgot to ask for wings to fly" XD this is beautiful. So much better than anything I've ever wrote.

    Bianca Di AngeloBianca Di Angelo2 months ago
  • If all world hunger was extinguished then why did the mother bird have to feed Garet the worm?

    Teagan StanfordTeagan Stanford2 months ago
  • Matt appears out of nowhere: "Cool, now I have 2 wings."

    Teagan StanfordTeagan Stanford2 months ago

      Vera DarlingVera Darling2 months ago
    • good'ol days

      Justin WernerJustin Werner2 months ago
    • @Garrett Brunner True, I recognized that.

      OneWeirdDudeOneWeirdDude2 months ago
    • Nah, that's a kyle reference

      Garrett BrunnerGarrett Brunner2 months ago
    • Literally! "BALANCE RESTORED!"

      OneWeirdDudeOneWeirdDude2 months ago
  • This scene is so extra and I love every second of it. LOL Like where in the world did this come from? Love y'all XD At the end I actually got emotional XDXD

    Nate ColemanNate Coleman2 months ago
    • I'll bet he came up with it one evening when he went to Hooters... and he forgot to ask for wings!

      Ken LieckKen Lieck2 months ago
  • why they don't let Garet write

    Aaron LongAaron Long2 months ago
  • Remember to ask for wings.

    Brilynn WestwoodBrilynn Westwood2 months ago
  • is it just me or are the newer sketches not as funny as the old ones(this is just my opinion, no hate on Studio C!)

    IExistIExist2 months ago
  • You should have wished for more wishes first...

    Ivan ArcheousIvan Archeous2 months ago