Antiques Roadshow - Studio C

Nov 24, 2020
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Those antiques you’ve had for years that you thought were worth a mere $15…Turns out one of them may be the most valuable items you possess. That is, until someone from the Antiques Roadshow gets their hands on it.
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Cast: April Rock, Dalton Johnson, Jessica Drolet, Arvin Mitchell, Austin Williams, Jetta Juriansz, Tori Pence, Garet Allen
Directors: Chantelle Squires
Producers: Micah W. Merrill, Adam Thomas Anderegg, Paul Rugg
Writer: Austin Williams

  • That's gotta be the worst luck in the world.

    Rachel McKeanRachel McKean21 day ago
  • did someone notice marwan the mystic

    Shaun StephensonShaun Stephenson22 days ago
  • Trump is the best!

    Sarah HarpeSarah Harpe27 days ago
  • “Ok”

    Pro EternalPro Eternal28 days ago
  • Don’t trust that person with your valuables

    Audrey Hepworth27Audrey Hepworth27Month ago
  • No antiques were harmed in the making of this sketch.

    TheRisky9TheRisky9Month ago
  • If someone did that to my item they would;d have to pay for it.

    Bryan WasneskyBryan WasneskyMonth ago
  • You broke it you buy it

    ML CaloML CaloMonth ago
  • 😒😟 It’s just not the same without the old crew☹️🙁😕😟😔😞

    Sean GillSean GillMonth ago
  • I need that to help pay off my ransom!! Okay yes you guys got mw to go to your website

    Aaron LongAaron LongMonth ago
  • Laughed so hard! In the “best skit ever” category!

    Kay TournayKay Tournay2 months ago
  • They could have done a better job with this spoof.

    ivorytower99ivorytower992 months ago
  • :)

    ImcslurpyImcslurpy2 months ago
  • This is funny and sad :( at the same time

    ImcslurpyImcslurpy2 months ago
  • "IM SO SORRY"😂😂😍😂

    TJhari JohnTJhari John2 months ago
  • the analyzer reminds me of the "welcome to Target" lady on SNL

    Classical GirlClassical Girl2 months ago
  • This seems familiar Oh.. I do this... I need to go write a sorry letter... Jk

    A Random BirbA Random Birb2 months ago
  • *Ahem* Marwan.

    Ally GrimestadAlly Grimestad2 months ago
  • CLASSIC sketch! Well done!

    QueenAmangTheHeatherQueenAmangTheHeather2 months ago
  • My dad loves this video, thanks

  • Can the old studio c come back plz

    DST AquaDST Aqua2 months ago
  • haven’t watched studio c in like 2 years so every old cast member is gone now?

    tt2 months ago
    • Jk studios

      Tyler D STyler D S2 months ago
  • my question is, how do they still do these sketches even when covid is happening

    Charis FrostCharis Frost2 months ago
  • Also, this has a bit of a Peter Sellers feel ;)

    VeronicaVeronica2 months ago
  • I have always wondered if this has really happened at the Antiques Roadshow, lol!!

    VeronicaVeronica2 months ago
  • The whimsical sparkle got me every time.

    Special GirlSpecial Girl2 months ago
  • I can't stop laughing.

    Rik & Melissa GladeRik & Melissa Glade2 months ago
  • Anyone else notice the sign in the background?! Marwan From the fortune sketch with Matt!!!!!

    June ShaverJune Shaver2 months ago
  • Marwan!!!!

    Doug Haag MusicDoug Haag Music2 months ago
  • With the Spanish bowl I thought that was matt for a second

    AJ KaljumaaAJ Kaljumaa2 months ago
  • Did anyone else see the MARWIN THE MYSTIC sign in the back? It could be fun though. ;)

    Moira SwickMoira Swick2 months ago
  • “Hey uh miss you owe me 15,000 dollars” Her:”OH NO!” *runs away*

    weird things i do!weird things i do!2 months ago
  • What idiots would even take their stuff to any show...but very funny

    Gordon RichstoneGordon Richstone2 months ago
  • I t

    Gordon RichstoneGordon Richstone2 months ago
  • This is why that would never be my job 😂😂

    Jay MinamiJay Minami3 months ago
  • That was actually really funny!

    flamingpie hermanflamingpie herman3 months ago
  • Human Cartooning.

    tyro244tyro2443 months ago
  • wear yo mask

    Dj_978Dj_9783 months ago
  • Is antiques roadshow still airing?

    Lolla TirapelliLolla Tirapelli3 months ago
  • My great great great grandma was born in the 1800s and she would not like me breaking her grandfather clock

    #1 beanie boo Collector#1 beanie boo Collector3 months ago
  • Anyone else notice the Marwan the Magnificent sign? 😆

    Maya LaytonMaya Layton3 months ago
  • Truly priceless!

    K SK S3 months ago
  • Oops, butterfongers

    a figment of your imaginationa figment of your imagination3 months ago
  • The new cast is the worst

    Ryker PaulsonRyker Paulson3 months ago
  • omg i knew it was coming but still painful to watch

    stefoehmenstefoehmen3 months ago
  • You guys are bad

    Chill LandChill Land3 months ago
  • Sees baby doll and thinks. Oh, the heads just gonna pop off. *Freakin baby doll head shatters and collapses on itself.* I see why they stopped makin them😅😂😂😬

    Rachel HuntRachel Hunt3 months ago
  • Has anyone from " The Antiques Roadshow " commented yet? This was great!!!

    ChickieChickie3 months ago
  • This is one of my favourite sketches!

    Rebekah MohamedRebekah Mohamed3 months ago
  • I feel so bad for the character Jetta played... :(

    JoAnna MorrisJoAnna Morris3 months ago
  • Studio is terrible now

    Charles The Great Plan!Charles The Great Plan!3 months ago
  • Practically the worst antique person in the world. I’m just saying what were all thinking. This guy gets it this guy gets it.

    Randomness GriffinRandomness Griffin3 months ago
  • How is this funny?

    Cool Beans ManCool Beans Man3 months ago
  • This is just my opinion, but the old crew was so much better than the new one. The new crew isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't bring me the same joy as the old one. Like I said, this is just MY OPINION. U don't have 2 agree with me

    TheReal BriteNiteTheReal BriteNite3 months ago
  • Marwan the Mystic's sign in the background is the real treasure

    Vuk CevuVuk Cevu3 months ago
  • I would just sue for the stuff she broke

    My Youtube ChannelMy Youtube Channel3 months ago
  • Thank you so much i learn english by that

    abdulrhman Alhkemabdulrhman Alhkem3 months ago
  • Who else saw the Marwan the mistic poster from the Matt sketch:it could be fun though 🧞‍♂️ 👇

    Jad KhaddourJad Khaddour3 months ago
  • Plz do as good as the better old cast that is better

    camden richcamden rich3 months ago
  • I spy with my little eye a past studio c prop, can y’all find it. Hint: “IT COULD BE FUN THO”

    Catherine ThomsonCatherine Thomson3 months ago
    • It could be

      Silas YoderSilas Yoder3 months ago
  • You guys should make merch

    Owl TrooperOwl Trooper3 months ago
  • Still not as good as the original

    Trevon SmithTrevon Smith3 months ago
  • I'd be like, u broke it u bought it lol

    Austin MansoonAustin Mansoon3 months ago
  • Why is this video so painful It really is

    L ArendtL Arendt3 months ago
  • This is how much things she broke:

    Abby TAbby T3 months ago
  • Jessica was great in this but this sketch needed more Jetta!

    daniel bucknerdaniel buckner3 months ago
  • Tori: The fourteenth century, Tori? Really?😜

    daniel bucknerdaniel buckner3 months ago
  • 1:23 is the nightmare that goes through my mind anytime I hold someone else's baby...

    The Dark JediThe Dark Jedi3 months ago
  • I lol so hard on this.

    hadli93hadli933 months ago
  • Oh man I cringed the whole time... I've seen people be careless with antiques in real life and it's so painful. My mom wanted to strangle this lady at a farmhouse auction that turned a 100 year old mantel clock upside down and shook it. Mom bought the clock and it was okay but she still hasn't forgiven that lady 1.5 years later 🤣

    CC3 months ago
  • The other cast was 100 times better

    shaun chhabrashaun chhabra3 months ago
  • I can relate.

    Averi BoneAveri Bone3 months ago
  • How was Tori able to do that with a straight face???

    Sydney OSydney O3 months ago
  • I would have said " you're going to pay for that "

    The FVP ChannelThe FVP Channel3 months ago
  • That doll is a composition doll from the 1930s and is actually worth money. I sure hope they didn't break it for this skit! I would have loved to have it...

    Kaitlen WKaitlen W3 months ago
  • Shes actually a mutant. Destroying antiques is her power.

    Messes with Matt!Messes with Matt!3 months ago
    • Ya her grandma must be terrified.

      Cosmic WonderhoofCosmic Wonderhoof3 months ago
  • This is so clever!

    pink sheikpink sheik3 months ago
  • This video gives me anxiety

    HavsExplainsHavsExplains3 months ago
  • K my dad and mom watch this show all the time so this really hit home 🤣😂😂

    Emma WernerEmma Werner3 months ago
  • Thank you.

    AJ HubbellAJ Hubbell3 months ago
  • lol that was so funny 😂🤣😅

    Elizabeth BrockmeyerElizabeth Brockmeyer3 months ago
  • I hadn't considered before what kind of insurance Antique Roadshow might carry. I hope that it's good, because these people all have a recent appraisal to use as evidence when they sue.

    Toby BartelsToby Bartels3 months ago
  • Lol i love how they’re using a gymnasium

    Lee NissenLee Nissen3 months ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Nnanna OtuhNnanna Otuh3 months ago
  • Before I even saw this sketch I thought, 'Somethings gonna break!'

    AwesomeDiamonds7AwesomeDiamonds73 months ago
  • i often get fake antique pots stuck on my head

    Mary MacmillanMary Macmillan3 months ago
  • 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

    GAGA50GAGA503 months ago
  • I saw the show ealier this month, and I saw an ancient ritual Hawaiian panel and it was worth $15 while some badly drawn symbols on a canvas was somehow 2 million dollars!

    Family Styles NunesFamily Styles Nunes3 months ago
  • Tori was cracking me up when she was appraising the boat!

    Amy EubanksAmy Eubanks3 months ago
  • What happened to studio C’s funny content

    Cole MartinCole Martin3 months ago
  • The broken baby just broke my heart. 😢

    Lenny PayneLenny Payne3 months ago
  • America has antiques roadshow? Who knew

    shbunieshbunie3 months ago
    • 😶

      Helen JohnsonHelen Johnson3 months ago
  • you break it you buy it!

    david leedavid lee3 months ago
  • Lets see, those destructive super powers of yours are worth about... I actually couldn't think of anythong more to put here. I guess tell me what should I finish the joke with?

    Aaron LongAaron Long3 months ago
  • This is how I feel when I'm supposed to hold a baby, like, I could mess this up so easily...

    Nat WeirdNat Weird3 months ago
  • I caught the gag from "I Love Lucy". 😉

    Robert LangRobert Lang3 months ago
  • I remember the og cast of Studio C i mainly remember how in school we would allways watch them during like recess and just in genereal enjoying their videos

    Tara FlintTara Flint3 months ago
  • The new cast of studio c's skits are getting way better! I think they got off to a slow start but they have improved a lot

    EmmaEmma3 months ago
    • Indeed

      Cosmic WonderhoofCosmic Wonderhoof3 months ago
  • This may be the funniest skit from this new cast!!!! Hilarious!!!!

    Terra AlbrittonTerra Albritton3 months ago
  • She killed Spencer!

    Mark FitzgeraldMark Fitzgerald3 months ago